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   Chapter 109 To Seek Revenge for You

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On the outskirts of Can City, there was a picturesque place that remained green all the year round and had charming scenery, called Mount Minling. Citizens of Can City relaxed here. While business people, government officials, and wealthy personages built courtyards here because the temperature was mild in the summer.

The Grand Preceptor built a courtyard in the depths of Mount Minling, but it wasn't to escape the heat of summer. He used his yard for more sinister purposes. Killers were trained here. This was the Chimei Wangliang base of operations.

During the day there was a great deal of bustle on Mount Minling, but at night it was more charming, quieter, and quite chilly, even in the summer.

The unpleasant sounds from the Grand Preceptor's courtyard lingered on the quiet mountain; occasionally there could be heard men's shouting or a girl's cry.

The residence of Chimei Wangliang was isolated, and they could do whatever they liked.

In one exquisitely ornate room, Wu Yunqi was tearing a girl's clothes from her body as she wept bitterly. Wu Yunqi smiled cruelly, throwing the remnants to the ground as he ripped them off her.

He slammed the girl onto the bed, climbing on top of her.

"Don't please, no! Help! Help!"

Wu Yunqi slapped her hard, telling her in a condescending tone, "Damn it bitch! Your are lucky to get to sleep with me!"

Wu Yunqi was insulted by Mister Zi Zhu earlier today. Even though he had smashed up Mister Zi Zhu's shop, he was still angry, and he wanted to use this girl to rid himself of anger.

"Help me! Let go of me, please! Help!" The girl's cries were in vain.

Wu Yunqi raped the girl while verbally abusing her, "Bitch, this is a great honor for you!"

The girl couldn't take any more suffering though and fainted.

Suddenly, there was a faint scent of Red Spider Lily filling the air. Hearing a sound, Wu Yunqi stopped what he was doing.

"Anybody home?"

Wu Yunqi spat and put on his clothes before striding out to the courtyard.

There standing, bathed in moonlight and looking like a fairy from the moon was a girl in white. She ignored the many murderous looking men in black gathering around, and a faint smile was on her lips.

Four people in black stood behind her wearing scowls and a look of vengeful murder.

One was tall, with a lean frame, and a look of determination. At his waist, a partially visible, long whip could be seen in the night.

Next to him was a girl with a cold smile, holding a dark green jade flute.

There were two others. One was obviously Mister Zi Zhu. Instead of his usual gold robes, he was attired in black today, which looked somewhat out of place with his cute baby face, but then, so did the broadsword in his hand.

The fourth man looked frosty. His tight lips were infinitely cold, and there was a daunting look of murder in his eyes.

Chimei Wangliang was a famous killer organization in jianghu. Not known for patience, a fight could break out at any moment between the five trespassers and Chimei Wanglieng.

Wu Yunqi strode to the front, still only half dressed. He stared coldly at the five people and soon recognized Yun Canglan and Yun Xiang.

He squinted, "Feng Yun'er? Mister Zi Zhu?" Wu Yunqi asked, shocked that he could be found out there.

Yun Canglan looked at him indifferently, "Wow, Mister Wu. Why are you here, at Chimei Wangliang's base? Have they captured you? Do you need my help?"

Wu Yunqi's face contorted in rage. "A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations, Feng Yun'er. Since you have found me, you know I am the boss here. So, state your purpose for being here." 'Feng Yun'er is a threat.' Thought Wu Yunqi.

Yun Canglan looked at Wu Yunqi, her eyes large pools of innocence and spoke as though she were offended and quite harmless, "Mister Wu, what do you mean? You can see, I'm just a delicate girl. What could I possibly do?"

Wu Yunqi sneered, "Feng Yun'er, I wasn't born yesterday."

Yun Canglan nodded.

"Fine. Keep your reasons to yourself. Since you are here now, you won't be going back." As Wu Yunqi waved, the killers flashed weapons. "Feng Yun'er, you had Mister Zi Zhu insult me today. You have to pay the price!"

Yun Canglan turned to Yun Xiang questioningly. Yun Xiang grinned and hung his neck as he felt guilty.

Yun Canglan at least knew the true story now. Yun Xiang claimed the Chimei Wangliang smashed his shop and wanted to kill him, but that was after he offended them, so he deserved it. Forget that for now, Chimei Wangliang was unlucky today. Yun Canglan wanted to vent her anger on them.

She turned back to Wu Yunqi again, with a severe look, appearing like an arrogant king.

Wu Yunqi shook his fist, "Fight!" At his command, three men in black, weapons ready, attacked Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan said coldly, "Yun Xiang, this looks like a good time for your revenge."

Yun Xiang grinned happily and faced the three men.

Yun Xiang rarely used force, but that didn't mean he was inferior to Mister Wu Hen in kung fu.

He fought viciously, leaving his opponents no way to turn.

Yun Canglan still wore an icy smile when blood began spurting from the waists of the three would-be assailants. Wu Yunqi and his remaining killers were stunned.

Such quick moves, such a cruel way and such awesome weapons.

"Zhanhun Broadsword!" Someone exclaimed, "He is Hawk King!" The killers turned pale as dying embers as looking at Yun Xiang with his bloody broadsword, understanding now who he was.

Wu Yunqi was shocked too, but quickly regained his composure. "Hawk... Hawk King?" Wu Yunqi looked at Yun Xiang in terror and disbelief, "How can Mister Zi Zhu of the Fengyun Firm be Hawk King?"

Yun Xiang silently walked back to Yun Canglan. He gave Wu Yunqi and the others a cold look, and waited for Yun Canglan's orders.

"Feng Yun'er, don't be arrogant!" Wu Yunqi said as he waved his hand once again. Six or seven killers stepped forward to attack Yun Canglan this time, their weapons flashing.

Yun Canglan stepped back while she stared at the swords in front of her.

Crack! The sound of the Lieyun Whip snapping as Yun Lie wielded it shocked the attackers, almost as much as the sinister look in his eyes. The Lieyun Whip was fluid in his hands, moving as though it was a living snake.

Just like when Yun Xiang fought, the foes found Yun Lie to be a ruthless master of the kung fu arts.

"You... You are..." Wu Yunqi opened his eyes wider and didn't blink. He knew Yun Lie's weapon.

"Lieyun Whip. The Tiger King. You're Mister Jue Sha."

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