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   Chapter 98 A Storm Was Yet to Come

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 12480

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At night, in the General's House

Lin Wan'er, the wife of the Dingguo Duke, used to go to bed early because of poor health. The Dingguo Duke, who loved his wife deeply, would retire early to be with his wife. The guards and servants returned to their rooms after a busy day. The General's House would fall silent for the evening. The reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures wouldn't end like this.

As darkness fell across Can City, the moon rose into the sky and cast a soft glow down on the landscape below. In the yard, there was a trail paved with cobblestones.

In the night, a figure made his way swiftly through the arch and onto the cobbled path of the courtyard, heading to Yun Canglan's room.

This was the only courtyard with it's lights on at the General's House.

The figure crept to the door, looked around quickly, pushed the door and went after ensuring the coast was clear.

Inside, Yun Canglan had changed from her red robe into a white gown and looked radiate and sweet. Adding a hint of allure to her innocent ensemble was a red hairpin with fringes in her hair.

A man sat at her side, looking beautiful in an androgynous sort of way. He had sculptured features and carried himself with an extraordinary charm which was captivating.

Yun Hu entered and went to Yun Canglan kneeling on one knee before her, his immense respect for her shone in his eyes.

"Mistress, good evening."

Yun Canglan had asked him not to call her "Mistress", but she was the Mistress, and he was the guard. Yun Hu wouldn't allow himself to be so familiar. Every time Yun Canglan called him "Uncle Yun Hu", he was overwhelmed by the unexpected honor.

"Good evening, Uncle Yun Hu." Yun Canglan replied. Yun Canglan sat up straighter; since Yun Hu had always been like an uncle to her, she should behave in front of him. "Uncle Yun Hu, were you followed?" Yun Canglan was anxious to know.

Yun Hu shook his head, "Mistress, you may rest assured. I was careful the whole way here."

Yun Canglan nodded and gave him a look to sit in the nearby chair. Yun Qin and Yun Qi entered then, and they provided a summary of the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures.

"Yun Xiang, let's start with you first, " said Yun Canglan looking at Mister Zi Zhu. The bet for which was the true Night Phoenix vs. the false one was the highlight of the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures.

Yun Xiang still wore his blindingly bright gold clothes.

"Among the Nine Prominent Figures, five are friends; Mister Liu Huo, Mister Jue Sha, Mister Yao Yan, you and me. As for the remaining four, Yun Yu investigated Mister Feng Gui before. He has no underground business at all. Therefore, Mister Feng Gui hasn't enough power." "As for Mister Wu Hen..." Yun Xiang raised his eyebrow and glanced at the Mistress and her mean boyfriend, who was scowling.

Mister Zi Zhu continued, "Mister Wu Hen is popular in jianghu, and is a beloved prince of the Lie Kingdom. But Mister Wu Hen knows you well enough, Mistress, he wouldn't be so stupid and hire someone to dress up as you. Besides, he bet 100, 000 Liang on you."

Mister Zi Zhu started the bet for his own reasons.

"Mister Yang has enjoyed considerable popularity in recent years but has remained in his proper sphere all the time in the imperial palace of the Can Kingdom. The last one is Mister Yao Xi." Yun Xiang frowned heavily and felt uncomfortable when he thought of Mister Yao Xi. "We have no idea how of when he entered Can City. His whereabouts were unknown the entire time. After the reunion, Mister Jue Sha followed him to an inn, where he quickly disappeared. Mister Yao Xi is, therefore, the most probable suspect in the matter of the fake Night Phoenix."

Yun Canglan stared into the teacup in front of her absorbed in thought, as she tapped on Lei Tianyan's leg with her finger.

"Who bet on the fake Night Phoenix first?" Yun Canglan wanted to know.

Yun Xiang was frightened by Yun Canglan' words yelling, " But if...if I...I didn't take the lead, no one...would bet..."

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes saying, "I saw that. You said 'the Mister Night Phoenix No. 2 is a little weird.' I don't understand, Yun Xiang, how weird am I?" How dare he say bad things about her behind her back.

Yun Xiang regretted what he said. He hadn't expected the Mistress to hear what he said.

Yun Xiang gave a flattering smile, "Mistress, you misheard me. How could I dare to say bad things of you. You are so pretty and clever, and not weird at all. I admire you greatly." He had no choice but to flatter the Mistress, as she was a vengeful lady.

Yun Xiang winked at Yun Qin and Yun Qi imploring them silently, 'Help me, bro!'

Yun Qin walked to Yun Canglan sincerely saying, "Mistress, there is something wrong with Yun Xiang's eyes. He has been blinking a lot. I think he has an eye disease so we should isolate him." The Medical Sage and Poison Sage liked to drop stones on the man who fell in the well.

Yun Canglan nodded, "I agree, Yun Xiang, you should stay in the courtyard behind Yelaixiang Brothel for three to five years. Maintaining your physical health is one of the most important things you can do. Don't worry about your business."

Yun Xiang was startled, 'I shouldn't have said bad things behind her back. Waah...'

Lei Tianyan was bored and played with Yun Canglan's hair. He winked at Yun Canglan, "Yun'er, Yun Xiang provided a meritorious service this time, and you should reward him. You are being prejudicial in rewarding and punishing."

Yun Xiang was moved by Lei Tianyan's words, 'Mister Yao Yan, you are my savior. From now on, I'll be faithful to you.'

Lei Tianyan looked at him with smug satisfaction, 'From now on, drive the men off when they gather around Yun'er.'

Yun Canglan considered herself a reasonable lady, "Since it is so, I'll give you a second chance." Yun Xiang stood straight and planned to perform well.

Yun Canglan raised her brow asking, "Tell me, who has said bad things about me the most in private?" She knew people often said bad things behind her back.

Yun Xiang's body went limp, 'Mistress, what are you trying to do, destroy me?'

Yun Canglan's words were barely spoken

when Yun Qin and Yun Qi cast a stern glance at Yun Xiang, 'You'll be dead if you dare say.' Even the sweet Yun Shu and Yun Hua looked at him ferociously.

Yun Xiang drew back his neck and bit back the words he wanted to say.

Yun Canglan smiled evilly.

Lei Tianyan was willing to help but unable to, 'Yun Xiang, seek blessings for yourself. Your Mistress is a grudge holder.'

"Keep talking." Yun Canglan demanded. Yun Xiang lowered his head, looking pitiful, 'I'm isolated, waah...'

"Now forces of various parties in Can City are going to crop up. It's time for us to strike!" Yun Canglan narrowed her eyes looking excited, "Five days from now, Emperor Huo Yang will offer sacrifices to Heaven. We are going to launch an attack that day."

"Mistress, " Yun Hu stood, "Are you sure the Grand Preceptor will launch an attack on that day?" The Grand Preceptor was a very important person in Can Kingdom.

"At your service." Yun Hu rubbed his palms together eager for a fight. He and his brothers had put up with the Grand Preceptor for nearly ten years, but they had had enough.

"Someone will assassinate my father tomorrow night. Uncle Yun Hu, you transfer the Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness away from the General's House, so that the assassination will succeed." Yun Canglan stated.

Yun Hu immediately understood Yun Canglan's intention, "Mistress, are you going to trick them into thinking he is dead?"

Yun Canglan smiled, nodding, "Yes, and we must let them see my father, so Yun Qi, you will make an elixir for me, which will make my father feel sleepy and his breathe will be shallow. But it won't harm his health."

"Yes, Mistress!" Yun Qi promised. This was what they had waited for, for a long time.

"Mistress, will you have Yecha do this?" Yun Qin asked.

Yun Canglan's eyes were bright as her clever idea took shape, "No, if Yecha did this, the Grand Preceptor would have doubts, and so would the people behind him. I'll have Chimei Wangliang do this."

"Chimei Wangliang? Mistress, how will you solicit them? Chimei Wangliang is the Grand Preceptor's group." Yun Qin was unable to follow Yun Canglan's logic, but he never doubted her resourcefulness.

"Rash actions alert the enemy!" Yun Canglan smiled. Her confidence and her words echoed through the small room, "Don't worry. The Grand Preceptor will absolutely have Chimei Wangliang attempt to assassinate my father tomorrow. Uncle Yun Hu, your job is to protect the others in the General's House. Yun Qin, stay hidden, guard my father and don't let him be seriously injured. Yun Qi, after the attack, administer the drug to my father. After tomorrow, rumors that the Dingguo Duke is at death's door will be all over. The Grand Preceptor and those backing him will believe it. Five days later, he will launch his attack, and that is his hour of doom!"

This was called "catch the turtle in a jar".

"Have Yun Lie keep an eye on the Inn that Mister Yao Xi disappeared in, and get Yun Yu on looking into the Inn's background. Then, I want you to track the movements of everyone going in or out of the Inn. Yun Xiang, ask th Fengyun Firm to fight the branches of Shuihuang Firm in the Can Kingdom in an all-round way." Yun Canglan calmly continued issuing various orders.

"Keep watch on the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom, Lady Ling, and the Grand Preceptor's movements too, and when they contact each other, report to me."

Lei Tianyan clenched his fists and scowled momentarily when Yun Canglan mentioned Huo Liuyun, but Yun Canglan was oblivious to his reaction.

"There will be numerous observers at the ceremony in five days. Request Yun Ri to have his subordinates join the other spectators disguised as ordinary people.

"Yes, Mistress!" her cohorts responded in unison, all of them amazed by Yun Canglan's resourcefulness. There was a storm coming to the Can Kingdom, in a short five days.

"Any questions?" Yun Canglan asked, looking around the room.

People all shook their heads and withdrew one by one under Lei Tianyan's expectant look.

The room was finally silent, and slowly the coldness filled with a romantic atmosphere.

Lei Tianyan took hold of a handful of Yun Canglan's hair smelling her unique fragrance of Red Spider Lily radiating, his breathing sounded sexy.

"Yun'er..." Lei Tianyan grumbled as his lust grew.

Yun Canglan gave him a look of confusion, "What?"

"What am I going to do?" He asked, his voice taking on a husky quality.

Yun Canglan cocked her head raising a brow, "You are going back to the Si Kingdom. The situation in the Si Kingdom is turbulent now. You can't stay away long." Yun Canglan had planned that her conquest of the world would start in the Can Kingdom.

Lei Tianyan pouted, discontent with her response, and in his most charming voice, "Yun'er, I want to stay with you."

She never understood why he missed her so much and seemed to suffer when she wasn't by his side. He knew she was the Fire Phoenix that her mission was to unify the world. He saw only that he wanted to be by her side, that he was a man and she was a woman.

"What's the matter with you?" Yun Canglan asked, feeling that Lei Tianyan was a bit strange.

"I'm fine." Lei Tianyan said lowering his head. After a few minutes he looked up again, back to being charming, "We haven't seen each other in so long Yun'er, have you missed me?" 'I missed you so much!' Lei Tianyan kept his admission to himself.

Yun Canglan stared at Lei Tianyan. Lei Tianyan pulled her close avoided looking into her eyes. The scent of Red Spider Lily was intoxicating, and he couldn't resist it anymore. He lowered his mouth, kissing her hard.

He knew she didn't want a relationship and he was only a friend with benefits. That was why he kept his true feelings from her.

It wasn't the full moon tonight, but he was unable to bear any longer. She was his beloved and right in front of him, and he wanted to follow his desire.

Yun Canglan didn't reject him, instead, she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck; she pulled him closer to her while he pulled her into his arms, and the two bodies fit together perfectly.

On a roof not far away, a lonely figure sat watching all night.

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