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   Chapter 92 Feng Gui is Hurt in Love

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7592

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The noonday sun beat down as more and more people thronged to the banks of Fog Lake.

Huo Liuyun was sitting on his boat, a piece of iced jade in his hand, as he casually ate grapes. Some servants fanned him, but he still felt the hot sun as he watched the Fengyun Restaurant.

He was not interested in the heated debates or wagering. He was waiting for the damned Night Phoenix, who had embarrassed him twice. He was determined to kill Mister Night Phoenix this time.

He had made thorough preparations. He had deployed the most skilled guards from the palace and many adept killers around Fog Lake. Mister Night Phoenix would not escape.

Mister Night Phoenix might be super talented, but he was also hostile to Huo Liuyun, so they were not friends but enemies. Huo Liuyun never let his enemies get the upper hand.

On another boat, Yan Cangyue was anxiously pacing. He cast worried looks occasionally at the top floor of the Fengyun Restaurant.

He didn't understand why he was worried about that man. There were so many beautiful women in the world, but he was attracted to that man. Stranger still, he hadn't looked at the ladies since he met him. Oh no, he didn't want to be gay.

The Fengyun Restaurant was busy.

Mister Feng Gui was quiet because he didn't know how he should act in front of Mister Zi Zhu. If he gave Mister Zi Zhu a bad impression, Mister Zi Zhu would sling insults about him to Yun'er, and Yun'er would have more reason to not like him. Little did he know how close Yun'er was.

"Mister Wu Hen, you aren't afraid you will lose your money?" Mister Feng Gui, the richest businessman in the Can Kingdom, had never showed off his fortune. "Well, count me in. I wager 10 liang on Mister Night Phoenix No. 1."

As Yun Canglan's hand trembled, it touched the white rice paper, leaving a black ink mark. She looked up at Mister Feng Gui with contempt and swore quietly, "Damn him! He turns out to be a miser!"

She looked down at the unexpected ink mark, frowning. Yun Qin headed to replace the paper, but saw she leaned down blowing on the ink mark. Magically, a phoenix feather appeared.

Mister Zi Zhu loathed most of the people in the world, including Mister Feng Gui. "You're the richest man in Can Kingdom, but you offer such a s

still painting attentively and Yun Qin and Yun Qi who served at her side.

Mister Zi Zhu looked at the painting with a strange expression, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Then he turned to Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha, "It's a good painting, but it's just an imitation without his style." "Mister Night Phoenix No.1" was a talented painter, but he shouldn't have pretended to be Mister Night Phoenix.

"You are an expert at paintings?" Mister Yao Xi raised his eyebrow, questioning.

"Mister Night Phoenix No.1" glared at Mister Zi Zhu, "Mister Zi Zhu, why do you always oppose me? I will punish you if you make any more impertinent remarks."

Mister Zi Zhu grinned devilishly. "Wait and see."

Taking a hint from Mister Yao Yan, Mister Jue Sha moved his head, hiding his murderous look.

"Mister Zi Zhu is right. Those who see Mister Night Phoenix's several paintings will believe that this is authentic work, but we see him daily, so we don't think." "Mister Night Phoenix." Mister Yao Yan stressed each word with a fascinated smile.

"Mister Night Phoenix No.1" trembled. "What do you mean?"

Mister Yao Yan tilted his head, and stroked the red feather at the corner of his eye. What a charming man he was! He could seduce all the people in the world.

However, the bright red feather stung Yang Gezhi, and Yao Xi frowned.

"Don't you know what I mean? How stupid you are! I mean, I know the real Night Phoenix. Do you understand?" Mister Yao Yan coldly stared at "Mister Night Phoenix."

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