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   Chapter 110 Yecha (Part One)

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Yecha was a group of assassins well known to almost everyone. It was said there were only four members, and all four were powerful kung-fu masters, merciless and cruel. Yecha never failed a task, and the Master of Yecha was Mister Jue Sha, one of the nine prominent figures.

No one knew Mister Jue Sha's teacher or his real name. The only other information was he was known as the Tiger King in Yecha. He wielded the Lieyun Whip, an invincible weapon and the only one in the world. No one survived its touch.

The following was an introduction to the other three members of Yecha.

One had the name Hawk King. No one knew what he looked like, because the people who had seen his face were all dead by his hand. His Zhanhun Broadsword weighed about 50 kilograms.

The Dragon King was obscured in mystery too, like Hawk King, his face was unknown. His weapon was a sword, a very ordinary looking but unusual sword, named the Juegu Sword. The sword looked like any other, but in the hand of Dragon King, it became a sword that sliced through bones like a knife through butter.

The last one was code-named the Crane King, who was said to be a beautiful woman. She rarely made any moves, so the world knew less about her. She was said to have a Xiaopo Xiao, which meant, she killed by controlling the mind of her victim with her music.

Within three years, Yecha had become the most powerful organization of killers in the world, and Chimei Wangliang was no match for them.

Before morning, the moon lingered in the sky which was turning bright in the east, even though the warm summer sun had not yet risen. This was the quietest time of the day, because, after a night of singing, insects were finally quiet as they slept. The morning dew carried a touch of coolness, and people in Can City were already up, and lining the streets, hope on their faces, as they waited to see the royal procession of the heaven worship pass.

When the first rays of sun touched the earth, the Palace gate burst open, and a procession of magnificent and splendid imperial carriages came from behind it, closely guarded by awe-inspiring palace guards in armor.

All royalty participated in the royal heaven worship, but only concubines who had given birth were eligible to attend. The Crown Prince Huo Liuyun

was alone. While he had many concubines, none had given him a child.

Numerous common folk watched the splendid parade with hope as the noble procession marched down the streets. The royal heaven worship was to pray for peace and prosperity in the Can Kingdom, and the common people wished for this most of all. Thus, they would stand out there paying their respects to the imperial court as they passed by on the day of the royal heaven worship every year.

What no one knew though was this year's royal heaven worship was part of a political conspiracy.

Canglan was disguised as one of the common people, a white veil covered her face, a fierce look in her eyes.

The procession moved slowly, and it was nearly noon before it finally made it out of Can City and reached the boundary leading to the Royal Ancestral Temple. As the procession entered the boundary leading to the Royal Ancestral Temple, a large number of the palace guards remained at the entrance to prevent any common people from entering. The commoners who had been following spent some time looking around before growing bored and leaving.

A man dressed in black, with a long sword at his waist, stood out among the people. He stared at the entrance to the boundary of the Royal Ancestral Temple, and did not disappear into the crowd until Canglan made a gesture in his direction.

Under her veil, Canglan had a cool smile across the lips, before she also disappeared into the crowd.

After entering the boundary of the Royal Ancestral Temple, the royal carriages rested in a vacant lot before continuing. Everything was arranged in advance. All officials had to keep going even if they were exhausted and profusely perspiring. At noon, the procession arrived at the Royal Ancestral Temple, and the worship officially began. They were unaware there was an ongoing battle at the entrance.

The boundary of the Royal Ancestral Temple, was surrounded on both sides by mountains, which made it perfect for an ambush.

Canglan was in white, and stood on the top of the highest mountain, overlooking the dense woods below.

Occasionally, leaves rustled in the woods. Canglan's mouth twisted into a contemptuous sneer. Yun Qin and Yun Qi were rigid and solemn behind her.

"Yun Qin, Yun Qi, it's our turn."


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