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   Chapter 130 Taming Men (Part One)

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These men were a bit of a handful, which had Yun Canglan in a bad mood.

She stood and slowly walked to Yang Lian, raising her chin proudly.

"Yang Lian, you are wearing the robe from Shuiyun Clothing Store. You have an expensive lifestyle." Yun Canglan praised. Everybody knew Shuiyun Clothing Store was a famous tailor's in Ling City, whose clothes were superior in every aspect, such as style, process, embroidery, cloth, etc. Moreover, even if you were rich, you were unable to buy clothes from Shuiyun Clothing Store. It only sold three clothes a day, and there was a three-year waiting list for clothes from royal members of Ling Kingdom.

Yang Lian was a first rate scholar, but hadn't taken office. Yun Canglan wouldn't have thought he would have clothes from the Shuiyun Clothing Store.

Yang Lian stated proudly, "You have a good eye, Lady Liuying. This robe was not sent by you. The Yu's Family is not able to buy clothes from the Shuiyun Clothing Store yet."

Yun Canglan grabbed Yang Lian's collar and touched his robe.

"Of course, the Yu's Family is unable to buy clothes from the Shuiyun Clothing Store, but I can."

A man in green came up behind Yang Lian. He snorted and gave a contemptuous laugh, "You can? Lady Liuying, do you really think you can do anything you want? You can only rely on the power of the Yu's Family to snatch us. You are unable to buy clothes from the Shuiyun Clothing Store. Lady Liuying, are you also going to claim that you can compensate me for my chessboard set and chess pieces that were made from precious jade?"

The man sneered at Yun Canglan as he spoke. More than thirty men laughed, not concealing their dislike of her.

"En Ying, you are right. Are you a mind reader? You knew precisely what I was going to say."

En Ying scowled, but soon he concealed his true feeling, "No, I'm not. Lady Liuying, it is Mr. Qin who can read your mind."

Yun Qin leaned against Yun Canglan proudly.

He enjoyed this interesting sensation as the man despised by

fore long, everyone there knew Wang Guo, master tailor of the Shuiyun Clothing Store, was at the Yu's Residence with a tape measure.

They were all shocked since Wang Guo didn't even show respect to the royal members.

The head of the Yu's Residence escorted Wang Guo to the Beauty House himself, but Wang Guo ignored him. When he saw Yun Canglan sipping her tea leisurely, he bowed in an over flattering manner. Everyone was frightened by his moves, including the men from the Beauty House who came when they heard the news.

Yun Canglan glanced at Wang Guo and said indifferently, "Arise." Wang Guo immediately stood up and walked to her.

"I don't need any new clothes, thank you. I want to order new clothes for them." Yun Canglan raised her chin gesturing toward the men.

Wang Guo understood, and straightened himself before walking over to them. He began to measure their figures while grumbling, "Stand straight! Stretch out your arms! You are so lucky to have me measuring your figures. Mister, you must have prayed to the gods every night."

"Stop moving. Otherwise, the figures won't be right. Mister, don't take your undeserved gain for granted. If it wasn't Lady Liuying, I would not make clothes for you, even if you gave me a mountain of gold. Lady Liuying, these men do not deserve to wear the clothes made by me..."

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