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   Chapter 138 Tempest Caused by Destroying the Guqin (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4832

Updated: 2018-09-30 00:04

The judge with the goatee shivered, almost falling over in shock. The other two judges, along with the audience were startled, and everyone began talking to whoever was near them about what they heard.

Wu Jin narrowed his eyes, a dangerous gleam flashed. Yang Tianxi, was astonished at first, but that was quickly replaced with fury, and she stood staring at Yun Canglan ruthlessly.

"You are too full of yourself, Miss!"

"Why? Now that the Guqin is mine, " Yun Canglan squinted at Yang Tianxi, "shouldn't what I do with it be my decision to make. Why should it be your business?"

The judge with the goatee went to Yun Canglan in an attempt to persuade her, "Miss, please don't, you will regret it, if you destroy the Guqin. It's named, 'Snow and Frost in June.' You are such a skilled player surly you know how precious this Guqin is."

Yun Canglan smiled under the veil, "with rare jade for its body and the strings are a cool emerald, it is very precious." The judge was relieved believing Yun Canglan understood the value, therefore, wouldn't break it. Tainxin blinked with pride, and the onlookers eyed the Guqin greedily, after hearing what it's made of.

"I will definitely break it now that someone else wants it, no matter how valuable." Yun Canglan threatened.

"Miss, if you didn't want the Guqin, why compete for it against Wu Jin?" Yang Tianxi's face was red with anger, and she felt frustrated at Yun Canglan's arrogan

Fengyun Firm, was a cunning, and evil man despite his innocent appearance. If someone smashed his Guqin, he would kill the person.

Yun Xiang climbed up on stage, looked around and innocently inquired, "What was going on?"

The judge with the goatee showed him great respect as he approached him, "I didn't know you, Mister Zi Zhu, were coming. I failed to greet you, I apologize."

Yun Xiang waved him away impatiently, "Don't be so formal, just answer my question."

"Oh……" The judge with the goatee, glanced over at Yun Canglan, before responding. He hesitated because he admired her talent, and so, he was unwilling to put her in a difficult situation by speaking ill of her.

Yet, there was someone who was dying to answer for him. Yang Tianxin pushed to the front and excitedly informed Yun Xiang, "I was told the Guqin belonged to Mister Zi Zhu. Now that girl is plans on destroying it because she says it is ordinary. You should dissuade her."

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