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   Chapter 107 Lei Tianyan Left (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5287

Updated: 2018-09-14 09:33

"Shui Minghan, are you here to taunt me?"

Shui Minghan sheathed his bloody sword and turned his back on Lei Tianyan. His aloof form hinted at his grief.

"Lei Tianyan, you are luckier than me. Why do I laugh at you?"

Lei Tianyan cracked a pitiful, miserable looking smile as he asked, "Luckier? Am I really luckier than you?" An intense sorrow hung heavy in the alley.

"Shui Minghan, I used to mock you. Now my suffering begins. " Lei Tianyan added. He thought, 'From now on, Shui Minghan and Yang Gezhi will look down on me. Canglan has abandoned me. Yang Gezhi will proudly hold Canglan. He can claim he is Canglan's lover like I once did.'

Shui Minghan turned around to face Lei Tianyan. He explained, "Lei Tianyan, Canglan didn't abandon you." Last night he was there, so he knew full well what the priorities should be.

Lei Tianyan smiled bitterly as he continued his cynical assessment, "Can I just leave when she says she doesn't love me?"

"No, that's not what I was meant..."

"I know you weren't saying that." Lei Tianyan agreed, 'I never expected even a few words of comfort from a rival in love. I was selfish.' he thought and thanked Shui Minghan, "Shui Minghan, thank you. I appreciate your empathy at this time."

Shui Minghan recovered from embarrassment and said in his usual indifferent manner, "I know the pain of losing her, you haven't lost her though."

"Haven't I lost her though?" Lei Tianyan stared up at the gathering clouds above. His expression indecipherable save for a look of sorrow in his eyes. He asked, "Shui Minghan, do you kn

y month. I turned him away once and then again, until a year ago, when Feng Gui took a concubine. I had no recourse but to accept him. I still remembered every night that we were intimate. His tenderness, and the wild passion. The feather on his brow was fascinating and charming like fire.

He was the most attractive person in the world. Men and women fawn over him, yet he treated me with exceptional caution and even seduced me occasionally. I can feel his self-abasement and diffidence.

I knew he was waiting, expecting me to love him, while protecting me.

He accompanied me for a year growing quite mature. A year later, he left, looking more grieved than before.

Maybe his hurt is too deep and he gave up.'

"Yun Qin, " She called in a cold and somewhat angry voice.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Who kidnapped Tianyan?" 'I am angry now, and whoever bullied my lover will suffer my vengeance.'

Yun Qin hid his joy as he reported, "It was the Chimei Wangliang." Yun Lie said he saved Mister Tianyan from Chimei Wangliang.

"His wound…"

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