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   Chapter 114 Revolt (Part One)

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Within the Royal Ancestral Temple, the ritual official was speaking about showing gratitude to the heaven and the earth. All the royal heirs and officials had fallen to their knees. They were perspiring because of the scorching heat and kneeling on the hard flagstone gave them great pain. Even so, no one dared move. Several concubines would have fallen, if not for their maids supporting them.

Everything was solemn and peaceful while a revolt was poised to begin outside the temple walls.

"Thanks to the grace of our royal ancestors, the Can Kingdom remains prosperous and peaceful." When the official finally finished his oration, everyone was relieved.

The Emperor, Huo Yang, rose first. He received joss sticks from a footman beside him, bowed deferentially three times and put the joss sticks into the censer in front of him. Then Huo Yang turned around.

He raised his hands and said, "All rise."

The Crown Prince got up first, then the officials and concubines stood up one after another.

"We royalty hold this worship ceremony today to bless the Can Kingdom. Our kingdom has had a history of hundred years. I throw my heart and soul into the affairs of the Can Kingdom to safeguard the welfare of the people……"

But while Huo Yang was talking, one of the officials finally couldn't resist interrupting him.

The Grand Preceptor, Wu Ci, stepped out of the ranks of officials and said, "Your Majesty, I have something to say."

The quiet of the Royal Ancestral Temple turned noisy at his words. Because when holding a ceremony worship, No one had the right to talk other than the official who held the ceremony and the Emperor.

Huo Liuyun turned to look at Wu Ci. Huo Yang was discontented but he restrained his tamper very well.

"You will wait until after the ceremony of worship ends." Huo Yang told him.

Instead of stepping back, Wu Ci stood straighter and said, "Your Majesty, forgive me, please, but I must say something now." His smile was insidious, and in his heart, he was already treating Huo Yang as his defeated opponent.

"The Can kingdom has made brilliant achievements throughout our history. However, a glorious past doesn't guarantee prosperity today. Nowadays, the Can kingdom has become the most feeble of the seven kingdoms. People suffer greatly because of corruption of the local officials. We will end up conquered by the other six kingdoms, if this continues, and the cause of our present situation is you, Huo Yang."

"How dare you!" Huo Liuyun's loud bel

low startled the room, "How dare you use His Majesty's given name! Palace guards, seize him!"

Wu Ci was soon surrounded by palace guards, his smug smile didn't falter though, and he wasn't frightened by the weapons pointed at him.

"Since You and the prince are incompetent to govern, your Majesty, I will do it in your place. Your Majesty, please issue an edict and pass the throne."

"Wu Ci, you presume too much, and have overstepped yourself." Wu Ci's threats didn't intimidate Huo Yang at all.

"Your Majesty, I will say this one last time, please issue an edict and pass the throne..." Wu Ci was finishing his sentence, when half of the officials knelt down, chanting in an attempt to force Huo Yang into abdicating.

Huo Yang was horrified and stepped back, while Huo Liuyun quickly moved forward and stood in front of him, "Wu Ci, do you dare begin a revolt?" Huo Yang knew Wu Ci harbored plans for a revolt, but he didn't expect his sinister scheme would be carried out so soon. Fortunately, he had prepared well.

Wu Ci dropped his pretense of respecting the royalty, and sneered contempously, determined to get what he wanted, "The Huo royal household is too incompetent to govern the Can Kingdom properly, abdicate to the people who are capable. The citizens aren't going to care who is king anyway, as long as they are safe."

"And you think, you are competent to govern the Can Kingdom?" Huo Liuyun asked, his loathing for Wu Ci clearly showing on his face.

Wu Ci was even more pleased with himself, when the officials behind him began to flatter him, "The Grand Preceptor has considered the best interests of our country and people, not himself. He is setting a good example of quality leadership."

"Grand Preceptor is a talented and witty governor, quite capable at state affairs."

"Grand Preceptor cultivated his son properly. He is the future hope of all the Can Kingdom."


Huo Liuyun snickered, "Wu Ci, you'd better be fully prepared. I am warning you now, for if you fail to usurp the throne, your entire family will be executed."

Wu Ci laughed: "Ha ha, don't worry about me, my prince. I don't take risks unless I am one hundred sure of the outcome."

Huo Liuyun squinted, "Fine, if you need to be convinced that you will fail. Guards, take him down!"

The palace guards moved in, their cold swords ready, but their swords were blocked by a faster sword.

Huo Liuyun was dumbfounded to see who was holding the sword, "Xue Ying, you are in on this revolt?"

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