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   Chapter 93 Paint a Portrait for You

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10369

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Mister Wu Hen, Mister Zi Zhu, Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha watched the farce happily. "Night Phoenix" and the other onlookers were stunned at the revelation that he, "knew the real Mister Night Phoenix".

It was quite interesting. "Night Phoenix" gawked at Mister Yao Yan worried and reminded himself, 'It's impossible, just impossible. There are only a few who have seen the real Mister Night Phoenix. He must be lying.' Looking at the determined look in Mister Yao Yan's eyes though, he felt uncertain and perturbed.

"What nonsense. That's nonsense…"

Mister Yao Yan looked dazzling with his alluring smile, "Nonsense?" he questioned. "Haha, " he chortled as he stepped to the desk, and pointing down at Fog Lake, he admonished, "Mister Night Phoenix paints only sceneries; indeed, that's well known. But, his other habit, the one you forgot, is he attaches a poem to every painting. Where is the poem?"

It was only then that the onlookers noticed the poem was missing from it.

"Night Phoenix" turned pale as he defended himself, "I…I forgot…"

Yun Canglan sneered, "You forgot to write it on the painting, or to prepare a poem in advance?" 'If you want to pretend to be Mister Night Phoenix, please make more a more concerted effort in your investigation and details.' Mister Night Phoenix thought. "Moreover…" Mister Yao Yan pointed to the stamp at the bottom of the painting with increasing contempt, "It's a high quality counterfeit stamp. But you mustn't know the stamp Mister Night Phoenix uses is unique. Your stamp wasn't a perfect forgery; it has a flaw."

Mister Night Phoenix pointed at the flower-like pattern on the bottom of the stamp, "You thought it was a lotus flower, didn't you? It's commonly thought to be a lotus flower, but it isn't. I'll show you. See, only with a magnifying glass can you see the flying phoenix. Servants, bring a magnifying glass." It was no surprise that Mister Night Phoenix had the phoenix stamp.

The maid Yun Yu arranged, came in with a good magnifying glass. Mister Night Phoenix took the magnifier and held it over the flower stating, "Can you see it clearly? What is it?"

"It's a lotus flower, " Mister Yang glanced down at the pattern declaring honestly.

"Nonsense!" "Night Phoenix" cried irritably, his pale face becoming colorless "You're talking nonsense. You say I am a fake and the stamp is a phoenix pattern not a lotus flower. Do you have conclusive evidence that proves that? You are just making up stories. It's known worldwide that I use a stamp of a lotus flower. Why do you think you can cheat using simple lies?"

Mister Yao Yan touched the birthmark beside his eye and in a low voice replied, "Because I know Mister Night Phoenix." 'I am her lover.' he added silently. "Mister Night Phoenix's stamp is so intricately carved that it's unique to itself in the world. The stamp appears to be a lotus flower, but under a magnifying glass, a flying phoenix appears." He glanced at Mister Wu Hen and was happy to see him sad.

His heartache was so intense that his heart was twisted in a knot. Mister Wu Hen thought,

r painting.

I thought you hadn't seen me or heard me profess my love. I am excited to realize you knew my affection, you knew I loved you.

This painting is a gift for me.

Haha, Canglan, you love me too, do you?'

Mister Yao Yan's happiness meant grief for Mister Wu Hen.

Mister Wu Hen recognized the man in red as Mister Yao Yan at the first sight. Mister Yao Yan has the red birthmark of a feather around his eye. 'He is the most handsome and attractive man in the world without equal. Why did Canglan paint a portrait for him? I still remember everything happened three years ago.

At that time Canglan and I lived a happy life as lovers. Mister Yao Yan just stared at us filled with jealousy. Now he is her lover, while I am a stranger. I am the one who can only watch her from far away.'

Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha ignored the painting. They treated it as a blank paper. They didn't care who Yun Canglan painted.

Mister Zi Zhu, the naughty boy, made eye contact with Mister Yao Yan, 'Bro, congratulations! Your dream finally came true.'

The others present aside from Yun Canglan's subordinates were shocked and confused when they saw the finished piece.

'What's the relationship between Mister Yao Yan and Mister Night Phoenix?' They wondered.

"Night Phoenix" was startled and frightened when he saw the others amazement. He clamored to continue the competition, "We haven't decided the winner. How dare you claim you are Mister Night Phoenix? If you are the real one, who am I?"

Yun Canglan sneered, "How would I know who you are?"

"You…" "Night Phoenix" said aggressively, "You heard what Mister Yao Yan said. The pattern of the stamp is a flying phoenix. Do you dare show us your stamp on the painting with a magnifying glass?"

Yun Canglan was angry with "Night Phoenix" who wouldn't survive today. She spoke harshly, "I never explain myself. It doesn't matter whether you believe me or not. I have enough ability to prove my identity. Since the painting is not compelling evidence, I'll prove who I am another way."

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