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   Chapter 112 Battle Against Mister Yao Xi (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5928

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"We have seized the entrance." Mister Liu Huo, also known as Yun Ri was wearing a neat black suit, knelt on one knee and bowed his head before reporting. On the mountain, the air was filled with the scent of Red Spider Lilies.

The ever fascinating Canglan nodded and praised, "Well done." She then ordered coldly, "Tell them to kill the enemies."

"Yes, Mistress." Yun Ri replied and then promptly left fast as an arrow.

'Huo Liuyun, do you realize? I am helping you.'

She blew her green Fengxue Xiao and made a melodious sound.

Mister Yao Xi was confused about the pleasant whistle. 'On the desolate mountain forest, why are there whistles?

Before admiring it, he scrunched his face

As he realized someone was sending messages.

"Give the order to kill any strangers." He said to the herald. 'The mountain is big, and sending messages is difficult and time-consuming. It's better and quicker to use whistles.'

"Guards, send someone to the mountain top opposite and find out who is blowing the Xiao." 'If it's Mister Liu Huo, he must be finished.

The whistles continued. In the quiet mountain forest, one might lose his life at any time.

One hour later, Mister Yao Xi lost his temper. He couldn't keep calm and turned grim. 'Guards, send someone to find the former scout. He hasn't come back.'

Two men wearing black complied.

"Mister." A man in black appeared to report, "All the assassins around the Royal Ancestral Temple lying in ambush, have been killed."

"What?" A handsome Mister Yao Xi turned ferocious.

The man in black bowed silently. He knew his master had heard it.

"Well done, Yehuo Liuxing." Mister Yao Xi said through gritted teeth, then he ordered, "tell the assassins to hide. We can't let Yehuo Liuxing find them." He trusted his subordinates and believed in their abilities to hide.

On the opposite mountain, Canglan stopped blowing her Fengxue Xiao.

"Mistress, we couldn't find the assassins." Yun Qin reported to Canglan, as he watched her full of admiration.

"Couldn't find them?" Canglan whispered with an unreadable expression, "Their master is wise. Yun Qin, tell Yehuo Liuxing not to hide themselves."

"Yes, Mistress."

Mister Yao Xi smiled, "Yehuo Liuxing can take the initiative on the battlefield, but our assassins will have the advantage in the forest on the mountain." said out loud to himself.

The scout in black returned. He immediately reported, "Mister, there is a troop of soldiers in black armor marching in the direction of Royal Ancestral Temple."

Mister Yao Xi narrowed his eyes and thought, 'Mister Liu Huo, you are going to assist Huo Liuyun?'

"Give this order. All troops are to stop Yehuo Liuxing at all costs."

"Yes, Mister."

On the mountaintop Canglan was laughing.

'What an impatient one you are Mister Yao Xi. I just drew a snake from its hole. You are completely exposed. Yehuo Liuxing may not be as good at hiding themselves, but you

will lose everything if you pit your ability of the mind against mine.'

The green Fengxue Xiao sounded, sending a message.

A troop of soldiers in black armor marched toward the Royal Ancestral Temple when suddenly they were set upon by numerous men in black emerging from the mountain forests. The two sides glared at each other silently.

Astonishingly, some of the men in black died before they were close to the soldiers, as though they were killed by ghosts. The soldiers in the circle didn't draw their weapons or get hurt.

A pleasant whistle sound was heard, and Yun Ri casually had the 72 Best Mercenaries to draw their weapons against the men in black.

"Mistress, your plan is flawless and you are so smart." Yun Qi said pridefully.

"I coordinated one plot against another, " Canglan explained with a satisfied grin. 'The first step was to draw the snake out of his hole. All the power Mister Yao Xi had is exposed. The second step was to set the trap. Yun Ri was hidden in ambush. In order to stop the troops from supporting Huo Liuyun, Mister Yao Xi would send all his subordinates. Our trap will kill at least a half. Yun Ri would handle the other half. I believe that the 72 Best Mercenaries, under the Yehuo Liuxing are the best of the best.

Mister Yao Xi stood up and paced impatiently.

Another hour passed. 'Why is there no news? Now, the herald has even disappeared.

Is it possible …

Shit. Maybe it was a trap.'


"Yes, Mister." There were only a few kung fu masters left.

"Check the mountaintop opposite us." He thought, 'Why did the whistle stop?' An intense quietness hung heavy on the mountain.

"Gee Mister Yao Xi, are you here enjoying the scenery?" Mister Yao Xi froze, and then he slowly spun around. He watched the figure in red coming closer and closer with curiosity.

'Impossible, how can this be possible? It's Mister Night Phoenix, but it shouldn't be Mister Night Phoenix.'

Canglan smiled while she watched him. She wore a red robe and the Fengxue Xiao was peeking through her belt.

Mister Yao Xi was astonished that Mister Night Phoenix, the Medical Sage and Poison Sage were able to get to him unnoticed, considering that the guards protecting him were all kung fu masters.

"Mister Yao Xi, your expression, what does it mean? Is it that you are unhappy to see me?" Mister Night Phoenix questioned Mister Yao Xi. She was waving the White Jade Fan and was more fascinating and outstanding in the mountain forest surrounding them.

Mister Yao Xi couldn't keep his gentle and elegant smile. A malicious expression lurked in his eyes, "Mister Night Phoenix, is that really you?"

"Yes, of course it's me."

"Let's get straight to the point, Mister Night Phoenix. I want to know, have you formed an alliance with Mister Liu Huo?" He still remembered at the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures, Mister Night Phoenix promised, "No matter what you do, I will stop you."

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