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   Chapter 101 To Draw a Snake out of Its Hole

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In the Grand Preceptor's House, the Grand Preceptor Wu Ci gazed at his son's corpse, the sadness deepened on his face, and a malicious look could be seen in his eyes growing fiercer. Wu Yunqi, his eldest son, looked as bitter as his father, standing there with his fists clenched resentfully. A woman lay weeping over Wu Yunye's body.

Grief and tragedy hung like a haze over the Grand Preceptor's House.

The elderly Wu Ci looked even older in his grief. He approached Xue Ying, "General Shenyong, thank you for returning...the remains of my second son. Do you know who murdered him?" As a man who had experienced many things, the Grand Preceptor remained calm even during such a trial.

Xue Ying responded with great respect, "It...It was the owner of the Fengyun Firm, General Huguo's newly adopted daughter, Feng Yun'er."

Wu Ci narrowed his eyes resentfully, "Feng Yun'er?'' "Feng Yun'er, you will pay with your life!"

Xue Ying frowned and stepped forward, advising Wu Ci, "Grand Preceptor, please heed my advice. The owner of the Fengyun Firm has a great status. She murdered a Princess of the Chi Kingdom in public, who was one of the Crown Prince's concubines, and he did nothing about it. It would be in vain if the matter were reported to His Majesty and the Crown Prince. Grand should let it go..."

"How can I let it go!" Wu Ci was so enraged that he swung at several antique vases sitting on display near him smashing them to pieces as they crashed to the floor. "He was my beloved son, and now he has been killed. How can I let that go? The Fengyun Firm, so what? My Chimei Wangliang can make her disappear forever."

Wu Yunqi wiped tears from his cheeks, "Father, it must have something to do with Yun Yajun. Yun Yajun has never been on solid terms with anyone from Grand Preceptor's House. Now he is backed by the Fengyun Firm, and he is certainly trying to take back the military power. Father, we must stop Yun Yajun!"

There was a sinister air about Wu Ci. "Yunqi, ask Chimei Wangliang to make Yun Yajun and Feng Yun'er pay with their lives!"

"Grand Preceptor, " Xue Ying grabbed Wu Ci's arm to get his attention, "We are facing bigger things, that man said the time had not come. If you take this course of reckless action, I'm afraid you'll alert the enemy."

Wu Ci yanked himself away, fiercly stating, "Killing Yun Yajun would be good, it would not do us harm. Besides, no one knows I'm the master of the Chimei Wangliang. As for the the Shuihuang Firm, I'll take the responsibility."

So far, everyone had fallen into Canglan's trap.

As the sun set, a nearly round moon rose. It was a bit overcast, and dark clouds loomed overhead.

In the General's House, the family was happily enjoying supper. With Hua Luosui's joining them, Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er were more cheerful. From time to time, he gave Canglan the eye, showing that they were very close and sweet, which led Lin Wan'er to repeatedly mentioning when they would set a wedding date.

The happy meal ended abruptly when an odd cold wind blew through on the otherwise warm summer night.

The wind brought a chill and more than a dozen men all dressed in black, Yun Yajun quickly pulled his beloved wife into his arms.

After Canglan gave a signal, Yun Hu who had been hidden in the shadows, sprang out, ready for the assailants. Yun Qin and Yun Qi were always prepared. Yun Shu and Yun Hua were to protect Lin Wan'er, while Yun Yajun was left unshielded.

This time, the men did not conceal, and they attacked as soon as they appeared. It was apparent that they had received an inviolable order. The assassins were much better prepared this time, and more skillful in kung fu and the number had increased. They were determined to kill Yun Yajun and Canglan, but they were unaware this was Canglan's trap, and she was orchestrating the whole show.

"Who are you?" Yun Yajun brandished his sword at the intruders, showing his general manner, but protecting Lin Wan'er who was behind him and was foremost in his thoughts, so he didn't act rashly.

The assassins' faces were covered, and each had a murderous look. The markings on their collars were identical to those of the men who had come to assassinate Feng Yun'er. Clearly, they were part of the same gang.

The men answered Yun Yajun with their sharp, cold swords.

Without orders, Yun Qin and Yun Qi met the killers head-on, but they held their best back, each took on three men, leaving the rest for the guards of the General's House to handle.

Having earned their fame in Jianghu, Chimei Wangliang certainly were capable. How could the average guard resist these killers? Even facing many, the killers maneuvered with ease.

The small courtyard at the General's House quickly took on the appearance of a slaughterhouse, the chill of swords slashing, the flash of metal, and guards falling one by one.

The Chimei Wangliang murderers were infamous for their vile and cruel ways. These innocent guards were keeping them from carrying out their task, so they showed no mercy. In just a few minutes, most of the guards and more than half the killers had fallen. Without the guards hindering them, the assassins found a breach to attack Yun Yajun through.

Yun Yajun passed Lin Wan'er over to Yun Shu and Yun Hua,

and he focused on the assassin. As soon as he joined the fight, Canglan winked at Yun Hu, who led the Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness, disguised as servants, into the fray. They defended Yun Yajun with shovels, sticks and even spoons. They appeared clumsy and timid but surrounded Yun Yajun steadfastly protecting him.

The killers were perplexed at how the servants of the General's House could dodge their fierce attacks, making it impossible to harm them and yet, did not seem to know kung fu.

Yun Yajun was so absorbed in killing the enemy that all he noticed was his servants had taken up arms to protect the General's House.

Canglan calmly sat at the table, not far away, watching the fight as if it is a shadow play. Her nimble fingers tapped on the table, each tap was a global command.

Lei Tianyan watched her unblinking. Now without her mask, she was her true self, and he wanted to spend as much time as possible watching her every movement.

She was more dazzling than the sun or moon. She had the most exquisite features, a proud yet magnificent demeanor and an ability to look down on the world. She was aloof and cool. She was the Fire Phoenix of legend. The spread of "the Fire Phoenix will unify the world" that was more than a decade old, was not empty talk.

"Fire Phoenix landed in the world with seven male birds accompanied. Feathers gathered together as water and fire mingled. Waves roared among heads as the world united into one."

This was the prophecy Fearless Armor told. He was a mysterious man, and the Fire Phoenix's name was hidden in his prophecy.

"Waves roared among heads."

Canglan's name had the same meaning as the sentence.

Yun Yajun was so well guarded by the the thirty-six servants that he could not be reached let alone harmed. It was not until she felt the moment was right that she tapped rhythmically on the table and the thirty-six servants showed a flaw by accident. An assassin saw this and took advantage driving the sword deep into Yun Yajun's chest.

Another of the thirty-six stumbled, clutching his leg in what looked like a coincidence, knocking into Yun Yajun, and caused the killer's sword to deflect. Making the would be killer miss any crucial organs, though the wound did make him bleed.

The killers' had taken the precaution prior to this evening's attack to coat their swords with the poison of the hundred inch snake. This poison killed people instantly, and even the Medical Sage could not cure it. Besides, the Medical Sage would not help anyone easily.

The killers' had taken the precaution before this evening's attack to coat their swords with the poison of the hundred inch snake. This poison killed instantly, and even the Medical Sage could not cure it. Besides, the Medical Sage would not help anyone easily.

Seeing Yun Yajun was hurt, the killers were proud and enthusiastically continued killing. However, the thirty-six servants were powerful, wielding hoes and spoons in a proper manner, putting the killers at a disadvantage. When there only four or five left of the group, their leader gave a signal to retreat.

The General's House was so weird because the guards were dead, and the servants had sticks and buckets and were masters of kung fu. They were halfway through their mission, so they'd better retreat before they were all wiped out.

What they did not know, however, was that tonight Canglan prepared a soup for her filial duty. In this soup, she added a pill developed by Yun Qin, which could neutralize any of the world's poison.

No one knew if the soup was made by Canglan or someone else, the point was the detoxification pill added.

Besides, they also did not know that Yun Qi had given Yun Yajun a pill that would leave him half dead and make him sleep. Furthermore, it turned Yun Yajun's face and blood black. What was more, without knowing it, they became buffoons.

The assassination over, the thirty-six servants lay on the ground the look of terror on them, while looking exhausted, of course, it was fake.

From then on, the other servants in the General's House regarded the 36 men as legendary grassroots idols.

The assassination was over, but the play was still on.

Lin Wan'er rushed up to Yun Yajun with tears streaming down her face, "Yajun, Yajun, how are?" "Where does it hurt, are you okay?" "Yajun, answer me, Yajun, don't scare me, please! Don't scare me, like this, wooo...fetch the imperial physician, fetch the imperial physician, hurry...wooo..."

As the General Huguo was wounded and unconscious, there was chaos in his home.

In fact, Yun Yajun was puzzled, he suffered a small injury, but why could he not open his eyes and why did he feel powerless.

Canglan wiped her tears with hypocritical expressions. Lei Tianyan rolled his eyes at her, "He is your father, you would cheat him. Be careful, or he may beat you later."

Canglan laughed slyly, "If he can catch me. Besides, I did this for the world. My father won't be mad at me. Just lay him down for a few days this way my mother can rest."

Lei Tianyan lifted his eyes, a bantering smile tugging at the corner of his mouth and his enchanting face glowing, "Yun'er, in some ways you are very much like your father."


"You're energetic."

"Lei Tianyan, leave!"

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