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   Chapter 128 Meeting Handsome Men in the Beauty House (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5251

Updated: 2018-09-25 09:01

In the Xiangsi Garden of Yu's Residence, Canglan took off her peacock dress, and cleaned the powder off her face. When she was done, her stunning face emerged. With the wisdom it held, her face was an unparalleled beauty.

Changlan lay on her bed, "The renowned Blind Date Festival of the Ling Kingdom is coming in a few days. Tell me, is there any one you adore? I can arrange everything for you."

Yun Qin gave her an angry look and said, "No, but thank you for asking."

"No?" Canglan said, rubbing her chin, "Yun Yu wanted to attend the festival, and I was thinking of holding the benefits for you, but forget it."

"Heh heh……" Yun Qi smirked. Yun Qin stamped of his foot, then ran off.

"Hey, don't run off!" Canglan giggled, "Why he acts like a young woman."

"Mistress, when did you know?" Yun Qi asked while massaging Canglan's legs and shoulders with care. He knew that Yun Qin was in love with someone but his Mistress was so divine, she knew everything before him.

He had long hair but short wit, "Did you notice your big brother has been smiling foolishly these days? That is a typical sign of falling in love. Besides, Yun Yu sends messages every other day which Yun Qin always treats as treasures. He never lets me see the messages. If Yun Yu is not his favorite, who? Could it be the pigeon?"

"Mistress, you are indeed wise."

"Yun Qi, why don't you go chasing after Yun Yu too……"

"Mistress, I need to attend an emergency." Canglang heard Yun Qi's words and whooshed.

"He has improved his technique in flying Kung Fu." Canglan quickly became so bored she started to count her own strands of hair, "One, two, three, four……"

Canglan was left in the room alone.

"Mistress, Mistress……" Yun Qin rushed into the Xiangsi Garden, suddenly drawing Cnaglan's attention from her hair.

"A fight broke out in the Beauty House, Mistress." Although the saying is, 'If you put three women in a kitchen, there will be drama, ' men can cause a good deal of drama too.

"what happened?" Those men in the Beauty House were very annoying, and Canglan didn't care about them, they were not her men anyway.

"It seems that Mr. Ming Yun ate Mr. Tain Jin's Swallow Nest, and Mr. Tain Jin accidentally trampled Mr. Dong Ling's cricket, Mr. Dong Ling knocked over Mr. En Ying's chessboard by accident, then Mr. En Ying ripped Mr. Yang Lian's clothes……"

"Stop! That is a messy story!" Canglan waved her hands impatiently, not wanting to hear more.

"Anyway, the Beauty House is falling apart." Yun Qin rolled his eyes as he finished.

Canglan lay down on her bed again, she would rather die of

boredom than manage the chaos in the Beauty House. "Let it go. It is none of my business whether the Beauty House collapsed or not, since they are not my beauties."

Yun Qin walked to Canglan and winked at her, "Mistress, are you jealous? You are all alone, and the real Yu Liuying surrounds herself with handsome men. Admit it Mistress, you are so jealous!"

Canglan sat up, grimly staring at Yun Qin. The tricky boy, it was the truth. "Right! I am jealous!" Yun Liuying was so damned lucky! Each of the men in the Beauty House had a charm, couldn't compare to Tainyan, though each had his own merit. What a pity that they didn't belong to her.

"If only you hadn't saved the real Yu Liuying, Mistress." Two months ago, when her trusted subordinates had caught up with Canglan, she was considering her next moves. At the time, she was determining what intimate bond she would have with the imperial household of the Ling Kingdom. They happened to meet the impecunious Yu Liuying. So, the Mistress and her servants kindly saved her when she was in distress. And then……

They imprisoned her. Canglan dressed up as Yu Liuying with Yun Qin and Yun Qi acting as boys she doted over.

Being promoted from maids to adored boys, felt as though had gone through hell and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There was a saying that went, 'a bad thing never dies, ' which probably referred to Canglan. Canglan was incredibly lucky because when they first entered the Yu's Residence, sharp eyed Yun Qin found a Scorching Sun Grass in a humble deserted yard. There was Scorching Sun Grass in the world indeed! It was said that Scorching Sun Grass was always in the light once it sprouted, thus it gathered the essence of nature into it.

Exhilarated by finding the Scorching Sun Grass, Yun Qin and Yun Qi mixed it with dozens of other valuable medicinal materials and refined three pills, which were use to suppress the poison within Canglan's body. The pills were unbelievably effective! They quelled the poison when the love potion attacked. Now there was only one pill left.

"Mistress, are you going to the Beauty House or not? You need to at least go there for show, since you are Yu Liuying." Yun Qin couldn't bear his Mistress being idle.

"Fine, I am going." Canglan got out of bed reluctantly. It would be tough to solve the mess in the Beauty House. Those men, were forced to stay in the house by Yu Liuying, and they were hard nuts to crack.

The Beauty House was in an uproar. When she got to the door, Canglan was sure the antics were on purpose.

They put her in a difficult situation.

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