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   Chapter 119 Rule the Can Kingdom

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7178

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"What, what is it?" Wu Ci had a bad feeling.

A man in black stepped forward, and he opened the bag with his sword.

A head rolled out onto Wu Ci's foot. Wu Ci looked disgusted at it first, until he recognized the person it was once attached to.

"Qi'er! Qi'er! No! My son! No!" Wu Ci cried out.

Yun Canglan looked down at him, a murderous look on her face, "Wu Ci, without Mister Yao Xi, the support of the Shuihuang Firm or the raiders of Chimei Wangliang, what do you have?"

Tears streamed down Wu Ci's cheeks, a wild look in his eyes as he stared up at Yun Canglan, "You killed my sons, Yun Canglan. I must kill you!"

Yun Canglan pouted, "You still have your daughter, Wu Yunling, right?"

"Xue Ying, kill her! I'll bury her with my sons!" Wu Ci knew that he could never win in taking the throne for himself, but Yun Canglan must die, to avenge his sons.

Xue Ying walked up to Yun Canglan, his sword drawn, and the closer he got, the more diabolical Wu Ci looked. Yun Canglan stared indifferently at the approaching Xue Ying.

"Yun Canglan, you can go to hell!" Wu Ci cruelly shouted. Xue Ying didn't kill Yun Canglan, but...

"Mistress." Xue Ying fell on his knee paying homage.

"What? Xue Ying, you…" Wu Ci, and the rest of the room, were stunned. Huo Liuyun forced a smile. 'Canglan, you planned everything long ago. You waited more than ten years and prepared for my attacks, didn't you?'

Xue Ying stood behind Yun Canglan, with a poker-face.

Yun Canglan laughed, looking down on Wu Ci, "See? All your chips are gone. I planted Xue Ying at your side three years ago and made a plan for the Shenyong General. Wu Ci, you lose!"

Wu Ci hunched over Wu Yunqi's head, cradling it in his arms. There was a sorrowful look in his dull eyes.

"Yun Qi, kill him!"

No one dared question what was happening. The traitorous guards were too worried about themselves. They weren't about to try and save Wu Ci. As Yun Qi waved his hand, Wu Ci fell over, without closing his eyes.

Yun Canglan turned to face Huo Liuyun, who didn't exhibit regret or sadness, "Huo Liuyun, do you see? How stupid you are."

Huo Liuyun l

is face wet with his tears.

"I, Huo Liuyun, hereby present the imperial seal of the Can Kingdom. I am your willing slave from this day on."

Huo Liuyun felt sorrow for the past. Everything was gone with the wind, while his yearning and love were now tears.

Yun Canglan didn't take the seal. She felt distressed as she looked blankly at Huo Liuyun who knelt on one knee for the first time.

She was suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of the past. For a moment, she felt a prick in her heart.

However, she had her own principles, and she would never forgive traitors, especially ones like Qi Yuntian.

After she took the imperial seal, she raised her head arrogantly, "Huo Liuyun will take the throne in three days time."

According to the Shuihuo Calendar, late in the summer of 1014, three days after the ceremony of offering sacrifice to the Heaven and praying for blessings, Huo Liuyun, the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom, was crowned emperor and changed the title of his reign to Tianqi. The Zhenguo General, Yun Yajun was titled Prince Regent with a different surname and given two-thirds of the Can Kingdom's military power, while the Shenyong General, Xue Ying, controlled the remaining one-third of the military forces.

The common people quickly became accustomed to the replacement on the throne, but a few knew someone else owned the imperial seal of the Can Kingdom, and she was just the real emperor.

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