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   Chapter 113 Battle Against Mister Yao Xi (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6227

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Canglan sneered behind her White Jade Fan, "Mister Yao Xi, you are kidding, right? How could I form an alliance with Mister Liu Huo?"

Mister Yao Xi retorted angrily, "Stop pretending, Mister Night Phoenix. Isn't your Xiao conclusive proof?"

"Haha, haha, " Canglan laughed. There was a crafty expression lurking in her eyes. She added, "Mister Yao Xi, you interrupted me. How could I form an alliance, since Mister Liu Huo is my subordinate."

"What are you saying?" 'Could Mister Liu Huo be Mister Night Phoenix's subordinate? How could it be? How could it be?'

The man coming suddenly from above overwhelmed Mister Yao Xi, and he lost what remained of his self-confidence and arrogance.

"Master, they are all killed." The man in black said in his usual indifferent manner. A long sword was on his belt.

Mister Yao Xi was ashamed. He fell back a few steps, staring at Mister Liu Huo. He couldn't believe the man kneeling in front of Canglan was the real Mister Liu Huo.

"You …You …" Mister Yao Xi was too shocked to finish his sentence. He heard Mister Liu Huo call Night Phoenix Master.

'I lost. I lost, but.... But, how could I lose? For the first time I made careful plans and yet, I failed completely. I took all reactions of the people into consideration, but, I forgot about how intelligent Mister Night Phoenix is.'

"Mister Yao Xi, do you remember what I told you? The Can Kingdom wouldn't be the first to be overthrown. All these tricks you played in the Can Kingdom would be destroyed."

Mister Yao Xi was frustrated, he still looked arrogantly handsome and stubborn though. Even if he did just lose, he had his pride.

"I failed. I have nothing to say." Mister Yao Xi informed her, raising his head. There were guards stoically standing in front of him, weapons drawn, ready to sacrifice themselves so Mister Yao Xi could escape.

"Mister, we can fight our way out. Don't worry, we will protect you at the cost of our lives."

Mister Yao Xi shook his head, a bitter smile crossing his face, "Don't risk your lives." He stated, while he thought, 'The three of them came here unnoticed, which only mean, their kung fu is superior to any of ours.'

"Mister Night Phoenix, " Mister Yao Xi stared at Mister Night Phoenix with a solemn expression. He asked, "You win. I am the loser. I just have one request. These guards support their parents and children. Could you please spare their lives, Mister Night Phoenix?"

Canglan raised her brow and inquired, "Mister Yao Xi, you appear sort of kind-hearted. which leaves me wondering, why do you instigate conflicts and wars wherever yougo?"

Mister Yao Xi shook his head as he replied, "I explained they were incidents."

"Incidents?" Canglan chuckled to herself and asked, "Mister Yao Xi, do you I am like most? do you regard me as a fool?" Several years ago you showed up, when the Jin Kingdom provoked the Si Kingdom. From then on, you wove you plan. I don't know exactly what that plan is, but Mister Yao Xi, I do know your ambition."

Mister Yao Xi's eyes were deep pools as he regarded Canglan seriously.


are worthy of being titled number one in the Nine Prominent Figures."

"Thank you for the compliment."

"You knew my ambition, Mister Night Phoenix, and have now caught me, so what is it you want?"

"I have a question to ask, answer it honestly, and I will let you go."

Mister Yao Xi skeptically squinted, "Mister Night Phoenix, is this some kind of trap?"

Canglan's smile softened, "As a calculating man, you have a guilty conscience. You were caught by me, I have no need to pull any smart tricks."

Hearing this, Mister Yao Xi panicked. At the Fengyun Restaurant, during the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures, she punished the fake Night Phoenix without mercy in the presence of the other eight prominent figures. He was still dealing with the sheer terror it had brought.

'What he says is right. Whether he peels my skin off or takes everything from me, I can't revolt against him.

When he saw the Medical Sage and Poison Sage behind Canglan, he became frightened.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi didn't even acknowledge Mister Yao Xi. There was indifference on their faces. They had gained a considerable reputation around the world, and Mister Yao Xi thought, 'Without the Medical Sage or Poison Sage, Mister Night Phoenix won't be so proud. But it's impossible to take the Medical Sage and Poison Sage as subordinates unless he was an incompetent master.'

Mister Yao Xi's shoulders slumped, "Mister Night Phoenix, I am ready, go ahead ask your question." He asked. Now he felt like a complete failure.

Canglan smiled happily as she replied, "I just want to know whether or not you have a feather on your skin. Is it a feather of a phoenix?"

Mister Yao Xi froze hesitantly asking, "What do you mean Mister Night Phoenix?"

Canglan noted his reaction and responded, "Nothing. Never mind, I was just kidding, Mister Yao Xi, you can leave now."

Mister Yao Xi looked at Canglan cautiously and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure." Canglan stepped to the side slightly, as did Yun Qin and Yun Qi.

A confused Mister Yao Xi moved with caution as Canglan remained still, looking at him calmly. He kept moving until he reached a corner at the foot of the mountain. There he turned back yelling, "Mister Night Phoenix, you spared my life today, and sooner or later, I will repay you."

Canglan watched him as he retreated. She didn't move until he disappeared in the forest on the mountain.

"Mistress, why did you let him go?" Yun Qin asked, not understanding why his Mistress had set the tiger free, back onto the mountain.

Canglan was graceful while shaking the White Jade Fan. She whispered, "If he had perished, I would never return."

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were confused, and they had no idea what she meant by "returning". They figured out the reason she didn't kill Mister Yao Xi though, "Mistress, is he one of your feathers?" 'There is no mistake, right? The Mistress's feathers are royal members?'

Canglan stared at Mister Yao Xi's receding figure, buried in her thoughts. Then she sighed, "Mister Yao Xi is crafty, cunning, and he keeps his own counsel."

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