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   Chapter 117 A Turning Point (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5232

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Canglan ignored the eager gaze behind her. She smiled, "Wu Ci, you belittle me too much."

"What are you talking about? You're deliberately mystifying people. Somebody arrest this woman!" Wu Ci believed that she was mocking him and ordered his troops. The rebellious guards, though frightened, went at Canglan with their swords, but before they could reach her, the guards in front were all beheaded. The rest of them stopped and stood where they were, fear stricken, and looking at her in horror.

Two men appeared from nowhere and stood in front of Canglan, guarding her. They were her patron saints.

Yun Yajun looked thoughtfully at the two ruthless men who suddenly appeared.

"Canglan, you're..."

Canglan gave Yun Yajun a gentle smile, she lifted a hand, removing the mask from her face, and told him, "Father, it's me!"

An extremely beautiful face was revealed, and everyone present held their breath. She had dewy white skin, rosy lips, charming eyes and perfectly matching, graceful eyebrows. She was the living embodiment of a fairy, a genuine fairy from the heavens.

Huo Liuyun stood behind Canglan, so he could not see her face, but he saw something in the eyes of one of the others. He immediately went to her face, and his eyes widened.

"Feng Yun'er? !" 'Where's Canglan?' Huo Liuyun wondered.

"Feng Yun'er is Yun Canglan, and Yun Canglan is Feng Yun'er!"

"Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness, pay respect to your Mistress!"

The deafening shout suddenly brought everyone back to what was happening now. Yun Yajun looked incomprehensibly back at the servants behind him.

"Yun Hu, what's going on? Yun'er, are you really my daughter Canglan?"

Yun Hu, the leader, nodded to the rest of the servants. The servants unmasked their faces in unison.

"Yun Qiao! Yun Chu! A Bao! Dong Jiang! guys..." Yun Yajun lost his composure. The battlefield hardened old warrior could not suppress his excitement in that moment. These were his brothers he thought had died in battle.

In fact, Yun Yajun was not alone, everyone present was stunned. They didn't understand why all the dead were revived.

Yun Hu looked at Yun Yajun reverently and explained, "General, we're the Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness. Over the past three years, we have followed the Mistress' orders and hidden in the General's House as servants to protect you and Milady. They were not dead. It was all planned by our Mistress."

Yun Yajun turned to looked at Canglan, bewildered and excited. Then he asked Yun Hu again, "Is Canglan your Mistress?"


'What's going on? What's the matter?

My daughter has come back to life, and my brothers didn't die. What the hell is this?' Yun Yajun repeated the question over and over to himself in disbelief.

Canglan approached Yun Yajun and took his arm lovingly, asking, "Father, do you feel ashamed that they accept me as their Mistress?"

Canglan gravely said, "In fact, I saw everything when I was a child. Most of the Can Kingdom's military power was in your hands. The royalty was afraid that you would get too much credit and cultivate your own army and turn on the court, so the Emperor and the Crown Prince praised you on the surface but secretly fought against you. Actually, they already wanted to get rid of you and reclaim the military power. You and mother raised me as a boy, and were always blindly loyal to the Emperor. You wouldn't believe me if I tried to persuade you. To protect us, I had to pretend to be an incompetent and reckless boy. I thought they would let the General's House off, but they were still worried..."

Huo Yang looked down and said nothing. Huo Liuyun put his hand to his heart, and every word Canglan said hit him like an arrow through his heart.

"The extermination of bandits on Peach Blossom Mountain ten years ago was one of their schemes. Their purpose was to make you expose the General's House's hidden power. But they don't know that the hidden power was the people you saved from the battlefield. That day, I arrived secretly to Peach Blossom Mountain, and made arrangements with Yun Hu. They pretended to be dead and entered the General's House unnoticed. From then on they became the Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness. During the assassination attempt a few days ago, they secretly protected everyone in the General's House. And I..."

Canglan tossed Huo Liuyun a quick glance before she continued, "I thought as long as I restored my womanhood, the royalty would no longer fear the General's House, so I staked my happiness on it. But, I was wrong. The Emperor and the Crown Prince never intended to spare the General's House. They even joined forces with the Grand Preceptor, determined to eradicate the General's House. The assassination outside the Palace gate three years ago was actually planned, I was not dead. I took a pill that made me look dead. This plan achieved two things in one stroke. It not only dispelled any fear the royalty harbored toward the General's House for the time being, but the Crown Prince felt so guilty that the General's House was temporarily safe. I was a fledgling and had to covertly strengthen myself. Now, I'm back, and I will collect your debt, Huo Liuyun!"

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