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   Chapter 127 A Lady Keen On Good-looking Men

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Two months later, in Ling City, capital of the Ling Kingdom

Ling Kingdom was located on the Fire Continent. It was called Ling* Kingdom because of the many outstanding people. According to local folklore, numerous jades lay beneath the earth of Ling Kingdom, which would ensure the Ling Kingdom was prosperous for thousands of years and prevent natural disasters from destroying it.

Though there were no natural disasters in the Ling Kingdom, there were man-made misfortunes.

(*TN: Ling means outstanding in Chinese.)

It was unclear how many years of prosperity the Ling Kingdom had enjoyed. The Emperor of the Ling Kingdom had been in office for more than thirty years, but had been rather mediocre. He was so timid and overcautious that he attached the Ling Kingdom to the Can Kingdom. He ceded territories, sent valuable gifts, and even sent his son to the Can Kingdom as a hostage. However, the Can Kingdom was not as strong as it had been ten years ago. As a result, the Ling Kingdom was on the decline.

The Emperor of the Ling Kingdom was dying, and had neglected state affairs for many days. He had more than ten sons and daughters, but none of them were capable of governing a kingdom. The political power was controlled almost solely by the Emperor's beloved concubine, Lady De.

Yang Gezhi, the tenth prince of Ling Kingdom had been in the Can Kingdom as hostage for over ten years, and he suddenly returned to the Ling Kingdom. Several officials who worried about the state affairs were pleased to see Yang Gezhi returned to the Ling Kingdom. But the Emperor believed Lady De's slanderous talk. He banned Yang Gezhi from participating in state affairs with the excuse of "the tenth prince has been living in the Can Kingdom for more than ten years and is not knowledgeable on the state affairs of the Ling Kingdom".

Yang Gezhi had nothing more than a Prince's Mansion now.

The tenth prince aside, there was another enduring topic in Ling City. That was Yu Liuying, the beloved daughter of the Yu's Family, the first clan in Ling City.

The Yu's Family was a large clan in the Ling Kingdom. Among the Yu's family ancestors, there were generals, number one scholars, wealthy c

he hell are you?" The servant stood up. He had a whip in his hand. Apparently, he didn't know Yu Liuying.

The tenth prince? The onlookers were dumbfounded. The tenth prince was Mister Yang, one of the Nine Prominent Figures.

"Your Highness..."

"Xiao Sheng, what happened?" The attractive voice came from within, and stole Yu Liuying's heart away.


A hand pulled the carriage curtain back.

Yun Canglan had a murderous look for a moment, but immediately hid it without being noticed.

'Yang Gezhi, I'm here to collect on my debt!' Yun Canglan thought to herself.

"Mister, nice to meet you. My name is Yu Liuying, and what's yours?"

People would feel comfortable when seeing Yang Gezhi as he had a gentle smile, like the warm sunshine in the autumn. "I'm Yang Gezhi. Lady, could you please step aside so wen can continue?"

"Your Highness, I've heard a lot about you. You are welcome to drop in at the Yu's Residence."

Yang Gezhi stood up, adjusted his clothes and spoke to Yun Canglan smiling, "Lady Liuying, I'm in a hurry right now, perhaps I can visit Yu's Residence some other time."

Suddenly, Yang Gezhi slipped and stepped on the servant's clothes. The servant fell to the ground heavily, which spooked the horse. The horse bolted like a bat out of hell, and Yun Canglan immediately stepped aside.

Yang Gezhi fell backward into the carriage.

Watching the carriage gallop away, Yun Canglan sighed unhappily.

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