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   Chapter 95 A Bloody Scene

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 11009

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"Second, I want your skin." Yun Canglan stated coldly.

Blood was dripping from the sharp dagger on the floor. Yun Qi headed back to the fake Night Phoenix; there was an evil gleam in his eyes. The fake Night Phoenix lay crumpled on the floor with the pallor of a dead man. He was unable to move, but he weakly groaned in protest, and watched helpless as Yun Qi strode over to him. His strength gone, he was unable to protest, yell, or shake his head.

Mister Yang turned away; he couldn't bear to see what came next. Mister Feng Gui was dumbfounded by Yun Canglan's cruelty. Mister Yao Xi was calmer, yet quite taken aback by Yun Canglan. Mister Wu Hen remained cold and indifferent, as if what was happening had nothing to do with him. Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha yawned with boredom.

Yun Qi glared down at the fake Night Phoenix as if he was looking at a lamb. Actually in Yun Qi's eyes, the fake Night Phoenix was indeed a lamb waiting to be skinned.

The fake Night Phoenix's clothes were in tatters as he lay watching Yun Qi getting closer, wielding the dagger expertly. The moment the cold metal touched his skin, he let out a heartrending cry. The inhuman sound reverberated across Fog Lake.

Those on shore worried, wondering what was going on in the Restaurant. The howling was a sword piercing their hearts. However, curiosity held them all transfixed listening.

When the screaming started anew, Yan Cangyue couldn't take any more and asked the boatman to sail to the Restaurant. As his boat was about to cross the isolation line, martial artists stopped it.

If he reached the Fengyun Restaurant successfully, others would surely follow, putting the Nine Prominent Figures in danger. These martial artists, hired by Yun Yu, were all famous in Jianghu. The onlookers had remained in check on shore because those who recognized them knew who they were, while the rest saw the murderous looks they gave and dared not cross the isolation line.

Yan Cangyue of course recognized the martial artists and had no choice but to withdraw. He looked to the Fengyun Restaurant anxiously, sweat soaking his clothes.

The fake Night Phoenix finally succumbed to the pain and passed out. Yun Qi kept working, pulling, slicing, and ripping the skin from muscle until he had it removed in one piece.

The men watching the skill and technique behind the evil smiling Yun Qi with the gruesome scene he left behind, found it difficult to keep from throwing.

Yun Canglan took a grape, staring at it for a long time before tossing it back on the plate, saying, "Alas! That's too bloody! Yun Qi, now I have no appetite at all! This is your fault. You turned this reunion into such turmoil. It puts me in a bad mood! So bloody!" She covered her eyes with her hand dramatically, as if she could bear it no longer.

With a straight face, Yun Qin reminded her, "Master, I can see your eyes through the gaps between your fingers."

Yun Canglan cast Yun Qin a stern glance, "I'm merciful."

Yun Qin made a face as he thought, 'If you are merciful, then I'm a sage.'

On the other side, Yun Qi had finished his job. Fake Night Phoenix didn't resemble a man anymore. His skin peeled off exposing a mass of throbbing muscles, tendons and tissues. He had no strength; he couldn't cry o

both clothes and skin.

"Hey, someone just jumped in the lake!" came a yell from the shoreline.

Obviously, Mister Night Phoenix No. 2 was the real one. People were not willing to accept this result though, and at the same time they dared not say anything after seeing the miserable state that the fake Night Phoenix was in.

Yun Canglan's plan worked; nobody would dare dress like Mister Night Phoenix anymore.

From that moment, Mister Night Phoenix, the top of the Nine Prominent Figures, had gone from a weak bookworm to a bloodthirsty demon in everyone's eyes.

Yun Canglan considered herself innocent since it wasn't her who tortured the fake Night Phoenix.

Yan Cangyue was a sea of mixed emotions. When he saw the body dangling outside the Fengyun Restaurant, he was unable to breathe and his heart ached. But Mister Zi Zhu's words brought him back from the dead. He was overjoyed suddenly, excited and almost burst into loud sobs. After a time, he regained himself.

The man who had teased him was the real Mister Night Phoenix!

Since then, Mister Night Phoenix, the top of the Nine Prominent Figures, unveiled his identify and was recognized by the world formally. Of course, people weren't aware that even the identity of Mister Night Phoenix was fake, and the Night Phoenix still had many secrets which were more mysterious than her appearance.

In this era, people worshiped celebrities, and Mister Night Phoenix was a celebrity to them. Nobody knew what had happened during the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures at the Fengyun Restaurant, but everyone knew what Mister Night Phoenix's particular hobby was.

Mister Night Phoenix was fond of men!

Moreover, his boyfriend was Mister Yao Yan, one of the Nine Prominent Figures and the most beautiful person in the world. Numerous men shook their heads sighing, while countless ladies cried bitter tears. They felt pity for Mister Night Phoenix and Mister Yao Yan.

A battle to snatch the most beautiful person in the world was started.

However, Yan Cangyue was pleased to learn Yun Canglan was gay. He even wondered if maybe Yun Canglan would fall in love with him one day after his unremitting efforts.

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