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   Chapter 134 You Took My Jade Pendant (Part Two)

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Yang Gezhi hadn't taken his eyes off Yun Canglan since the moment he saw her. When he realized her eyes were fixed on the other man the whole time, his eyes darkened. He had lost his chance three years ago, and he had no chance now.

Yun Canglan walked slowly up to Wu Jin and looked up at him. Wu Jin was much taller than she was. Yun Canglan curled her lips under the veil.

"Nice to meet you again."

Her voice was clear and alluring as if it would reach a persons soul; yet it held the melodious sound as though she was half asleep. It didn't destroy her beauty; on the contrary, it added to her sexy charm.

Wu Jin gave Yun Canglan a look of indifference. He had thin lips on his expressionless face, "Do I know you?"

Yun Canglan smiled, "You are an irresponsible man, and you took my jade pendant."

Wu Jin went blank for a moment, then he suddenly remembered that he saved a lady who had been given a love potion on a rainy night several months ago. Before leaving, he took her jade pendant as payment.

There was a name on the jade pendant, Hua Luosui. He thought it was her name. But the reason he took the jade pendant was for the jade itself, not because of the name. He saved her because he recognized the jade pendant, aside from the name, there was a phoenix on it. Everyone knew the phoenix pattern belonged to the Fengyun Firm. With the trademark of the Fengyun Firm on her jade pendant, she must be an executive or VIP of the Fengyun Firm.

It would benefit him to save her, and he took the jade pendant as proof that he saved her.

"I remember, it's you." He answered nonchalantly as he was neither shy nor ashamed.

The lady next to Wu Jin suddenly held his arm to show their relationship. Her face clouded for an instant, but she immediately concealed it and smiled gently, "Dear Wu Jin, do you know her?"

Wu Jin turned and his face softened, "I only met her once."

Yang Gezhi came up behind Yun Canglan. Everyone could see the affection in his eyes. He called her lightly, his heart full of hope and expectation, "Canglan."

Yun Canglan spun around, a look of indifference on her face, "Your Highness, nice to see you." Yang Gezhi didn't expect Yun Canglan to treat him with such nonchalance. Yang Gezhi felt a severe heartache at Yun Canglan's indifferent words.

But he raised his eyes up to meet hers once again, full of hope, "Canglan, why are you in the Ling Kingdom. Where do you live? Are you here for pleasure or business? I'm free thes

e days. Let me be your tour guide."

Yun Canglan smiled politely, which gave him a sense of alienation, "Your Highness, we are not that close."

Yang Gezhi, frozen smile on his face, went blank, but he soon regained his composure, "Canglan, don't you remember? We have known each other since we were young children."

Yun Canglan narrowed her eyes as she realized, 'He knows my identity as Yun Canglan. It explains why he acts so warmly.'

"Right, I remember now. You are right, we have met several times, but we are not that close."


"You want to know why I'm in the Ling Kingdom?" Yun Canglan smiled, and in a cold voice she went on, "I'm here to collect a debt, Your Highness; you used me, and I will charge you interest."

Yang Gezhi was dumbfounded; he couldn't manage to smile anymore, and his eyes were full of pain and regret. He immediately explained, "Canglan, I'm so sorry. I didn't know it was you, so I..."

Yun Qin and Yun Qi came over to stand between Yang Gezhi and their Mistress, interrupting him, "Your Highness, our Mistress said you were not that close. Are you planning on using her again?"

"No, I'm not..." Yang Gezhi wanted to explain, but Yun Canglan turned away. He realized Yun Canglan didn't want to hear his explanation.

"Brother, do you know this lady?" Yang Tianxin asked Yang Gezhi in a soft voice while inching closer to Wu Jin.

"We just met several times." Yun Canglan said nonchalantly and turned to the judges, "May I start now?"

"Lady, don't you give up?" Yang Tianxin smiled gently, yet Yun Canglan felt sick at her considerate, but regretful expression.

Yun Canglan cast her a stern glance, "I don't give up. The Guqin will be mine." She gave a sideways glance to Wu Jin, her eyes brimming with confidence.

Yang Tianxin had a murderous look, but immediately concealed it, "Dear Wu Jin, let's quit the competition and leave the Guqin to this lady. Though I like it very much, this lady is also fond of it. We should not bully her." She acted like a timid, lovable lady, that every man would protect at first sight.

Yang Tianxin was a princess of the Ling Kingdom, and had a mind of her own.

"You took a fancy to the Guqin first, so then I shouldn't take away your favorite." Yun Canglan sneered at Yang Tianxin, who was pleased by her words, but she added slowly, "But the Guqin doesn't belong to anyone. It's a competition, and the winner will have the Guqin. Lady, I won't stand on ceremony today."

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