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   Chapter 125 A Full Moon Night Without A Full Moon

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5059

Updated: 2018-09-23 09:33

On the road led to Can City, a carriage was stuck in the mud because of a sudden heavy rain. No matter how hard the carriage driver tried, he was unable to get the carriage out of the mud. The carriage curtain was lifted by a nice looking boy who appeared to be a servant. He looked up at the dark sky and dropped the curtain down.

"Master, the rain has stopped, but the carriage is stuck. The city gate of Can City has been closed. How about I find a place for us to spend the night?" The servant asked.

In one corner of the carriage, a man in green leaned against the carriage wall with eyes closed as if he was sleeping. There was no moon in the sky, so it was difficult to see more than a blur in the dark. But he had sharp features judging from the contour of his face, looking rather firm and steady.

Something lay on his shoulder that looked like a rat.

"Master?" The servant reminded the man.

The man opened his sleepy eyes.

"Fine." His sound was cold yet touching.

"Yes, Master." The servant replied before he stretched out his head and looked around. Before long, his eyes settled on a direction and he spoke cheerfully, "Master, there is a house not far away. Let's stay there for one night, okay?"

The man half nodded and stepped out of the carriage with the servant.

They walked to the house, stopping just outside. The man asked, "Yue Ying, what time is it? I hate disturbing people at such a late hour."

The servant called Yue Ying looked at the sky and answered, "Master,

is Master like this before, "You are too impolite! My Master has been so kind, even diagnosing you, but you are so ungrateful. How unreasonable you are!"

The man frowned, "Lady, do you know the antidote you need?"

"Master, let's leave and find another place."

"I...I'm so...uncomfortable..." Yun Canglan lost her mind. She stretched out her hands and grabbed the man's clothes tightly. "Ah...I...I" She looked up at the man standing in front of her.

The man stood still not talking or moving. He looked at Yun Canglan coldly, until he saw the lotus seeds and a jade pendant scattered around her, then he went blank for a moment.

He slowly demanded, "Yue Ying, get out!"

"What?" Yue Ying was dumbfounded, "Master, are you going..." His Master had a sweetheart, Lady Tianxin.

"Out!" The cold voice commanded again. Yue Ying hesitated before he left the small cottage. He was still confused.

The man looked down at Yun Canglan with dark, complicated eyes.

"You want me?"

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