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   Chapter 133 You Took My Jade Pendant (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5346

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The poetry competition was as popular as talent shows in modern times. Some unsuccessful scholars would take an active part in the tournament. After all, maybe their poetry would rank as a masterpiece through the ages, or possibly they would become famous, and perhaps a lady from a rich and powerful family may even develop a crush on them and marry them despite their humble families.

There must be a prize award for the winner; otherwise, those self-righteous scholars would not participate. The prize award for today's poetry competition was a Seven-string Guqin*, made using superior green jade, which gave the entire body a gleaming turquoise color.

(*TN: Guqin: A seven-stringed instrument that is plucked which is similar to the zither in many ways.)

When Yun Canglan was close enough to see the Guqin, she was surprised, 'Although the Guqin is not as famous or precious as my Fengxue Xiao*, it's an invaluable instrument. The strings are made from Thousand-year-old Hansi grasses, which are extremely flexible. The Guqin produces such a beautiful tone.'

(*TN: Xiao: A vertical bamboo flute.)

"Mistress, do you like it?" Yun Qin didn't care about the Guqin, and he knew it was much worse than the Fengxue Xiao. If Yun Canglan liked it though, he would win it for her.

"The Guqin belongs to yin*, and is not for men. But I don't like it." Yun Canglan stated.

(*TN: yin: In China, yin and yang are the two opposing principles in nature; the yin is feminine and negative, while the yang is masculine and positive, )

"Let's go and take a look." Yun Qin suggested.

When they

e stage; the older man with a goatee asked Yun Canglan in disdain. In this era, ladies took care of their husbands and children at home. Few ladies were able to read, let alone take part in poetry competitions.

Yun Canglan concealed her cynicism and bowed to the judges with dignity, looking rather graceful, "Yes, I'm going to participate in the poetry competition."

Before the judges opened their mouths, a lady on the stage said, "Lady, the Guqin belongs to my dear Wu Jin. Don't bite off more than you can chew."

Yun Canglan turned lazily and looked at the lady. She was quite close to the man in light blue as if they shared a close relationship. She had a pretty face, and though she looked somewhat soft and polite, Yun Canglan didn't feel entirely comfortable.

'So, his name is Wu Jin.' Yun Canglan thought.

Yun Canglan, full of confidence, replied coldly, "You are too hasty, lady, the competition is not over yet."

'Wu Jin attends the competition to win the Guqin for her? Fine, then, I must win the competition.' Yun Canglan determined.

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