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   Chapter 103 The Beginning of a Plot (Part Two)

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Mister Yao Xi glanced disdainfully out the corner of his eyes at Wu Ci, but he concealed before he was noticed, "That Mister asked me to tell you, don't forget Feng Yun'er of the Fengyun Firm." His dark eyes were as deep as a pool that was thousands of feet deep, making them unreadable, "This time, if it were not for that Mister's Shuihuang Firm's advance action to restrain Feng Yun'er, perhaps you, along with the everyone in the Can Kingdom would have become beggars in the street."

Wu Ci felt a ghastly breath hit him with extreme pressure almost pushing him kneel. However, when he looked across, Mister Yao Xi was still waving his fan, looking the same as before as if nothing had happened.

Wu Ci bent down becoming somewhat obeisant, "Please let that Mister know I'm grateful, Mister Yao Xi."

Mister Yao Xi gave a slight nod, stopping his fan, and turning to look at Wu Ci, "Grand Preceptor, General Shenyong, since you think the time is right, when are you going to hit?"

A smile immediately lit up Wu Ci's old face, "It will be the annual royal heaven worship in a few days. The imperial memorial tablet has always been placed in the Royal Ancestral Temple, it is also where the worship will take place, not far from the Mount imperial mausoleum outside of Can City." "Mister Yao Xi, you don't know, the Royal Ancestral Temple is located strategically, and looks like an urn. When Huo Yang and Huo Liuyun go in, it will be difficult for them to get out."

The Royal Ancestral Temple of the Can Kingdom was said to be designated by an eminent man about a thousand years ago. The man said it was the place where the dragons gathered in geomancy, and if they sacrificed the ancestral tablets there, their descendants would flourish. Apparently, this geomancer knew nothing about strategic military points, or this place would not be used as the Royal Ancestral Temple.

The Royal Ancestral Temple was located in a valley in the woods, surrounded by forests and mountains, and there was only one way to the temple. If the way was sealed, there was no way out. Therefore, the Royal Court sent a large number of guards to guard the entrance during the annual heaven worship, lest anyone misbehave. Unexpectedly, someone cast eyes at this entrance.

Mister Yao Xi asked the Grand Preceptor noncommittally but dryly, "Grand Preceptor, do you have confidence?" He suddenly remembered the words of Mister Night Phoenix, "No matter what plot you have in Can City, I, Mister Night Phoenix, will stop it."

Could Mister Night Phoenix stop it if he didn't show up?

"Rest assured, Mister Yao Xi. I've arranged it all. No one will be spared, not Huo Yang, Huo Liuyun or the people of the General Huguo's House." He was determined to avenge his beloved son.

After decades of planning, the day finally cam

e. He had the confidence to seize the Can Kingdom.

Mister Yao Xi nodded thoughtfully, "Then I'd like to wish the new Emperor of the Can Kingdom success." His eyes were so deep that no one could know his if he meant it.

Mister Yao Xi remained a mystery always.

Wu Ci gave him an ingratiating smile, "It's kind of you to say, Mister Yao Xi. When I ascend to the throne, I will not forget your help."

Mister Yao Xi smiled but stayed quiet, and rising from his seat, he silently left, still waving his fan.

After Mister Yao Xi left, Wu Ci's smile disappeared and Wu Yunqi came to his father indignantly, "Father, why are you so polite to him? He's just a bum, and doesn't even know kung fu."

Wu Ci put up his hand up, silencing his eldest son, "Yunqi, if he's really so weak, why is he one of the nine prominent figures? Don't judge a man by his looks, Yunqi. Furthermore..." His old face suddenly became ferocious, "Now we need his and that man's help. We'd better not create new problems. When we seize power, we will be in charge of the world."

However, they were blissfully unaware that the whole plot brewing within the Grand Preceptor's House was also known by Canglan.

And so knew things about Mister Yao Xi. Now, Mister Night Phoenix was formally pitted against Mister Yao Xi.

One plot was at the beginning, as was another.

Can City was the focus of many forces, with various forces emerging. Whoever could hide till the end was the winner.

Canglan lounged on a deck chair in the yard. As the shadow of a tree moved inch by inch with the setting sun, she grew restless. She fretted every month at this time because she was her weakest and most insecure.

Every night of the full moon, only those she recognized could stay with her, and those she recognized must never betray her.

Tonight seemed a bit rough, and the clouds were scudding across the evening sky as the wind rose.

"Yun Qin, where's Tianyan?" As the sun sank, she needed to prepare.

Yun Qin looked at the sky worriedly, "He said he was just going to fetch something and would be back soon, but that was four hours ago..."

"Send for him." There was a man on the roof, but he had betrayed her, and she would rather die than touch him again.

Shui Minghan stood on the roof as usual. His cold figure seemed to harbor frost even on this summer day. He had been staring at the person below, but she did not even want to give him a look.

Having heard everything they said, he suddenly wanted to be a witch, to curse Lei Tianyan ensuring he never came back. In this way, only he would remain to detoxify her.

However, things would not go as he wished. Even if he were a witch, there would be some other stumbling block.

"Mistress, Yang Gezhi wants to see you." Yun Qi entered the yard and told Canglan.

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