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   Chapter 102 The Beginning of a Plot (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5254

Updated: 2018-09-12 09:03

The news that the Can Kingdom's General Huguo, Yun Yajun, was assassinated, lay unconscious and dying, spread through Can City and then the rest of the Can Kingdom in less than a day.

The world believed it because the imperial physicians confirmed the news.

In the Can Kingdom, the news of General Huguo's illness left some people happy and others worried.

At the Yushi Restaurant

The din of the past few days calmed today, and the delicious smell of food wafted through the restaurant, but no one found the food tasty.

"Li Er, eat your food, such delicious food may only be available to us a few times."

"Alas, when the General Huguo passes the Can Kingdom will come to an end."

"The Yun family has guarded the Can Kingdom for a hundred years, but there are no descendants. Thus, it will come to an end sooner or later."

"What are you talking about? What about the General Shenyong?"

"That doesn't help, he supports the Grand Preceptor. Everyone in Can City know that, except the Crown Prince and His Majesty."

"It looks as if there will be a change of hands in the Can Kingdom."

At the imperial palace of the Can Kingdom.

Huo Yang and Huo Liuyun happily played chess, faces aglow.

"Father, you have heard the good news today."

"Did you, Liuyun?" "Ahhhh."

Huo Liuyun's hand was steady as he dropped a piece with a snap, "Yun Yajun is critically ill. You can just take back the rest of his military power, father."

Huo Yang nodded, holding a piece and wondering where to put it, "Umm, you will be in charge of his third of the m


Wu Ci stiffened, but looked at Mister Yao Xi with dignity, "Please tell that Mister, Yun Yajun is now critically ill. One-third of the Can Kingdom's military power is immobile, I control one third, and the Crown Prince stands only a third of a chance. Besides, if I sent an army, Huo Yang and Huo Liuyun wouldn't have time to return. The imperial palace has only a few thousand guards all under the command of Xue Ying. So, what is it that Mister is worried about?"

Mister Yao Xi glanced over at Wu Ci with a bored expression, "Grand Preceptor, that Mister is not angry you broke from the plan, but that you acted rashly. Since Yun Yajun is critically ill, that's ok. If you fail this time though, I'm afraid that Mister will get really mad."

Wu Ci held his head high, "Please put a good word in for me, Mister Yao Xi. Tell that Mister to rest assured, since I dared act without authorization, I have made all the preparations. I certainly won't break the plan, but advance it. I can give him what I have promised in advance then."

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