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   Chapter 123 Yang Gezhi’s Return

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4882

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"Your Majesty?" Yang Gezhi dressed elegantly in white greeted Huo Liuyun in a cold voice. He approached Huo Liuyun with a gentle smile under the moonlight.

Huo Liuyun turned back expressionless, "What brings you here?"

Yang Gezhi had a gentle smile as he replied, "I heard that Miss Feng has moved in here." Yang Gezhi seldom left the palace. He knew that Huo Liuyun had succeeded to the throne, but he didn't know what happened at the Royal Ancestral Temple. Neither did he know Feng Yun'er was Yun Canglan.

Huo Liuyun gave Yang Gezhi a wary look, "You know Yun'er?"

Yang Gezhi was speechless, thinking of what happened that one night.

"I… We're friends."

Huo Liuyun squinted at Yang Gezhi, "You have many friends."

"I'm flattered."

"What are you doing here?" Huo Liuyun looked at Yang Gezhi coldly, as if looking at a rival in love. He didn't know who Yun Canglan liked and what Yun Canglan thought anymore, but he hadn't given up completely. Yang Gezhi must be up to something.

Shui Minghan, aka Mister Wu Hen, who always wore a frosty look, took a fancy to Yun Canglan. Lei Tianyan, who stood smirking at everyone by Yun Canglan's side when Yun Canglan divorced Feng Gui, had ulterior motives.

Yang Gezhi blinked, 'Yun'er? Hmm... How intimate they are. Feng Yun'er embarrassed Huo Liuyun at the last banquet, but now Huo Liuyun addresses her as Yun'er.'

Seeing Yun Qi walking carrying a bucket of water, Yang Gezhi stopped him.

Yun Qi stopped.

Yang Gezhi had a bright smile.

Yun Qi turned his face away with contempt. Mister Lei Tianyan left angry because of him, which depressed Yun Canglan.

Embarrassed, Yang Gezhi wondered if he had offended Yun Qi. Then he said with respect, "Mister, please tell Miss Feng that I wish to see her."

Yun Qi pouted, "She won't see you. Just give it up."

Yang Gezhi realized that Yun Qi was making things difficult for him intentionally, "Mister, I have something important to tell her."

Yun Qi was a man of sense. He had guessed why Yang Gezhi wanted to visit Yun Canglan, so he agreed reluctantly, "Wait here. I'll give her your message." Then he turned and ordered Huo Liuyun arrogantly, "Pour the water."

Huo Liuyun was furious. He was Yun Canglan's slave, but it didn't mean that Yun Qi could boss him. He was the emperor of the Can Kingdom.

"It's the bath water of my Mistress."

Hearing this, Huo Liuyun complied without an argument.

Yang Gezhi felt dejected while Huo Liuyun left happily.

"Your Highness, follow me." Yun Qi led Yang Gezhi to the Qifeng Palace and stopped Yang Gezhi at the gate, "Sorry. Your Highness, I have to report your arrival."

Obviously, Yun Qi didn't respect Yang Gezhi.

Yang Gezhi nodded and stopped at the gate.

Yun Qi pushed the door open. Inside, Yun Canglan was doing her hair in front of the mirror, lost in thought, while Yun Qin made the bed.

"Mistress, Yang Gezhi wants to see you."

Yun Qi's voice brought Yun Canglan's thoughts back to the present. Hearing Yang Gezhi's name made her frown.

"What for?"

"I don't know. He doesn't say anything. I think he may be here to ask about his return."

Yun Canglan stopped combing her hair, "I don't want to see him. Tell him that I'll keep my promise."

Yun Qi and Yun Qin grinned wickedly. Yun Qi said, "Mistress, what if he isn't here for that?" His voice was low, but Yang Gezhi could hear it.

"What else can it be? We have no connection to each other, aside from what happened that night, which I can forget after he leaves the Can Kingdom."

"Mistress, what if he wants something else?" Yun Qin said, "It's very rude of you to reject him if he likes you."

Yun Canglan raised her brow and looked askance at Yun Qin and Yun Qi, "What do you mean?"

Yun Qi shook his hand, "No. I'm afraid that you will lose another good man."

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes. "I don't like him, but I won't hurt him. I'll ask Huo Liuyun to approve of his return to the Ling Kingdom."

Yang Gezhi kept his head down at the gate sadly.

Yun Qi opened the door and turned up his nose at Yang Gezhi, "Your Highness, as you heard, you will be able to leave the Can Kingdom soon. Don't worry."

Yang Gezhi raised his head and asked hopefully, "Could I meet with Miss Feng, please?"

Yun Qi stretched out his arms to block the gateway, "What do you want? Would you break in forcibly?"

"No, I don't…" Yang Gezhi lowered his head and mumbled a few words, but Yun Qi didn't hear or care about that.

"Your Highness, now you should go back happily to pack your things, ready to go back to your kingdom. My mistress is efficient. Maybe you can leave tomorrow. Just go." Yang Gezhi was disappointed.

At last, he walked away reluctantly.

Yun Qi proudly watched Yang Gezhi go and then closed the gate of the Qifeng Palace after confirming that he had really left.

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