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   Chapter 97 Night Phoenix vs Yao Xi Round 2

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Yun Canglan whipped her head around and saw a pretty yet angry face staring back at her, which cooled her temper.

'Damn it! My boyfriend is here, so I can't even flirt with the handsome man.'

Mister Yao Yan glared down at Yun Canglan, a peevish expression on his pretty face. He was even angrier after he saw her cold expression.

Mister Yao Xi gave credit to the most beautiful person in the world. He looked so handsome even when he was fuming.

Yun Canglan sighed with resignation saying, "I wasn't going to seduce him, I swear!"

Yun Canglan's words calmed Mister Yao Yan's anger successfully. He couldn't believe his ears.

'Yun'er explained herself!' 'Yun'er is afraid of being misunderstood!' 'Yun'er is afraid that I'm unhappy!' 'Does this mean Yun'er cares about me?'

Nobody knew that Mister Yao Yan, the most beautiful person in the world, felt inferior next to Yun Canglan, even though he once declared possession of Yun Canglan's heart in front of Mister Wu Hen peremptorily.

He was not a man prone to insecurities, but Yun'er never fell in love with him. He might be Yun'er's current boyfriend, and the only one that was able to hug her, but he knew she didn't return his feelings.

He didn't know what Yun'er experienced or why she never forgave anyone who mistreated or betrayed her, but he knew he would have to take care not to violate her trust, or he would face the same treatment. He had been standing behind her, and watched as she fooled everyone in the world, all the while never caring about his feelings.

He wasn't sure where Shui Minghan, Mister Feng Gui, or even Huo Liuyun, stood in her heart, but he knew she barely thought of him. She never called out his name when they slept together.

Sometimes she called out "Liuyun", other times"Shui Minghan", and even "Feng Gui", but never his name.

Did she finally think of him now? She was willing to explain herself, and painted a picture of him. Did that mean she was finally willing to accept him?

Mister Yao Yan smiled, his grin growing wider like a rose blooming. His eyes were fixed on Yun Canglan and full of affection. Yun Canglan was dumbstruck by his expression.

'What's wrong with Tianyan?' She wondered.

Being ignored, Mister Yao Xi coughed, reminding Mister Night Phoenix he was waiting. Yun Canglan turned back to him, her hand still flat against his chest. She immediately pulled herself away, stood upright and was contrite.

"Sorry, forgive me please, that was horribly impolite of me Mister Yao Xi." Yun Canglan insisted.

Mister Yao Xi was lifting himself from the seat, and felt weak, falling back into the chair when he heard her apology.

He had no intention on blaming her, until he heard Yun Canglan's words, then he wanted to.

"I hadn't expected you to be fond of men Mister Night Phoenix." Mister Yao Xi was watching Mister Night Phoenix and Mister Yao Yan suspiciously, trying to determine the relationship.

Mister Yao Yan didn't care others' opinions at all. He leaned against Yun Canglan, breathing her aroma of Red Spider Lily in deeply, indulging in the rare chance.

Yun Canglan couldn't push Mister Yao Yan away from her, so she had to admit, "Between you and me, you are right." If she denied it, Mister Yao Xi would think she was concealing her sexual orientation anyway. She wondered what people thought about boys' love.

The rest gentlemen were suddenly enlightened.

Mister Yao Xi began to sow dissension between them, "Mister Yao Yan is the most beautiful person in the world; it's no wonder you have a crush on him. But, don't you know Mister Night Phoenix, that Mister Yao Yan has a fiancee already?"

Mister Night Phoenix nodded her head and shrugged, "Yes, I know. His fiancee is Yun Xi, the Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom." She kept to herself, 'Yun Xi is me.'

Mister Yao Xi didn't know Mister Night Phoenix was Yun Xi. He continued, "Mister Night Phoenix, are you confident that Mister Yao Yan will choose you instead of the Crown Princess?"

Yun Canglan stared at him oddly as if she was staring at a psycho, "Mister Yao Xi, are you interested in love triangles?" She wanted to know whether Mister Yao Xi was mad.

Mister Yao Xi hacked, cleared his throat and wasn't sure what to say. Yun Canglan had no intention of letting him off the hook so easily.

"I've heard that wherever Mister Yao Xi goes, there will be disputes. Now I understand. Mister Yao Xi, you are indeed good at fostering disunity and discord." Yun Canglan complimented.

Mister Yao Xi was angered, and clamped his lips together tightly, remaining silent. Mister Night Phoenix was the first one in the world to back him into a corner with only two or three words.

In Mister Yao Xi's mind, Mister Night Phoenix behaved strangely, but he was a man was both bold and skillful. Judging from what had happened to him, Mister Night Phoenix was not as innocent as he looked. Instead, he was very dangerous.

"I think people misunderstood this point. Those were just coincidences. Wherever I traveled, there happened to be disputes. I fe

el ashamed of that." Mister Yao Xi stated.

Yun Canglan smacked at her clothes removing the dust, indifferently looking askance at Mister Yao Xi, "Mister Yao Xi, you are in Can City now. Will there be a dispute here?"

Mister Yao Xi's eyes narrowed and he looked as though murder was on his mind, "I have no idea."

Yun Canglan turned and went to the sofa, "Mister Yao Xi, you should remain home. Otherwise, sooner or later, someone out there will kill you." She told him, her tone emphasized her seriousness.

She leaned back on the sofa, and Yun Qin immediately poured a cup of tea for her, while Yun Qi put a bucket of iced watermelon in front of her to cool her down. Mister Yao Yan sat next to her removing the seeds from the watermelon for her.

Suddenly, Mister Yao Xi gave Mister Yao Yan a venomous look. Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha's hands went to their weapons instinctively, while they watched Mister Yao Xi. Mister Wu Hen tensed up as well, clenching his fists, even though he was jealous of Mister Yao Yan.

"Mister Night Phoenix, I have never offended you before." Mister Yao Xi ground his teeth.

Yun Canglan took a piece of watermelon from Mister Yao Yan, saying, "You should be lucky that you haven't offended me. Otherwise, you'd be joining the fake Night Phoenix."

"Why do I feel like you have something against me?" Mister Yao Xi glared at Yun Canglan fed up but concealing the lethal look in his eyes.

"Damn it!" Yun Canglan suddenly exclaimed.

"You!" Mister Yao Xi was fuming. Nobody cursed at him.

Yun Canglan offered an apology, "I am sorry. Don't take it personally. I just ate a watermelon seed." She rolled her eyes at Mister Yao Yan, 'You've done a poor job.'

Yun Qin and Yun Qi kept busy with their tasks. It was humiliating to admit that this shameful lady was their Mistress.

The rest of the gentlemen were all bewildered.

Was this man really Mister Night Phoenix, the top of the Nine Prominent Figures? He spat watermelon seeds everywhere, and more shocking, he was openly gay.

They had some doubts brewing.

"Mister Night Phoenix, you have insulted me beyond the limit." Mister Yao Xi accused. Even though he was usually even-tempered, Yun Canglan's insults had enraged him beyond his limit. But then, even Yun Canglan's teacher had fainted with anger over her behavior, so it wasn't a shock that she had angered the ambitious Mister Yao Xi.

Mister Yao Xi gnashed his teeth as he silently plotted, 'If the Medical Sage and Poison Sage were not at his side, he would be just a scholar lacking the strength to truss up a chicken. How dare he insult me. If the Medical Sage and Poison Sage were not here, I would kill him on the spot.'

The pity was that Yun Canglan never provoked anyone unless the Medical Sage and Poison Sage were at her side. She was s person who knew how to work her advantages and those of her subordinates to bully people.

Yun Canglan lazily looked up, staring at the angry Mister Yao Xi, and generously offered him a piece of watermelon, "Don't be so angry. I'll ask the Medical Sage to prescribe some medicines to reduce your internal heat. People with internal heat are prone to be impotent."

Hearing what she said, Mister Yang choked and tea spewed out, which was covered Mister Feng Gui's clothes, who was sitting in front of him.

Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo were discussing martial arts in a corner.

Mister Zi Zhu had an abacus out and was calculating the money he won. The bet of true and false Mister Night Phoenix had earned him a substantial windfall. He bet 1, 000 Liang on Mister Night Phoenix No. 1 in public and 100, 000 Liang on Mister Night Phoenix No. 2 secretly. Therefore, he had made a large amount of money.

Mister Wu Hen sat there doing nothing but watching at Yun Canglan. He was used to it.

Mister Yao Yan winked at Yun Canglan. He didn't care what others said or did at all, he only had eyes for Yun Canglan.

Mister Yao Xi staggered and finally came to a stop. He realized it was a mistake to argue with Mister Night Phoenix. A normal person should never reason with an abnormal person.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi saw Mister Yao Xi's expression and praised him secretly, 'Dude, you are right! Our Mistress is indeed an abnormal person. Never try to reason with her! Otherwise you will regret it!'

Yun Canglan wiped her lips with a cloth and looked at Mister Yao Xi embarrassed, 'What a pity! He is so handsome and a man of ambition. Will he be resigned to backwardness from now on?'

"Actually I just want to tell you..." Yun Canglan said seriously.

Mister Yao Xi stared at Yun Canglan wondering whether he should listen to her or not. What if he fainted after hearing her words? That would be humiliating.

But Yun Canglan swore she was serious this time.

"I just want to tell you..." Yun Canglan's mannerisms and voice held such a royal demeanor that she almost had Mister Yao Xi kneeling down before her. "No matter what conspiracy you have in the works against Can City, I, Mister Night Phoenix, will stop you for sure!"

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