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   Chapter 120 Yun'er

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At the Palace gate of the Can Kingdom, the gatekeeper watched amazed as a carriage sped past to the Palace because only those with a token from the Emperor himself could enter the Palace without dismounting. The new Emperor had taken the throne only one day ago, yet the token was given to someone. It seemed that the person in the carriage should not be underestimated.

With the carriage hurriedly along, a particularly beautiful face could be seen occasionally when the wind flipped the curtain.

As the carriage passed palaces, it drew the attention of maids, eunuchs, and even ministers. The maids and eunuchs were surprised at the arrogance of the carriage owner, while some ministers who knew the truth stood respectfully to the side with their heads bowed, and did not dare to look directly at it. It was not until the carriage roared past them that the ministers dared to look up, their eyes full of awe and horror.

The Qifeng Palace was the palace of the Can Kingdom's Empress, and thus it was the most magnificent palace of the imperial palace. Everything in the Palace was the focus of the concubines' struggle and admiration. Every day many women would greedily stare at the Palace.

Huo Yang's Empress died early, and the position had been vacant ever since. Now Huo Liuyun was the Emperor, and there was still no Empress. As a result, the women of the Eastern Palace had been locked in a fierce struggle for this position within the first day.

The carriage came to a stop in front of the Qifeng Palace. The driver, Yun Qi, jumped down from the carriage first. Yun Qin pulled the curtain back and Canglan gingerly stepped down taking her time.

She looked up at the Qifeng Palace which so many women fought for, and grumbled in discontent.

"What a shabby Palace!"

"Bear with it, Mistress. When the Can Kingdom settles down, we will leave."

Canglan nodded in agreement, "Let's go in."

Just as they were about to enter the Palace, a shrill pompous sound could be heard.

"How dare you enter the Qifeng Palace without permission! You wild woman!" Lady Zi was leading a few maids headed at them with great pomp, while Lady Ling, who used to hold her head high, stood among the maids with her head hung low as if she were afraid of something. Her outfit looked clean, but it was not as gorgeous as her old ones.

The Grand Preceptor was named a traitor and fell. Wu Yunling lost her backer. Fortunately, she was not executed by the new Emperor; Unfortunately, she was the laughingstock of the concubines in the Eastern Palace. Without her former power and prestige, she could only beg for a living.

When Wu Yunling looked up and saw Canglan, Yun Qin and Yun Qi, she froze for a moment, her eyes wide with horror. She had been lectured by Feng Yun'er, and knew her two servant girls, oh no, two guards, were not people to be trifled with.

However, Lady Zi did not know that.

She walked up to Canglan coquettishly and looking at her, noted how gorgeous she was, which put her out of sorts, "Which palace are you from? Why haven't I seen you before? Don't you know only the Empress can live in the Qifeng Palace?" Lady Zi grilled Canglan.

Canglan did not say anything, she just looked back at her with a faint smile on her lips. Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood quietly behind her, waiting for her orders.

"Don't think you can seduce His Majesty with your alluring face! I tell you, I will be the Empress, so you'd better go back to your little palace!"

Wu Yunling glanced at Canglan fearfully, but when she turned to Lady Zi, there was a sadist gleam in her eyes and an evil smile on her face.

Only those who were at the Royal Ancestral Temple the other day knew Feng Yun'er was Yun Canglan. They were afraid of Canglan's brutality although none of them spoke up. Thus the concubines were unaware.

"Oh." Canglan arched a brow.

Lady Zi went on, "Don't you understand what I'm saying? You must have a backer. Then, so what? Look at her." She pointed at Wu Yunling

with disdain. "She had a strong backer, but it has fallen. How mighty she used to be. She even looked down on me, but now, she is not worthy to touch my shoes!"

Wu Yunling kept silent, and lowered her head.

Lady Zi's words interested Canglan, so she asked, "Oh? Please tell, who is your backer?"

Hearing the question, Lady Zi preened and was more pompous, "I'm afraid you'll be scared if I tell you, but, do you know the Zhenguo General? I'm the granddaughter of his cousin's second uncle!"

"Mistress, she's your relative." Yun Qi whispered in Canglan's ear.

But Canglan glared at him.

Ignoring the strange behavior, Lady Zi complacently continued, "The Zhenguo General is the second-most powerful man in the Can Kingdom. Whose backer is better than mine? Be sensible and contented with your lot. I'll be the Empress one day. Do you know His Royal Highness of the General's House, oh no, I mean Her Royal Highness? She was my dear sister. I grew up with her!"

"Aha.." Canglan was astonished.

She did not remember having such a sister.

Lady Zi was still showing off, "Unfortunately, she had a short life, but then the Zhenguo General treats me like his own daughter. Therefore, if you don't obey me, I will ask the Zhenguo General to punish you severely."

"Sorry to interrupt, " Canglan couldn't help it, "do you know me?"

Lady Zi shot a scornful look at Canglan and said, "Who am I? How can I know such a humble person like you?"

"Well, that's strange." Canglan said, stroking her chin thoughtfully.

"What is?" Lady Zi asked.

"It's strange that you don't even know me!"

Lady Zi tilted her chin at Canglan and replied, "You're just some lowly woman. It isn't strange that I don't know you."

"But I'm the daughter of the Zhenguo General." Canglan answered, keeping a finger on her smooth chin.

Wu Yunling sniggered and made a careless noise. Lady Zi's eyes were wide in disbelief. " said you were...the daughter...of the Zhenguo General?"

Everyone knew that the Zhenguo General had a sworn daughter who was named Feng Yun'er, and she happened to be the owner of the Fengyun Firm. 'She is...Feng Yun?' Lady Zi wondered. 'The woman, who is said to be afraid of nothing. The woman who once beat the arrogant Lady Ling and killed the Princess of the Chi Kingdom?'

Canglan nodded briskly and said, "Yes!"

"Then...then you are...Feng Yun'er?"

"Not now." Canglan shook her head.

Instantly, Lady Zi looked relieved and she smiled.

Wu Yunling involuntarily looked up at Canglan again.

Canglan's face creased into a merciless smile. "I am Yun Canglan!" She declared.

Wu Yunling fell to the ground with a thud, her eyes full of the fear she felt twisting in her gut.

There was contempt in Canglan's eyes as she looked down at Wu Yunling.

Lady Zi was taken aback, "Who...who the hell are you?" she asked, somewhat perplexed. It was well known that Yun Canglan had died three years ago. So, clearly she was an impostor. However, the fact that she posed as a dead woman made Lady Zi feel a little creepy.

Canglan blinked innocently and asked, "I told you I'm Yun Canglan. Didn't you say you were the granddaughter of my father's cousin's second uncle? Didn't you say that you were my dear sister, and that you grew up with me? Did you forget what you just said?"

Lady Zi grew more afraid and trembled all over.

"Are person or a ghost?" She stuttered.

"You are not Yun Canglan!" Wu Yunling suddenly stood up and pointed at Canglan, with determination on her frightened face.

'She isn't Yun Canglan, definitely not. I've been fighting Yun Canglan since we were children, and I know everything about her. Yun Canglan was an idiot and an unworthy person, not this gorgeous woman.' Wu Yunling said to herself in her heart.

"Yun'er!" Canglan was watching Wu Yunling's reaction with great interest, when a voice full of surprise interrupted the three women's war.

And Wu Yunling was completely petrified.

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