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   Chapter 99 Being Caught

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Early in the morning, the magpies were chattering in the trees. Yun Canglan turned over irritably and went back to sleep again.

The night before Yun Qin and Yun Qi left the door unattended, allowing Yun Canglan and Lei Tianyan to spend a passionate evening together. That morning came tragedy.

"Yun'er, are you up?" Lin Wan'er called as she walked through Yun Canglan's courtyard and into her bedroom.

A gust of wind blew the bed-curtain, and two naked bodies, entangled in each other, were exposed to the air. Lin Wan'er saw everything through the raised bed-curtain.

"Ah!" Lin Wan'er's scream echoed through the General's House.

What...what...was going on here? The...lady in the bed...was Yun'er, but then, who...who was the man in the bed? Why was there a man in her daughter's bed?

What should she do? The General's House was a respectable family. Although Yun Canglan was naughty, she preserved her purity and affection for her husband. Feng Yun'er was of course a decent lady, even though she had just divorced her husband.

Damn it!

What should she do? Why was there a naked man in her daughter's bed? A very handsome man at that, if he came from a decent family, maybe she could consider accepting him as her son-in-law.

Yun Yajun heard his beloved wife screaming and was at Yun Canglan's courtyard within seconds. He, of course, saw the situation in the room.

Yun Canglan sat up, rubbed her eyes and suddenly saw her parents standing in the doorway. She was stunned, the color drained from her face but the anger she usually woke with, vanished when she saw them.

"" Yun Canglan wanted to ask what they were doing in her room, but kept it to herself.

She realized then, her parents could see her naked form, and wondered where Yun Qin, Yun Qi, Yun Shu and Yun Hua were?

Lei Tianyan lay naked sleeping, his skin snow white and mostly uncovered, smiling blissfully as he dreamed. He turned and wrapped his arm around Yun Canglan's waist.

Yun Canglan heard her parents' gasp. Yun Yajun covered Lin Wan'er's eyes with his hand while shouting, "Yun'er, why is he here?" Yun Canglan was impressed that her father recognized Lei Tianyan was a man. Many people thought Lei Tianyan was a woman at the first sight.

Yun Canglan lowered her head, she looked at Lei Tianyan, and got angry.

'How dare you sleep! I am awake, and get up already!'

Yun Canglan slapped Lei Tianyan in the face hard and leaving a red mark on his face, even redder than the feather.

"Get up! My parents are here." Her father was ill-tempered and her mother was ready to burst into tears.

Lei Tianyan sat up and rubbed his eyes. The quilt slipped, and his upper body was exposed. The atmosphere in the room became even more awkward. Yun Yajun was angry and frowned.

"Yun'er, what's going on?" Lei Tianyan grumbled. Even though his red feather mark was covered, his lazy expression and husky voice added another layer of sexy, which even men would find irresistible.

Yun Yajun was the exception.

"You are such a playboy! Tell me, are you a rapist?" Yun Yajun strode to the bed and grabbed Lei Tianyan's arm, yanking him hard. He looked as if he was going to send him into jail, "How dare you seduce my daughter. You may be handsome, but you won't get with cheating her. Get off the bed! I'll have you arrested!"

Lei Tianyan looked terrified and didn't say a single word. After a long silence, he turned and looked at Yun Canglan feeling as though he had been wronged.

"Yun'er...?" Lei Tianyan puckered his mouth. Why was this happening? The day he was looking forward to finally came, and it was ending like this?

Yun Canglan stared at Yun Yajun at a loss for words. She was old enough to have a boyfriend. Moreover, as the master of Fengyun Firm, it would be normal for her to have several gigolos.

"Dad, let him go!" She said while thinking, 'Are you taking advantage of my Tianyan?'

"Dad, he is Hua Luosui, not a rapist." Hua Luosui was an alias Lei Tianyan used when his feather mark was covered.

"I don't care who he is. He's going to jail!" Yun Yajun yelled.

Yun Canglan pulled her father away from Lei Tianyan, and stared at her father stating in a serious tone, "Dad, he is my boyfriend."

'He is my boyfriend. He is my boyfriend....'

The words echoed in Lei Tianyan's mind, making him feel giddy, like a spell was cast. He giggled in Yun Canglan's direction. His pretty face looked harmless and innocent, and his eyes were as bright as the sky.

'He is my boyfriend. Hahaha...'

'He is my boyfriend. Hahaha...'

'My boyfriend. Hahaha...'

'Boyfriend. Hahaha...'


un Qin and Yun Qi came rushing in, and saw Lei Tianyan laughing, which led them to conclude, 'Lei Tianyan has gone mad!'

Yun Yajun was mad.

Yun Yajun stared at Yun Canglan, then he looked Lei Tianyan up and down the anger leaving him, "He is your boyfriend? He is more beautiful than a lady!"

Yun Canglan nodded her head reluctantly. Lin Wan'er was pleased.

"Sir, I'm Yun'er's mother, her sworn mother. How old are you? Where are you from? Do you have any family? Do you know Yun'er's identity? Are you willing to be the man behind the successful woman? Mister, do you have concubines? Our Yun'er doesn't share her man with others. Mister, even though Yun'er looks strong, and is a very competent woman, she is also soft. You really are quite handsome, but Yun'er is a beautiful woman, right? Mister, when were you born? When are you going to marry Yun'er?"

"Bang!" Something fell from the roof.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi shook her head staring at the figure slinking off, 'Mister Wu Hen is a kung fu master. So, why did he fall from the roof?'

Yun Canglan felt cold with sweat, 'I'm not ready yet!'

Lei Tianyan burst out with a dazzling smile, 'Today is a good day! Thank you, magpies!'

Lei Tianyan wrapped himself in the quilt and introduced himself, "Uncle, aunt, I'm Hua Luosui, of the Si kingdom. I'm 20. I have no wife or concubines. Yun'er is my fiancee. Please be assured, I know Yun'er has an honorable identity, and I believe I'm good enough for her. I'm willing to be the man behind her."

Lei Tianyan's sweet smile and speech won the favor of Yun Canglan's parents. Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er's faces were glowing with happiness.

"Dad, mom..." Yun Canglan said.

"Yun'er, no need to explain." Yun Yajun waved his hand interrupting Yun Canglan's speech, "Your mom and I are not traditional, conservative people. Since Mr. Hua and you are engaged, it's not a big deal if you sleep together. Don't worry, you are our sworn daughter; we have treated you as a daughter born to us, and we will hold a beautiful wedding for you."

Yun Canglan stared speechless at her father. 'Dad, I haven't planned on getting married yet!'

Yun Canglan cast a stern glance at Lei Tianyan and wanted to smack him. Lei Tianyan stared at Yun Canglan, affectionately. Lin Wan'er and Yun Yajun were happier.

"Dad, mom, when are you going to leave my room?" 'I want to get up!'

Yun Yajun finally realized his daughter and son-in-law were still naked. He immediately took Lin Wan'er's hand and walked outside, "Sorry, Yun'er. Get up and come have breakfast with us. Men like Mr. Hua, are energetic in the morning."

Yun Canglan threw a vase at the door. Yun Yajun held his beloved wife and headed to their bedroom. Men were extremely energetic in the morning.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi stared at each other.

'Are we going in?'

'You think?'

'The Mistress is going to get up.'

'Mister Tianyan won't allow the Mistress to get up.'

'We don't get in?'

'What if the Mistress gets up?'

'Shall we go in or not?'



Inside the room, Yun Canglan vented her anger at Lei Tianyan, telling him, "Lei Tianyan, go back to the Si Kingdom, now!"

Lei Tianyan pouted and winked at Yun Canglan, "No!" There were so many men trying to get her. He couldn't leave her.

"Go back!" If he didn't leave, Yun Canglan believed her parents would force her to marry him.

"No!" Lei Tianyan finally had strong patrons, and he wouldn't leave her.

"You father is ill. What if someone seizes the Si Kingdom?" Yun Canglan asked. 'How dare Lei Tianyan oppose me!'

Lei Tianyan moved, reclined in a sexy pose, and winked at Yun Canglan again, "Darling, you are the Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom. If someone seizes it, you will snatch it back!"

"So, you've made up your mind?" Yun Canglan asked.

"Yes, I've made up my mind." Lei Tianyan stated firmly. Shui Minghan, Huo Liuyun, Feng Gui and Xi Zhiyao were all strong rivals, and now there was even Yan Cangyue.

Yun Canglan smiled viciously, "Okay. Tomorrow night is the full moon. If you are not going back to the Si Kingdom, I'll ask Shui Minghan to detox me."

"How dare you!" Lei Tianyan face contorted in anger.

He pinned Yun Canglan down on the bed and stared at her. His eyes were full of desire, and the room was full of a romantic atmosphere.

"Yun'er, I'm your man and you are my woman. You belong with me from now on." Lei Tianyan said seriously, his eyes full of wanton lust.

"" Fucking Lei Tianyan! How dare him!

Lei Tianyan pulled her closer to him, 'General Yun is right! Men are extremely energetic in the morning!'

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