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   Chapter 111 Yecha (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4502

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An hour later, on the same mountaintop with the wind still blowing wind, and the same woman standing, the difference was that Canglan had changed into a flaming red, enchanting one.

Her vibrant red of her dress gave it the appearance that it could set the woods on fire, burning everything. Red tassels were on her hairpin, rippling in the wind. The White Jade Fan was pinned to her waist, and a long, green Xiao was in her hand.

The Medical Sage and Poison Sage were in white, with identical features and countenance.

Standing on the top of the mountain, the three of them looked down at the woods below, like they were surverying the whole world.

Suddenly there was a rustle in the woods, and many men rushed out, all dressed in black. They laid siege to the entrance to the Royal Ancestral Temple, and their behavior was so unexpected, so strange and so quick that the palace guards standing defense had no time to react before being knocked down. In the blink of an eye, the men in black occupied the entrance.

"They're coming." On the top of the mountain, a touch of flying red finally started.

A shrill but melodious tune from the Xiao was heard deep in the woods.

Instantly, the woods stirred, and many mysterious people all in armor appeared from every direction. They were armed with strange weapons, and moved swiftly through the woods.

Their movements were more erratic and quicker than the men in black, and the men in black were overpowered and killed before they could draw their swords.

Some of the mysterious people put on the palace guards armor, and resumed guarding the entrance to the Royal Ancestral Temple, while the rest vanished back into the woods. The entrance was once again calm as if nothing had happened.

Mister Yao Xi sat leisurely on a hidden flat in the woods with a fresh pot tea in front of him. The delicate aroma drifted through the woods. Mister Yao Xi was determined to win.

However, something unexpected was happening to him.

"Mister." A man in black appeared from nowhere, disturbing his comfort. "There is a group of strange people that suddenly appeared. They unknowingly replaced the people we had positioned at the entrance, and now they are headed here."

Mister Yao

Xi paused, his hand holding the teacup froze. He had a bad feeling welling in his gut, and he no longer felt relaxed.

"What do you mean they're strange?" The men in black were an army he had trained himself, and each could fight a hundred ordinary enemies. They could not have been killed so quietly.

"They are dressed in black armor, but they walk silently, moving as fast as lightning, each has a strange weapon. What's more, they all have a red phoenix on their black armor."

Mister Yao Xi sprang to his feet, his face as pale as a ghost.

"A red phoenix mark?" 'Are they...

Yehuo Liuxing? No, no way. Mister Liu Huo has nothing to do with the Can Kingdom and is never involved in state affairs. Why would he come here?' Mister Yao Xi wondered.

No one knew who or which country the Yehuo Liuxing belonged to, or even the size of the army. The Buye Tower had said the members of the Yehuo Liuxing dressed in all black armor with a flying red phoenix mark, and that they were all so well trained in kung fu that very few could beat them in the world. Even more eerie, as vast as the army must be, the Yehuo Liuxing's whereabouts had never been known.

The world only knew that Mister Liu Huo was Yehuo Liuxing's leader.

Mister Yao Xi had tried to woo Yehuo Liuxing, but Mister Liu Huo had no interest in state affairs, so he had given up. So then, why were the Yehuo Liuxing involved in these affairs today?

'No, everything's arranged. I won't give up.' Mister Yao Xi decided.


"Yes, Mister."

"Let's move to the mountaintop." He wanted to see which army was more powerful, Yehuo Liuxing or his army that he had carefully cultivated.

Mister Yao Xi climbed to the top of the mountain, which was right across from Canglan. But because of the trees, neither side was aware of the enemy on the opposite mountain.

Each stood on a mountaintop. One looked like a cold, resolute celestial being all in white as if he was the cold winter. The other in red appeared as summer, as bright as the sun, proud and awe-inspiring.

From that moment, the battle between Mister Night Phoenix and Mister Yao Xi officially began.

It could be said that this was when they formally launched a battle for the world.

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