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   Chapter 100 Alerting the Enemy

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 12297

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The hottest time of the day in the summer was just past lunch. Not many people shopped at this time of the day, so the streets of Can City were much quieter. The vendors were irritable while they fanned themselves, calling out to the few people passing by from time to time, to visit their stalls.

Cicadas sang up in the trees, seemed in high spirits as each sang louder than the last. Under the sweltering sun, the leaves were vivid but limp green drooping with no breeze or moisture.

The gathering of the nine prominent figures had ended, but the people in Can City were still caught up in what had happened. The hottest topic was, of course, Mister Night Phoenix's malevolent. People at a teahouse chattered together, some spoke while gaily dancing, and other people acted abnormally.

People blamed Mister Night Phoenix's abnormal behavior, saying he unexpectedly swept the world.

In one of the superior private rooms of the Yushi Restaurant, there were frequent obscenely loud bursts of laughter from a man and giggles from a woman. The two were apparently not affected by the boiling heat of the summer day.

"You're so bad, Master Wu, tee-he-he..."

"But you like that, don't you? Come now, let me kiss you again."

"Oooh, you are too naughty Master Wu, it's still daylight."

"So what? I can do it anytime and anywhere I like."

"You're really wild, Master Wu."

"Thud, " the loud noise interrupted the couple's intimate foreplay.

"Wha? Can't you see I'm having fun here? Are you blind?" Wu Yunye shouted grouchily as he looked to see what made the noise. He complained to himself, 'Damn it, the Yelaixiang Brothel isn't opened during the day, and I couldn't bear sitting home, so I come here to have some fun, and some idiot spoils it.'

"I haven't seen you in ages, Unibrow!" Canglan cheerfully exclaimed. She wore white, as pure and beautiful as the white clouds floating on the horizon. Behind her, Yun Qin and Yun Qi were in men's clothing, not their usual Sage looks, but still very handsome.

Wu Yunye was stunned into silence momentarily while drooling at Canglan's beauty, in a lewd manner.

"Beauty, which celestial mountain did you descend from? Fairy, wait, are you a fairy? You must be!"

Canglan signaled with her mouth before nonchalantly sitting beside Wu Yunye. The beauty, who had been on Wu Yunye's lap, felt ashamed and ran out, Wu Yunye was so enamored by Canglan that he couldn't care less.

"Beauty..." Wu Yunye stared lustfully at Canglan. Her fair skin, angelic face, liquid pools for eyes and sensual ruby lips, were overwhelming his senses.

Canglan stared at him with a stone cold murderous look in her quiet eyes.

"Long time no see, Uniborw. You are as disgusting as the last time I saw you." Her voice clear as crystal.

"Eh?" Wu Yunye froze and his face fell, "You..." he paused not wanting to believe what he thought, "Wait! Who are you?" What had she just called him?

Canglan rested her chin in her hand, looking lazily at him, and said in a slightly dismissive tone, "Unibrow, after these years, you don't know me?"

Instantly, Wu Yunye paled, sprang to his feet and pointed at Canglan with a trembling finger, "Who...who" Only one girl ever called him Unibrow, she was dead though, besides which, she was not even remotely as attractive as this lady.

Canglan shook her head helplessly, "The Grand Preceptor's second son has amnesia. Tut, tut, what a pity!"

"Unibrow, look at me, who am I?" Canglan stood up taking a step toward Wu Yunye. Her beauty almost took his breath away, but he was still wrapped in his fear.

"I...I don't know you. Who, who are...who are you?"

"Tut, tut, I thought you were my brother." Canglan frowned with disappointment, "I helped you beat people in the street, hid the fact that you looked at porn, and supported your desire to learn to strip. Tut, tut, Unibrow, it's upsetting that you don't recognize me?"

Wu Yunye's eyes opened to wide hollow orbs suddenly, and he looked as if he saw a ghost, " you're..." he wondered, 'How? How could it be? She's dead, isn't she?' Everyone in Can City knew, the Crown Prince had her buried in the imperial mausoleum.

Canglan slapped the table, "Finally! You remember! It's me, Feng Yun'er."


'Who is Feng Yun'er?' Wu Yunye asked himself. 'She is Yun Canglan, isn't she? Well, whoever she is, is all right, as long as she's not dead.'

"Feng Yun'er?" "You're Feng Yun'er, haha..." Wu Yunye said, he gave a fake laugh while deciding, 'I may not know her, but who cares, with how pretty she is, I can pretend to know her.'

'Wait, Feng Yun'er?'

"'re...Feng Yun'er, the owner of the Fengyun Firm?" Few people had heard the news, but as the Grand Preceptor's second son, he had heard some.

Canglan nodded swiftly, grinning happily, as if she had found a long time friend, "That's me, yes! That's me, you finally remember me?"

Wu Yunye was excited, 'She is not only a beauty but also a wealthy woman. The owner of the Fengyun Firm, she has a higher status than Mister Zi Zhu, and the Crown Prince is submissive before her. If she worked for me, my father's great cause would be twice the result with half the effort. Haha, and this way, father won't scold me for being a lay-about any more, hahaha. I'm gonna show off in front of my big brother.'

"Haha, you're Feng Yun'er, I remember you, yes! I remember you." Wu Yunye exaggerated, clapping his hands together.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi snickered at how stupid Wu Yunye was, to be tricked so easily.

Canglan clunked their heads mercilessly, "This is a serious matter. Be serious!" Then turning to Wu Yunye, "I'm sorry, they are ill-bred."

On seeing beauty smile, Wu Yunye closed the space between Canglan and himself, shaking his head, which he thought gave him a regal look, "It's okay. I'm a man of tolerance."

Canglan was speechless and looked down at his distended beer gut nodding, 'Well, your stomach has a tolerance.'

"Miss Feng, you look like a fairy. How would you like to visit my house today?" If such a beauty were at his home, he wouldn't ha

ve to go out looking for fun.

He intended to lure her home.

Canglan touched her chin as though deciding with a cunning grin, "Okay, okay, I want to go to the Grand Preceptor's House."

Wu Yunye was more delighted, as if he had watched the beauty undress, "Do you have business at my home, Miss Feng?"

Canglan nodded, "Yes, of course."

"What's the matter?" 'Is this too soon?' Canglan pondered.

"To announce a death."

"What?" Wu Yunye's smile froze, he must've heard wrong, "Miss...Miss Feng...Wh-what?"

"I said, to announce a death." Canglan clipped each word carefully, a bit of a murderous expression peeking from behind the friendly look in her eyes.

"He-he, he-he, Miss Feng, you're so funny. My family is fine." Wu Yunye felt a chill down his spine when he asked, "Whose death are you talking about?"

Canglan slapped her forehead as if she was remembering something very important, "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you."

"What?" Wu Yunye didn't understand what Feng Yun'er's intentions were, and it was making him nervous.

"I forgot to tell you that I have another name." Canglan peered up at Wu Yunye. All her beauty showed in a flash, and her white dress flowed without any wind, her black hair flying like her clothes. "I am known as Feng Yun'er, and, "

"Yun, Cang, lan."

Wu Yunye stared at Canglan blankly, fear showed in his eyes, fat pale face, while his body filled with terror and panic, left him trembling like a leaf.

" are a ghost!"

Canglan raised her brow and kicked Wu Yunye hard. His fat body rolled down the stairs like a ball. Guests on the first floor were startled and rose to their feet, watching as the object fell whimpering at the bottom of the stairs.

Canglan stood arms akimbo, glaring down at him from up on the landing, even angry, she had an extraordinary beauty.

'Damn it, how dare you call me a ghost! You, damned fat man, are the ghost.'

"Ghost...ghost...ghost..." Wu Yunye seemed hurt, he stumbled and slipped losing his balance when he tried to get up. He pointed to Canglan at the top of the stairway. Shaking and stammering in fear, "She.....she's a ghost...she's a ghost..."

"Isn't that the owner of the Fengyun Firm?" Coincidentally, General Shenyong was dining in a private room at that moment and came to investigate when he heard the commotion. He recognized Canglan immediately. There were murmurings among the crowd. After all, the Fengyun Firm was like a fairy tale, and its owner's actions could make or break the people.

The moment Wu Yunye saw General Shenyong, Xue Ying, he crawled towards him as if he saw his savior, "General Shenyong, it's me, please help me, she's a ghost, she's a ghost..."

Even though Xue Ying's features were not very striking, many girls in the city had crushes on him, because he was handsome, and additionally, seemed capable and agile.

Xue Ying had a vague hint of ambiguity in his eyes as he approached Canglan courteously, "I'm General Shenyong Xue Ying of the Can Kingdom. I apologize for what Master Wu did to Miss Feng. What did Master Wu Do?"

The patrons nearby burst into an uproar. General Shenyong was showing deferential treatment to this woman. But after thinking for a moment, they realized it made sense. Feng Yun'er was the owner of the Fengyun Firm, and could be magisterial in front of the seven emperors, let alone a general.

"General Shenyong?" Yun Qin looked Xue Ying up and down, "Can General Shenyong offer shelter to people?" "He was insulting our Mistress. What do you think should be done with him, General Shenyong?"

"You...Nonsense, I...I wasn't...General...General, she...she's not human..." Wu Yunye was shaking while hiding behind Xue Ying.

"You weren't?" Yun Qin glared down at Wu Yunye disgusted, "Who called our Mistress 'beauty?' You know what 'beauty' means, don't you? Our Mistress may not be a princess, but she cannot be insulted. What's more, who was it who said he was taking our Mistress home? What are you going to take her home for? Will she be a guest?"

What Yun Qin said was true, but the meaning differed, because 'beauty' was how one addressed a prostitute. Taking her home meant he planned on snatching her, 'Master Wu acted too boldly!' The audience judged.

"General Shenyong, what punishment do you think he should have for such insults?"

Xue Ying was silent as he weighed the information. He had witnessed how tough the owner of the Fengyun Firm was at the banquet. Even the Crown Prince could do nothing to her after he suffered losses. Thus, what could a general do? Besides, he heard that she beat and killed the Crown Prince's concubines up at the palace, and no one dared punish her. Wu Yunye's harassment was tantamount to death.

Canglan stood patiently watching the events play out now that her part was finished.

Yun Qin looked at Wu Yunye coldly, "Since the General has nothing to say, I'll punish the lascivious man on behalf of our Mistress." Yun Qin went to attack Wu Yunye cowering behind Xue Ying, but Xue Ying stopped him.

For a moment, Xue Ying and Yun Qin struggled, evenly matching each other, but everyone had forgotten about Yun Qi.

"Ahhh" Wu Yunye's fat body slumped over, and his scream abruptly stopped. A large hole in his throat bubbled with thick blood.

The smell of blood immediately filled the Yushi Restaurant. The method Yun Qi murdered Wu Yunye petrified everyone watching. Yun Qi wiped his hands on Wu Yunye's clothes and mumbled, "Mistress, the fat man's blood stinks, give me a weapon."

Xue Ying stopped struggling against Yun Qin. He stood in disbelief that quickly turned to rage at the tragic death of Wu Yunye, "How dare you kill people! Feng Yun'er, you're too aggressive."

Canglan looked at him coolly, "You're General Shenyong, huh? He is to blame for ridiculing me. This is a kind of mercy to him." Then she walked down the stairs, her white dress brushing the steps as she did, forming loops one after another.

"Please inform the Grand Preceptor's House his demise, General Shenyong."

One scene ended, and the next was ripe for the picking.

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