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   Chapter 131 Taming Men (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6960

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Liuying's father was deeply shocked at the scene, and he admired his daughter from the bottom of his heart. Wang Guo took more than thirty men's measurements and they were in concert with him.

Yang Lian watched Wang Guo busily measuring and recalled that Wang Guo had greeted Canglan respectfully. His eyes turned deep-set.

He thought, 'As we all know, Wang Guo is not afraid of the powerful and not greedy for money. There are no more than five people worthy of his presence in the whole world. Liuying is just eye candy, infatuated with handsome men. Why would Wang Guo accept her invitation and greet her humbly. Is it possible that Yu Liuying is a pearl covered in dust? Maybe, we never knew the real her.'

Two hours later, Wang Guo rolled up his tape measure and approached Canglan. He reported he had finished his measurements. Canglan didn't speak. Instead she beckoned to him to say goodbye. Wang Guo left in respectful silence. Yang Lian became highly suspect of Liuying's power.

As soon as Wang Guo left the Beauty House, the place was in chaos. Some were excited; some confused; while others looked at Canglan with increased respect, yet others were curious and alert. Their discussions annoyed Canglan. A note of impatience spread across her face.

Liuying's father tried to ingratiate himself to his daughter. He got close to her and asked, "My dear daughter, do you know any powerful man? He can ask Wang Guo to come to our house. Could you tell me, are you ready to marry him?"

Canglan glanced at him dismissively.

"No, I knew Wang Guo by coincidence. Old codger, if you have nothing more to say, go to your concubine's room."

"Ahem." Liuying's father gave an embarrassed cough and left. He had no alternative for his daughter was flinty and unyielding.

"Don't worry. Wang Guo will be quick. Within three days, your clothes made by the Shuiyun Clothing Store will be sent here. Yang Lian, I have told Wang Guo to make more clothes for you. As for the worn robe, you'd better throw it away." Canglan said to the boy toys. She knew the worn robe was

u won't get your meals if you don't tidy this place. I will set free whoever begins to work first."

Over thirty handsome men looked at each other. They were skeptical about her impure motive. Canglan was calm. She took the fragrant tea Yun Qi poured and sipped it with pleasure. Each man had his own temperament. She enjoyed the handsome men as a scenery.

About seven minutes later, someone couldn't bear the temptation of being set free. He moved slowly to the back of the crowd and held a fallen tree upright, then he cleared the stones nearby away. His movement was quiet but noticed by others, and the rest men sneered at that man. They shared bitter hatred for him and jointly resisted him. He was the equal of a traitor tempted by money in an uprising, and they glared at him with undisguised contempt. One man even spat on him.

"Bam." Canglan smacked her hands down on the table. Yun Qin was frightened. Yun Qi burned his hand as he spilled the tea, he didn't cry though. "Our Mistress is playing it cool. Run or escape, or you will be tortured."

"Great." Canglan cried aloud and thought to herself, 'My lungs function well.'

She pointed at the man who was avoiding the saliva and asked, "You, what's your name?"

The shocked man asked, "What?"

'Didn't you understand my words?' Canglan thought. "Yun Qi, tell Uncle Yu to give him twenty Liang and see him off."

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