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   Chapter 118 A Turning Point (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4576

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Huo Liuyun stumbled backward. He was bereft of his usual elegant demeanor; instead, he was uncomfortable, looking miserable and remorseful.

Yun Yajun was filled with emotion. It turned out his daughter who he thought was unworthy was capable and forbearing.

Canglan looked up, smiling shyly at Yun Yajun, "Actually my face was fake three years ago. I used a fairly plain appearance just in case. And thanks to it, I saw the Crown Prince's true colors.

This is my true appearance." Canglan finished these words and thought, 'Look, Huo Liuyun, you used to detest my looks, but I am actually pretty. Do you regret your actions, Huo Liuyun?'

Tears coursed down Yun Yajun's cheeks. "I knew it. Canglan, I knew it." He said in delight.

"Father, you knew it?" Now it was Canglan who was astounded.

Yun Yajun nodded answering, "The first time I saw Feng Yun'er, I was stunned. You looked so like your mother. How could we not recognize you? There is no parents who cannot recognize their own daughter."

"Why didn't you just say anything?"

"We knew had your reasons to reveal yourself to us. We were just happy that you weren't dead. How could we care if you told us or not?"

Canglan was moved and threw her arms around her father's neck. She then excitedly said, "Father, to thank you for not betraying me, I'll give you the Can Kingdom, okay?"

Huo Yang was frightened hearing Canglan's words, and held the imperial seal tightly in his hand. Wu Ci froze, realized that Canglan was here to take the Can Kingdom, too. Huo Liuyun was catatonic and nothing mattered to him.

However, Yun Yajun's face darkened angrily, "You want me to usurp the throne?" He snapped at Canglan.

Canglan shook her head hastily in denial, "I worry about you tiring as the Emperor, father. However, when I left three years ago, I swore that Huo Liuyun would be my slave when I came back. What do you think of Huo Liuyun as the Emperor and you as the ruler in the background?"

Fire flashed in Huo Yang's eyes, 'I'm the puppeteer' He said in his heart.

Huo Liuyun's heart ached even more, hearing what she said. She wanted to take over the Can Kingdom and make him a puppet Emperor, and rule the country.

Yun Yajun hesitantly replied, "It's...not good."

Canlan put her arm aro

und Yun Yajun's shoulder and tried to convince him, "What's wrong with that deal? I never take a loss in trading. I must recoup what they owe me. Three years ago I was not strong enough, now I am, and determined to win the Can Kingdom!"

"Yun Canglan, even if you are alive, the Can Kingdom is mine, not yours!"

Canglan let her father go and faced Wu Ci, her eyes full of contempt, "Yours? The Can Kingdom's imperial seal is over there, and I don't think you can take it." Canglan commented, pointing at Huo Yang hugging the imperial seal tightly to himself.

Canglan's mouth twisted in scorn thinking, 'You're going to die. What's the use of holding the imperial seal?'

Wu Ci laughed, "Yun Canglan, I will let you in on something, half the people here are with me, including the Shenyong General, and I've already placed killers and guards around here. Yun Canglan, perhaps I had some scruples about the Fengyun Firm in the past, but you do not know, the Shuihuang Firm has made a deal with me. Yun Canglan, there's nothing you can do, huh?"

Canglan shook her head and casually inquired, "Are you talking about the people guarding the entrance to the Royal Ancestral Temple? I'm sorry, my men are a little quicker and have killed your men."

Wu Ci sputtered in shock, "What? No...there's no way!" 'According to the plan, the men guarding the entrance are the subordinates of Mister Yao Xi. And Mister Yao Xi always hides his light under a bushel. He would not go wrong.' Wu Ci considered the matter in his mind.

He did not know that Mister Yao Xi failed after the head of the nine prominent figures, Mister Night Phoenix showed up.

Wu Ci quickly took a bamboo tube in his arms and pulled it. Instantly there was a crash in the air, and a very bright signal exploded in the sky. Wu Ci triumphantly waited, looking at Canglan as though he won.

At that moment, Canglan clapped her hands, seeming to remember something. "Oh no, I almost forgot! My men brought you some presents." Then she clapped her hands again and four people appeared. They were dressed all in black, with black veils covering their faces, one figure stood out as a woman though.

They all had big bags in their hands. When the four were in front of Wu Ci, they threw the bags on the ground.

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