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   Chapter 136 A Love Poem

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The smile was frozen on Yang Tianxin's face. She was leery of Yun Canglan and hostile towards her. She sensitively perceived the expression in Yun Canglan's eyes when she looked at Wu Jin and clearly knew that Yun was determined to win Wu Jin's heart.

Yang was sure about that with her sixth sense, but she wouldn't surrender easily.

She had a soft smile, "I almost forgot, you also have extraordinary talents. Then I will wait and see."

Yun Canglan gazed at her coldly. She disliked such scheming women.

"You really like this guqin?" Yun Canglan asked in such a soft tone that it caught people off guard.

Yang Tianxin replied in a gentle, sultry way, "Yes, otherwise, Wu Jin wouldn't be here." Her arrogance, however, was harsh. The deep affection in her eyes annoyed Yun Canglan.

"Then I won't be so easy on you. I'll grab your guqin and the man you love."

Yun Canglan antagonized Yang Tianxin.

The judge with the goatee ignored their hostile words, shouting as if nothing had happened, "Let's begin."

Yun Canglan looked affectionately at Wu Jin. She picked up the writing brush on the desk without taking any steps, confusing the audience.

While many were enthralled by her elegance, she laid the brush down gently and raised her head.

Others composed poems in five steps, while she had finished without taking even one step.

Yun Qin picked up the rice paper, but he didn't hand it to the judge with the goatee. Instead, he stood beside Yun Canglan and unfolded the rice paper. A masterpiece was presented to everyone.

Ignoring the exclamation of others, Yun Canglan fixed her eyes on Wu Jin.

"Flowers that line the road, I glean none. For you, my heart solely warms."

"Good!" The judge with the goatee pounded the table and stood up, which scared everyone. "No one, except the man you love, is in your heart when you walk through beautiful flowers. You don't mention love, but you portray it most vividly. What a good poem!"

An old man next to the judge with the goatee also stood up, "It's a wonderful poem, and the handwriting is peerless. It boasts men's domination as well as women's gentleness and carefulness. It's indeed an eye opener."

The third old man chimed in with the other two, "Both the poem and handwriting are excellent, but it's an imitation of Mister Night Phoenix's work. Miss, you must be his biggest f

your name?" Wu Jin asked coldly. He didn't know why he cared about the jade plate and asked about her name.

Yun Canglan was happy, "No." If he asked again, she would tell him her real name.

Pitifully, Wu Jin didn't ask about it again, "I don't want other rewards, I just want the jade plate." The jade plate represented her identity and couldn't be replaced by some gold or silver treasures.

Yun Canglan sighed. She lowered her head and turned around, wondering how to get her jade plate back.

Yun Qi took the guqin from the judge with the goatee and put it on the stand. Yun Qin placed the cushion down for Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan sat down slowly.

She appeared to be a quiet, beautiful, gentle and elegant girl without arrogance or murderous look.

She took a look at Wu Jin before playing the guqin. Listening to the music, as she played, the audience seemed to waken from a dream.

The slow tune she played was liked by everyone.

Yun Canglan, in her white dress and black hair, was like a fairy from Heaven. The ethereal atmosphere entranced the audience. The magical figure, the dreamlike illusion and the fairy sound constituted the most beautiful scenery at the Festive Lantern Show.

Wu Jin stood amid the mist, fascinated by the dreamlike music and Yun Canglan. He felt like he knew the girl in white.

The audience was intoxicated, and they lost themselves in the music when it ended.

Yun Canglan stood up.

She gracefully walked back up onto the stage, and only the soft sound of her footsteps could be heard.

"Did you enjoy my music?"

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