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   Chapter 115 Revolt (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5252

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The Shenyong General, Xue Ying obviously sided with the Grand Preceptor, which in turn, had the other officials choose to side with them. Now they were like the grass on the top of a wall who bends with the wind.

Xue Ying looked at Huo Liuyun coldly.

Huo Liuyun never expected the Shenyong General he promoted to be loyal to Wu Ci. What about his military power now? He had weakened the Zhenguo General and strengthened Wu Ci's power, and only now saw how silly his move was.

Long ago, Huo Liuyun was scared of the military power the Zhenguo General, Yun Yajun had. He spent so much effort weakening Yun Yajun's power, and even sacrificed his beloved. He succeed taking half of Yun Yajun's power and stopped him from interfering in politics. However, he never considered Xue Ying, who he had promoted after long reflection, was part of Wu Ci's party. He had strengthened Wu Ci 's power and caused this current situation.

Maybe he was wrong from the very beginning.

Wu Ci was full of pride, "I had Can City surrounded by the army of the Shenyong General several days ago. Now, there are your palace guards in the Royal Ancestral Temple. My prince, with a mere two thousand palace guards remaining, do you think you can win?" With the Zhenguo General dying, no one in all the Can Kingdom would be able to help. He also had Mister Yao Xi arrange the mysterious crew surrounding the Royal Ancestral Temple as well as his Chimei Wangliang.

Huo Liuyun's face looked dreadful. He hadn't considered Wu Ci would set the rebellion in motion so early. Now his army comp

will never accept you as their king." Then he pointed to the guards who had betrayed them, "Your actions have done you in, and you will not end well."

Wu Ci narrowed his eyes, "Have it your way, but don't blame me when things are hard on you." Then he turned to the guards, "The one, who kills Huo Yang, will be awarded the title General of the third rank and ten thousand Liang of gold."

The turncoat guards were excited and rushed at Huo Yang, while Huo Liuyun was entangled by Xue Ying and unable to rescue his father.

"Oh..." Huo Yang couldn't dodge in time and a guard managed to wound him cutting into his shoulder. He valiantly held the seal tightly in his arm and ran desperately toward a forest. However, there were too many guards. He hadn't gotten time to rest when the guards caught up and stabbed him in unison with their cold gleaming swords.

Huo Yang felt so cold, and sighed weakly, "I am dying." Then his eyes closed and he waited for death.

Huo Liuyun was terrified hearing his father's shrill cries.


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