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   Chapter 129 Meeting Handsome Men in the Beauty House (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5178

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They put her in a difficult situation.

Yun Qin walked in with his arms around Canglan's shoulders. He had to make a show as Yu Liuying's new favorite.

Canglan hips swayed as she walked, and she was trying hard to keep from sneezing because of the powder on her face.

"Stop! You want to rebel? One more throw, and I will sell you as eunuchs!" Canglan complacently looked at more than thirty handsome men, all staring back at her.

These pretty men looked away annoyed, and some of them began to hum.

Canglan walked into the middle of the group of men, and sitting next to a overturned stone table asked, "What's wrong with you? Are you trying to pull the Beauty House down? I'll tell you that if you pull it down, I will build a new one." However, while the Yu household wielded some power, they didn't have much money.

The Yu's Residence was well-known for many dignitaries and cosseted concubines that came from it. As time went by, the Yu household won some fame but they spent much of their wealth. Yu Liuying was infamous for chasing after pretty boys, and frittering away the remainder of the family's fortunes. Although the Yu household actually held many estates, and the salary paid by the government, it was the Fengyun Firm rising from nowhere that took half of the business in the Ling Kingdom, including the business among the seven Kingdoms. It was lucky the Yu household hadn't lost all their money.

It cost money to support such a large household, right? The ladies wore jewelry and that costed money, didn't they? Robbing and deceiving pretty boys consumed more wealth, didn't it?

So, truth be told, the Yu household was actually very poor, and the real Miss Liuying couldn't afford extra meals for three dozen men. The best she could do was reward them with a few coins, when she was happy with them.

Now, some of these handsome men were sitting, some were standing, some were leaning against trees, and the others were squatting up on the roof. All of them were so attractive, it made Canglan even more jealous of Yu Liuying, so much so, that she considered establishing her own Beauty House.

Yun Qin coughed slightly to remind Canglan to pay attention to her image. However, the other men regarded it as jealousy.

"Mister Yun Qin is indeed the apple of Miss Liuying's eye." said one good-looking man, who was garbed in a light blue gown and was leaning against the porch column. He had delicate eyes and graceful eyebrows, yet his scornful look made Canglan feel uncomfortable.

Yun Qin looked up complacently, sidled up closer to Cang

lan, and said, "Sure I am."

"Ahem, ahem……" Yun Qin was so full of himself that Canglan choked on her saliva.

"Were this a contest of who is the most shameless, I, Tain Jin, would certainly bow to you." The man said, being sarcastic.

"Ahem…… What's your name?" "My name is Tian Jin." "Tian Jin, I heard that you trampled Dong Ling's cricket?" Just a Cricket! Was it worth a fight? A crowd of men could be so annoying at times.

A man sitting on the steps jumped to his feet, "Cricket!? That's a General Red Robe, which is difficult to buy no matter how much money you have. It is rarely found in the Ling Kingdom. Miss Liuying, even all your fortune may not as valuable as a General Red Rob."

Canglan was furious at his words.

Yun Qin was excited at what was sure to be a good show.

"Dong Ling right? General Red Robe? Since you like crickets so much, I will give you a flood of them. So many you will be drowning, and I won't help you even if you beg me."

Dong Ling threw her a sidelong glance and grunted, "Think about it before you boast, Miss Liuying. Everybody knows the General Red Robe is not easy to find. It will be very difficult for you to find one, not to mention a flood of them. The Yu household does have some power in the Ling Kingdom but not as much as you like to think. Miss Liuying, you should mind your words."

Canglan glared at Dong Ling enraged. Some of the white face powder flaked off her face which looked a bit scary.

"We will see, I will have crickets crawling all over your room tonight."

Sweating nervously, Yun Qin whispered to Canglan, "Master, you haven't appeared in public as yang master in a few years. Watch your language."

Supposing Canglan was bragging, Dong Ling didn't heed what she said.

"Why not prepare some new clothes for me, since you are being so generous, Miss Liuying." The voice was pleasant, and sounded like a melody. But Canglan was unhappy hearing it dripping with spite.

"Yang Lian?"

"It is me." a simpering Yang Lian faced Canglan.

Yang Lain, the so called best Mister in the Ling Kingdom.

It was puzzling how such a haughty man was brought to the Beauty House by Yu Liuying.

Canglan looked Yang Lian up and down, and after a while, she found a tiny tear on the hem of his skirt. Obviously, he was picking on her.

"Why me? En Ying is the one who tore your clothes."

Yang Lian smirked, folding his arms across his chest and looked at Canglan in a sly pleasure. "Isn't En Ying your man? Of course he is, so, I seek compensation from you now that En Ying tore my clothes."

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