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   Chapter 104 Detox Me (Part One)

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Yun Qi announced, "Mistress, Yang Gezhi is here to see you."

Yun Canglan lazily looked at Yun Qi asking herself, 'Yang Gezhi? Why is he here?'

"I don't want to see him."

"But he said..." Yun Qi was careful responding to Yun Canglan, she had a fiery temper that flared with the slightest provocation, "he has news of Mr. Tianyan."

"What does he mean?" Yun Canglan stood, a murderous look on her face.

Yun Qi shook his head, "I don't know, he looks worried though."

"Let him in." Yun Canglan commanded.

Yang Gezhi was in a light robe and was as gentle as always. He appeared so weak as to be unable to stand a breeze. He still had his trademark smile. When people first saw him, they would feel comfortable and refreshed, as if they drank sweet spring water. He indeed lived up the praise, "his elegance, dignity and gentle smile conquer the world".

"Miss Feng, I am sorry for the impromptu visit, forgive my rudeness, please." Yang Gezhi's gentle voice was as elegant as a chrysanthemum in the spring, graceful yet beautiful.

"Shall I call you Mister Yang or Your Highness?" Yun Canglan looked up lazily, feeling some pain.

"Miss Feng, please don't be formal. It's just a name. If you don't mind, call me Gezhi." Yang Gezhi offered.

Yun Canglan shivered at his words, "Your Highness, we are not that close." Yun Canglan thought to herself, 'Sickening.'

Yang Gezhi was embarrassed, "Oh, I am sorry. Okay."

"Why are you here?" 'What do you mean by you have news of Tianyan?' Yun Canglan thought.

Yang Gezhi became serious, "Sorry, I almost forgot. Miss Feng, do you know a man called Hua Luosui?"

Yun Canglan nodded as she stared at Yang Gezhi thoughtfully. Few people knew of the relationship between Lei Tianyan's other identity, Hua Luosui, and Yun Canglan. Yang Gezhi was merely a hostage trapped in the Imperial Palace of Can Kingdom. How did he know their relationship?

Yang Gezhi stated seriously, "My friends and I were enjoying lotus flowers outside Can City earlier today. Suddenly, we saw a group of people in black besieged a gentleman. I wanted to help him, but I'm too weak. I could only watch helplessly as the man was taken away by those people. I found a jade pendant where he was taken away and the letters Hua Luosui were on the pendant. I showed the pendant to a friend who runs a pawnshop, and he told me it belonged to the VIP guest of the Fengyun Firm. So I went here for you, Miss Feng."

Yun Canglan jumped up anxiously questioning, "Hua Luosui was taken away?"

Lei Tianyan was a skilled martial artist. To be able to take him, the force must be a large group.

Yang Gezhi nodded taking a white jade pendant from his chest pocket and handed it to Yun Canglan, "If the own

er of the jade pendant is Mr. Hua, then he was taken away."

Yun Canglan took the pendant; the letters, Hua Luosui, had been engraved by her, and hurt her heart to see.

"Yun Qi, find him immediately." Yun Canglan urged.

"Mistress, " Yun Qin and Yun Qi stood in front of Yun Canglan together blocking anyone from seeing her, "Mistress, you are too sick tonight, and we should not leave you. We will ask the others to look for Mr. Hua." It would be an uneasy night. Mr. Tianyan being taken away while he disguised as Hua Luosui, left no doubt, their target was Yun Canglan.

"No. I..." Yun Canglan stood up, but felt dizzy, and stumbled, nearly falling to the ground, but Yang Gezhi, the nearest to her, grabbed hold of her instinctively.

"Miss Feng, are you okay?" a concerned Yang Gezhi asked.

Smelling the light chrysanthemum aroma and feeling his heat, Yun Canglan grew warmer as she felt a current coursing through her.

Yun Canglan felt panicked as she looked up at the now completely dark sky. Midnight was many hours away, so why was she experiencing an attack of the poison so early?

After seeing Yun Canglan's reaction, Yun Qin took her from Yang Gezhi's arms and felt her pulse. Yun Qin's made a face.

"What's wrong with Mistress?" Yun Qi asked, worry etched in his face.

Yun Qin's face darkened as he said, "The Mistress's poison attack is upon her."

"Impossible!" Yun Qi was startled. He knew the poison well, and Yun Canglan's poison attacks were at midnight for three years. Why was the poison attacking early today, of all days, when Mr. Tianyan was kidnapped?

Was it because Yun Canglan was worried about Mr. Tianyan? Had her blood quickening led to the poison attack coming ahead of time?

Yang Gezhi's concern could be heard, "Miss Feng was poisoned?"

Yun Qi glared at Yang Gezhi as though he were the god of plagues, "Your Highness, this is none of your concern. If there is nothing else to report, please go home, to the Imperial Palace." The General's House was in turmoil.

Yang Gezhi murmured, a frozen smile on his face, "Please...forgive my rudeness. Miss Feng, I'm leaving now. Please take...take care of yourself." He turned to go, but it seemed he didn't want to leave.

"Wait..." Yun Canglan's cheeks grew rosier as she became hotter.

'Damn it! What's wrong with me? Why is the poison affecting me so early? Why is it stronger this time, and why can't I resist it at all?' Yun Canglan asked herself.

Yang Gezhi stopped, turning around as though he was surprised, "Miss Feng...?"

"Detox me." Yun Canglan directed.

"Huh?" Yang Gezhi clearly heard what she had said, but didn't understand her request at all. He was not a doctor. How could he know how to detox her?

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