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   Chapter 139 Then Smash It

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8310

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Mister Zi Zhu looked askance at Yang Tianxin asking, "Who are you?"

Yang Tianxin smiled gently as she bowed slightly to Yun Xiang, "I'm Yang Tianxin, the fourteenth Princess of Ling Kingdom." The Fengyun Firm was a big business, and even the Emperor paid respect to Mister Zi Zhu, as did the princesses and princes. She had better make a salute. Otherwise, Mister Zi Zhu would not pleased, and the Ling Kingdom would be screwed.

"Yang Tianxin?" Yun Xiang looked to his Mistress and saw a look of disgust on her face. Then he turned to Yun Qin and Yun Qi. They gave Yun Xiang a hint which he understood. Yun Xiang followed their line of vision and was shocked to see a man with a cold expression.

'Does the Mistress have a crush on this iceberg? Shui Minghan is an iceberg as well. Why does she fall for icebergs?'

Yun Xiang thought to himself. He turned to his Mistress shaking his head with profound resignation. After all, Yun Canglan had strange ideas all the time.

"The fourteenth Princess." Yun Xiang murmured.

Yang Tianxin gave a tiny smile and reminded Yun Xiang, "Mister Zi Zhu, please persuade this lady."

Yun Xiang looked away quickly and thought, 'What a hypocritical lady!'

Then he walked to Yun Canglan and asked her blandly, "Is the Guqin an eyesore?"

Yang Tianxin looked at Yun Canglan proudly as she wanted to watch the drama. Wu Jin narrowed his eyes paying close attention to their activities. The jade pendant he took from the lady belonged to the Fengyun Firm. He wanted to see what the relationship between this lady and the Fengyun Firm was.

Yun Canglan nodded, "Yes, it is." To Yang Tianxin's disappointment, Yun Canglan's eyes held no fear at all.

"Do you want to smash it?" Yun Xiang asked again. Yang Tianxin was excited to see what was going to happen next.

Yun Canglan nodded again, "I would destroy anything I don't like."

Yang Tianxin was even more pleased, and her eyes were full of hope. She wanted to see Yun Canglan kneeling down before Mister Zi Zhu.

But she was doomed to be disappointed.

Yun Xiang picked up the Guqin. The judge with the goatee, Yang Tianxin and everyone else had hopeful eyes. He walked to Yun Canglan and said, "Then smash it."

Everyone was dumbfounded. Yang Tianxin widened her eyes inconceivably and wondered if she was dreaming. Mister Zi Zhu was unwilling to make the smallest sacrifice. Why was he so nice to this lady? There must be something wrong.

Wu Jin narrowed his eyes, and

s, was today a satisfying day?" Yun Xiang flattered.

"Not bad. I would have been more pleased if someone were smashed." She began to wonder how to kill Yang Tianxin.

Hearing her words, Yang Tianxin immediately hid herself behind Wu Jin, terrified. Wu Jin shielded her, to protect her from Yun Canglan or Yun Xiang.

Yun Xiang glanced at Yang Tianxin and flattered her, "I'm unable to smash someone for now. I'll take "Bloody Moon", "Phoenix's Smile" and "Silent Bamboo" here, so you can smash them."

The judge with the goatee was just coming to when he heard Yun Xiang's words, and he fainted again.

There were many scholars off stage who knew the list of the top ten instruments. The top instrument was Fengxue Xiao. The "Bloody Moon", "Phoenix's Smile" and "Silent Bamboo" in Yun Xiang's words were all in the top ten instruments.

All people on and off the stage nearly fainted after hearing Yun Xiang's words. These three instruments were priceless, yet, Mister Zi Zhu wanted to bring them here and let his Mistress smash them. Nobody had reason to doubt Yun Xiang's words, since they believed the Fengyun Firm was capable of owning these three instruments. More importantly, these three instruments were not good enough to the Fengyun Firm.

But these instruments were unattainable to ordinary people.

Everyone cast an angry look at Yang Tianxin and Wu Jin as they felt that if they left this disgusting couple for Yun Canglan and Yun Xiang, the three instruments would be saved. They'd rather protect the instruments than this couple.

Yang Tianxin and Wu Jin looked at people surrounding them and felt as they might become prey.

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