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   Chapter 116 Huo Liuyun, I am Back

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6632

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Huo Liuyun looked at the man who suddenly appeared holding a long sword in disbelief. With a stalwart and murderous look, he stood over Huo Yang, protecting him. As a battle-seasoned warrior, his withering temperament overshadowed that of the Shenyong General, Xue Ying.

After a time, Huo Yang gingerly opened his eyes to see who stood in front of him and somehow, he felt relieved.

Wu Ci's mouth dropped open in shock when he saw the man who appeared, and there was horror on his face. The rebellious guards shivered in fear and stopped fighting.

The man was the patron saint of the Can Kingdom.

He was the Huguo General, Yun Yajun.

Wu Ci didn't believe what he was seeing and pointed to Yun Yajun, as he trembled. He was no longer arrogant, "Yun… Yun Yajun? Impossible. You… you... Why aren't you dead?" The killers of the Chimei Wangliang said Yun Yajun was poisoned and dying. However, here he was.

As a matter of fact Wu Ci wasn't the only one confused. Yun Yajun was confused. He had been bruised, yet, he couldn't move or open his eyes. When he heard the doctor say he would die soon, he wanted to get up and tell the doctor he was wrong, but he was too weak to. This morning, he suddenly came round and could move. He found out Wu Ci was planning a rebellion here today, and he rushed to intercede. That was strange enough, but now his servants were masters in the martial arts. They totaled thirty-six, and requested to join Yun Yajun today.

Yun Yajun agreed since he had no time to gather his army. The more, the better.

Yun Yajun wasn't wearing armor, but he appeared as the winner on the battlefield. He arrogantly looked at Wu Ci, "Wu Ci, how dare you! Listen to me well, you can't win this unless I die!"

Now Huo Yang and Huo Liuyun saw that even though they were always leery of Yun Yajun, he was loyal, and Wu Ci, whom they favored and indulged, was ungrateful.

Huo Liuyun found it difficult to breathe and felt bitter, as he sank further into


She looked gentle and sweet.

Stopping in front of Huo Liuyun, she stroked Huo Liuyun's face in a tender way.

Huo Liuyun wept for joy. He raised a hand to feel Yun Canglan's hand and know her existence. He gripped her wrist tightly, afraid she would disappear if he loosened his grip.

"Canglan, is it really you?

If this is a dream, don't wake me."

Yun Canglan said softly, "It's me." And Huo Liuyun was relieved.

Yun Canglan continued, "Huo Liuyun, I am back, and you will be my slave." She had once said that when she came back, Huo Liuyun could only be her slave.

"Canglan." Before Huo Liuyun could ponder what Yun Canglan meant, she withdrew her hand from his.

She turned back, laughing cruelly and arrogantly.

"I, Yun Canglan, am back."

A shaking Wu Ci pointed at Yun Canglan, "Are you a ghost?"

Yun Canglan looked askance at him, "Wu Ci, what do you think?"

Wu Ci shook, "How dare you! Who are you? Don't pretend! Yun Canglan was a good-for-nothing, and died three years ago. Do you think you can turn the tables, pretending to be her?"

Huo Liuyun stared adoringly at Yun Canglan's back. He knew she was Canglan as soon as she appeared. It was true that Canglan died three years ago, and he might not know how or why she appeared, but he knew this girl was Canglan.

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