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   Chapter 132 The Festive Lantern Show

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At dusk, the aroma of chrysanthemum grew thicker, which reminded Yun Canglan of Yang Gezhi, a man like the chrysanthemum.

Reclining on a soft chair, Yun Canglan ate some snacks. Not far off, more than thirty handsome men who had enjoyed wealth and honor rolled up their sleeves and lifted up their robes to tirelessly clean the mess they made of the Beauty House. Some were covered in sweat, which satisfied Yun Canglan.

This feeling was good. It gave Yun Canglan a sense of achievement.

"Miss Liuying." Uncle Yu called out as he rushed over her.

Yun Canglan sat up straight, looking at the fat Uncle Yu.

"Miss Liuying, Prince Ning sent an invitation to you to attend his birthday banquet at the Yuhua Restaurant tomorrow." Uncle Yu was panting as he relayed his message.

"Oh?" Yun Canglan raised her eyebrows, looking at Yun Qin and Yun Qi playfully.

As far as she knew, Yu Liuying was boy crazy, so all the men in the Ling Kingdom avoided her like the plague. Surprisingly, Prince Ning invited her to attend his birthday banquet. He must be up to something.

"Yun Qin, what's the Yuhua Restaurant? If I remember correctly, it doesn't belong to the Fengyun Firm, right?"

"Gifted scholars from Ling City often gather at the Yuhua Restaurant. It's sort of like the Fengyun Restaurant in Can City. Gifted scholars and beautiful ladies often recite poetry there. It's said that there is a rule in the Yuhua Restaurant. The rich sit on the first floor, the talented the second floor, the nobles the third floor, and the most wealthy and talented occupy the fourth floor. Pitifully, no one has ever gone up to the fourth floor."

Yun Qin whispered to Yun Canglan, "Yun Yu said that the Yuhua Restaurant belongs to the Shuihuang Firm."

What Yun Qin said interested Yun Canglan, "The Shuihuang Firm? It must be riveting."

The old Uncle Yu was still waiting. He was sure Yu Liuying must attend the banquet because Prince Ning was a handsome man. Sure enough, Yun Canglan said, "Uncle Yu, tell Prince Ning that I wouldn't miss it."

"Yes." Uncle Yu left. Yun Canglan turned to Yun Qin and Yun Qi, "Check who will attend the banquet tomorrow and what gifts they will present."


Since Yu Liuying was to attend a birthday banquet, she must prepare a birthday gift. However, the Yu's Residence had declined and couldn't even present a good luminous pearl. Yu Liuying must have offended him before. In return, Prince Ning wanted to insult Yu Liuying by inviting her to his birthday banquet.

Prince Ning was the third son of the old emperor. The old emperor liked the Crown Prince and him very much. Moreover, his mother was Lady De who was now in power. He could be a very strong candidate for the throne, but he ended up an incompetent playboy. Lady De strove for the title Prince Wang for him.

Prince Ning was good-looking. He was once molested by Yu Liuying, so he harbored hatred against Yu Liuying and laughed at her many times. Now he invited Yu Liuying to his banquet. He must have planned something.

"Mistress, it's boring. Let's join the Festive Lantern Show." Yun Qi looked at the playboys who were clumsily packing things with hatred.

"The Festive Lantern Show?" Yun Qin showed interest in it as he was bored.

Yun Qi proudly looked up. "Ling City holds a festive lantern show every few days every month to show

that the Ling Kingdom is prosperous and the people are at peace. It's the first day of the Festive Lantern Show today. It must be interesting."

"Mistress, why not join in? Maybe we can find something interesting." Yun Qin pleaded.

Yun Canglan finally left her soft chair. "Okay, let's go." She turned to the men before she left, "Hey, don't get lazy after I leave. You can't have dinner until you finish your work. You're getting far too cheeky."

Zhong Street was the most prosperous street in Ling City. It connected the entire Ling City and divided Ling City into south and north cities. It was the only road to the palace, so it was prosperous with many shops. It was lively at night even when the Festive Lantern Show wasn't held.

The Festive Lantern Show was not a festival to guess lantern riddles or fly festive lanterns. Zhong Street was decorated with beautiful lanterns at the Festive Lantern Show, hence its name. It was just an occasion where young people in Ling City made new friends and vendors did business.

Yun Canglan came out as herself, as did Yun Qin and Yun Qi. Otherwise, the appearance of Yu Liuying on Zhong Street would have all the men running home. Yun Canglan had always been low-key, so she wore a veil.

Dressed in white, Yun Canglan looked holy and pure. She wore her hair in a simple, loose bun without expensive accessories. There were curiosity and gentle tenderness in her bright eyes. Her hemline was decorated with an unusual flower embroidered in red silk, which made the white dress even more beautiful.

The twins Yun Qin and Yun Qi followed behind her. Although they were not as enchanting as Mister Yao Yan, they were comely and dashing.

The three walked slowly, and their graceful style attracted the attention of many people. Men cast greedy eyes on the mysterious face under the veil and the good figure, and girls felt ashamed at the sight of the two handsome faces. However, the three ignored their admirers and focused on the interesting gadgets on the street.

"Mistress, look over there."

"There is a poetry contest."

Yun Canglan looked in the direction Yun Qi pointed. There were a lot of people, and they were looking up at the small temporary stage. It was not the poetry contest that attracted them, but the men standing on the stage.

Yang Gezhi?

Yun Canglan frowned, thinking, 'Good, here he is.'

Yang Gezhi was on the stage talking about something, facing Yun Canglan. With the light of the lanterns, Yun Canglan saw him at a glance, but he didn't see Yun Canglan in the crowd.

Yang Gezhi was dressed in white tonight. Standing in the middle of lanterns, he looked like a fairy. He wore his signature smile, which warmed late autumn.

Yang had an elegance, dignity and gentle smile which conquered the world.

There was another man on the stage, who was just as impressive. His back was to Yun Canglan, so Yun couldn't see his face. However, given his upright stance, broad back, cold temperament and raising head, he must be an unparalleled man of great brilliance. He stood opposite Yang Gezhi, but he wasn't overshadowed by Yang.

"Mistress, let's join in the fun. It looks interesting."

"Okay." Yun Canglan answered. Her heart raced as she stared at the back of the man on the stage.

None of them realized, they would suffer bitterly from this day on.

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