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   Chapter 96 Night Phoenix vs Yao Xi Round 1

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The Fengyun Restaurant finally settled down. Yun Canglan stood up while scratching her ear, and coughed clearing her throat before announcing, "It's with great pleasure I announce the beginning of the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures..."

Everyone was perplexed.

'But, the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures has been in progress this whole time!' Mister Feng Gui reflected.

'Is he really the best of the Nine Prominent Figures?' Mister Yao Xi wondered.

'The top of the Nine Prominent Figures must be mentally ill.' Mister Yang concluded.

'Canglan, stop frightening them.' Mister Wu Hen pleaded silently.

'My Canglan is so special!' Mister Yao Yan mused.

'The Mistress lost her mind, again. Everyone, run, hide or at least shield your eyes and ears!' Yun Qin, Yun Qi, Mister Zi Zhu, Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha each brooded over.

Yun Canglan nonchalantly took her seat, ignoring the shocked looks her previous words received, "Mister Yao Xi, would you mind telling me what we will be doing at the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures." Since this was her first time attending, she didn't know what was on the schedule.

Mister Yao Xi cleared his throat and said, "We chat together. Mister Night Phoenix, please don't be shy."

'You look shier than I!' Yun Canglan thought, and asked, "Then let's chat. What's the topic?"

Mister Yao Xi gave Yun Canglan a penetrating stare as he asked her, "Mister Night Phoenix, you are the No. 1 rank of the Nine Prominent Figures, and your talent is second to none. I would like to hear your opinion on the world situation." Actually, he was more eager to know how Mister Night Phoenix had stopped the war between the three kingdoms overnight, by himself, two years ago.

"Eight-treasure porridge.*" Yun Canglan said.

(*TN: Eight-treasure porridge is a Chinese ceremonial congee dish made of eight ingredients, and eaten on the eighth day of the twelfth month of the Chinese calendar.)

"What?" Mister Yao Xi was confused.

Yun Canglan cast a scornful glance at Mister Yao Xi and said, "My saying is that the world is like a bowl of eight-treasure porridge."

Mister Yao Xi didn't know what to say, neither did anyone else.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi rolled their eyes thinking, 'You were warned, you should've covered your eyes and ears.'

Yun Canglan sat there, looking elegant and debonair as she waved her fan.

"The world is divided into two continents with seven kingdoms. The present international situation of turbulent tension is like a boiled eight-treasure porridge." Yun Canglan stated confidently. In her opinion, the seven kingdoms were seven treasures, but she felt she was the eighth treasure.

Her power didn't belong to any kingdom.

"Mister Night Phoenix, your opinion is indeed unique." Mister Yang said, forcing a smile while deciding, 'Mister Night Phoenix is quite different from how the rumors describe him.'

Yun Canglan enjoyed the flattery, "Mister Yang, you are such a gentleman!"

Mister Yang, choked on his own saliva, and decided not to say anything more before the reunion was over.

Mister Yao Xi scowled, but asked politely, "Mister Night Phoenix, could you please explain your reasoning?"

Yun Canglan's long black hair was lifted, moving as she flapped the White Jade Fan.

"Among the three kingdoms of the Fire Continent, the Can Kingdom..." Yun Canglan suddenly stopped, she glanced from Mister Yang to Mister Wu Hen, and then to Mister Yao Yan, who was leaning against her, "Mister Yao Xi, are you sure you want me to keep going? The potential heirs of three kingdoms are here."

Mister Yao Xi cast a glance at each of them and said, "We are only

e fixed her confident eyes on Mister Yao Xi.

Yun Canglan stated seriously, "Mister Yao Xi, If I told you that I don't think the Can Kingdom will be finished, would you believe me?"

Mister Yao Xi was taken aback by her seriousness. He narrowed his eyes as he stared into hers, trying to figure out what she was thinking. But her eyes were indecipherable, as though she was shrouded by a heavy mist, that he was unable to see through.

Mister Yao Xi stared at Yun Canglan silently.

There was a strong smell of gunpowder in the air.

The atmosphere in the Fengyun Restaurant grew tense with the silent stare down between Mister Night Phoenix and Mister Yao Xi. The others didn't know what to say or what to do, so they sat watching the two quietly.

After a long time, Yun Canglan narrowed her eyes and swore to herself.

'Damn it! My eyes hurt.' She blinked to alleviate the pain.

Suddenly, Yun Canglan had an idea.

She looked at Mister Yao Xi yelling, "Mister Yao Xi, your skin mask is peeling off!'

Yao Xi raised his hand and touched his face. Then he suddenly realized that he was duped.

Yun Canglan laughed, "Hahaha! Mister Yao Xi, I knew you were wearing a disguise." It explained why Yun Yu was unable to find out when Mister Yao Xi entered Can City. It was because he was already in Can City.

Mister Yao Xi gave her a murderous look, "You're right, I do wear a disguise. Mister Night Phoenix, is this your real appearance?" He didn't expect Mister Night Phoenix to discover his secret. Was it because he was careless or was Mister Night Phoenix that cunning?

If Yun Qin and Yun Qi knew what he was thinking, they would tell him, "Dude, it is not that you're careless, it's because our Mistress is a monster!"

Yun Canglan stood and walked over to Mister Yao Xi slowly. The red fringes swayed with each step. Everyone was somewhat entranced by her mysterious smile.

Yun Canglan got close up to Mister Yao Xi's face. Her beautiful face inches from his. Mister Yao Xi smelled the scent of Red Spider Lily.

"Mister Yao Xi, why don't you touch my face and see if I am disguised or not." Yun Canglan offered, while smugly thinking, 'I wear make-up instead of a skin mask.'

Staring at her pretty face, Mister Yao Xi became flushed to the ears.

As he opened his mouth to say something, the face was suddenly gone.

"Damn it! What is it? Can't you see I was flirting with a handsome man?" Yun Canglan shouted.

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