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   Chapter 105 Detox Me (Part Two)

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"Miss Feng...I..."

"Yun'er." A lone figure uttered as he rushed past people from the shadows, appearing in front of Yun Canglan in a second. Seeing his Yun Canglan would rather choose a stranger over him, Shui Minghan found himself unable to bear more and rushed to her.

He was at her side.

"Please, let me help you." Shui Minghan pleaded.

Yun Canglan looked at Shui Minghan's cold, handsome face indifferently, "Your Highness, you are out of my league."

"Yun'er..." There was such deep sorrow in Shui Minghan's eyes that matched the emotions in his, and if one could feel his heartache, they would swear they felt the same there, "Please, let's leave the past aside for now. I will do anything, just please...." he sighed, "Please, forgive me. Yun'er, you must be detoxed immediately. Please let me help." There was apparent gentleness, concern in his voice, even though his timber did not hold it.

Yun Canglan's face reddened all over, which looked even prettier than peonies in full bloom, she still had her pride, "Your Highness, I wouldn't want you to lift a finger for me." And she would never forgive any who betrayed her.

"Yun'er, why? Why take on this added worry?"

Yun Qin stepped in between Shui Mingham and Yun Canglan, stating authatively, "Your Highness, our Mistress has refused you. Unless you are going to force her, please leave. My brother and I may not be a match for you, but, we will protect her with our lives if she doesn't want to spend the night with you."

"I don't mean it that way."

"Your Highness, please move out of the way. Our Mistress needs detoxing now." Yun Qin thought to himself, 'Damn it! The Mistress has a poison attack early, I must pay more attention to her health in the future.'

"I..." Shui Minghan looked at Yun Canglan; her face appeared to be on fire. There was a romantic scent in the air, and Shui Minghan suffered an extreme heartache.

He turned away to make way for Yang Gezhi, but nobody knew Shui Mingham had used all his strength to raise his leg.

Ignoring Shui Minghan, Yun Canglan stared at Yang Gezhi. The heat she felt bothered her, but she endured it and asked, "Yang Gezhi, if I help you return to the Ling Kingdom, will you detox me?"

Yang Gezhi was shocked and hesitated. It was his greatest desire, to get back to the Ling Kingdom, but he was unable to achieve it on his own.

"Miss Feng...I...I don't to detox you..."

"I've...been given a love potion..."

Yang Gezhi suddenly looked at Yun Canglan, his face blushing scarlet, "Miss...Miss Feng...I..."

"Cut the crap! Stop being so bashful! You are a man, act it." Yun Qi urged as he held Yun Canglan and felt her temperature rising. 'This fucking man is hesitating

still. If Mr. Tianyan were here, it's not his business now.' Yun Qi thought.

"I know it's been your dream, to return to the Ling Kingdom. If you detox our Mistress, she will help you get back there. Our Mistress has the power to do it. Just tell me, yes or no."

Yang Gezhi's eyes were full of hope, yet he hesitated. While Yang Gezhi stalled, Shui Minghan wished only to detox Yun Canglan.

Finally, Yang Gezhi made up his mind, "Yes, I'll detox Miss Feng."

Yun Canglan was relieved and closed her eyes. Yun Qi carried Yun Canglan to the bedroom, followed by Yang Gezhi, who was still uneasy. Shui Minghan worried about Yun Canglan and tried to follow, but Yun Qin blocked his path.

"Your Highness, are you okay? Please leave now." Yun Qin said.

"Your Highness, are you a virgin?" Yun Qi lay Yun Canglan gently on the bed as he cassually asked Yang Gezhi.

Yang Gezhi was unable to speak, choking on saliva as his face flushed scarlet.

Yun Qi raised his head and looking Yang Gezhi in the eyes, asked impatiently, "Are you a virgin or not?"

"Yes...I am..."

"Our Mistress has married before, as you know. After you detox our Mistress tonight, she will help you return to the Ling Kingdom. This is just an exchange, and you will not be responsible for her. Please forget this evening after tonight."

"What?" Yang Gezhi was dumbfounded and felt uncomfortable.

Yun Qi finished settling Yun Canglan into bed. Seeing the Mistress uncomfortable, Yun Qi felt heartache, "Why do you stand there? Come on, the Mistress can't bear it anymore."

Yang Gezhi walked to the bed, and seeing Yun Canglan's pink body through her untied clothes, his face flushed red again.

"Do you know what you are doing?" Yun Qi was feared Yang Gezhi was so shy, and did not know what to do."

"I...I know..."

Yun Qi glanced down at Yun Canglan again before turning to leave the room. Before closing the door he said, "Please, be gentle with our Mistress."

Outside, Shui Minghan stared at the door, a miserable expression on his face.

This was the second time he had stood outside her room, listening to her groaning in pleasure, in the arms of another man.

Yun Qi passed Shui Minghan, walking to Yun Qin, "The Mistress was not acting normal today."

Yun Qin nodded, "It seems that there is something different with the poison."

"Poison aside, let's find Mr. Tianyan and bring him back."

"You stand guard here, I'm going to tell Yun Hu to inform Yun Lie and Yun Yu. If something has happened to Mr. Tianyan, we're screwed." Yun Qin said, and flew off.

In the room, a candle was snuffed, and moans could be heard from within.

Others remained awake that night; the feeling of a storm yet to come was in the air.

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