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   Chapter 91 Who Was Dicing With Death

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For a while, the Fengyun Restaurant was a mass of confusion like a busy shopping center, and the gentlemen abandoned their graces acting like rogues. Among the only three calm gentlemen, two were enjoying the scenery of Fog Lake and one was looking in a mirror admiring himself.

After fifteen minutes, all gentlemen recovered and adjusted their clothes. Yun Canglan put the small mirror down with reluctance, but saw the strange looks the others had.

'Is he the real Mister Night Phoenix?' 'That's a funny joke. If he was Mister Night Phoenix, I would be his father!' The impostor Night Phoenix thought.

'This man is weird. No, no! More like he is a freak!' Mister Yao Xi decided.

'Yun'er is getting more arrogant.' Mister Wu Hen felt.

'The more abnormal Yun'er acts, the better for me! Then nobody will want to take Yun'er from me.' Mister Yao Yan hypothesized.

'Mistress, can you be a normal person?' Mister Zi Zhu wondered.

There was a cough. Mister Liu Huo had short dry coughs.

'Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?' Mister Jue Sha asked himself.

'This man is not quite right in the head.' Mister Feng Gui concluded.

'What a pity! He's like a total psycho so young!' Mister Yang thought.

Yun Canglan ignored their strange expressions, stretched her hand, showing them the bronze mirror, "You want to know who is the real Mister Night Phoenix. Fine! He looks like this."

The impostor Night Phoenix stepped in front of Yun Canglan and looked into the mirror: "This is what I look like!"

Yun Canglan looked at him scornfully, 'Damn it! Idiot!'

Mister Yao Xi became serious and then asked, "Are you saying you are the real Mister Night Phoenix?"

Yun Canglan gave Mister Yao Xi a thumbs up, nodding in his direction, "How clever you are, Mister Yao Xi."

Mister Yao Xi was slightly embarrassment and managed a weak grin wondering, 'Are you praising me or mocking me?'

The impostor Night Phoenix suddenly laughed out loud, "You are Mister Night Phoenix? Hahaha. That's so funny! If you were Mister Night Phoenix, then who would I be?"

Yun Canglan looked at him strangely, as if she was looking at an idiot, "You don't even know who you are? How would I know?"

The impostor Night Phoenix stared at Yun Canglan murderously grinding his teeth, "Gentleman, this is the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures today. How dare you act in this manner! Since you claim you are the Mister Night Phoenix, prove it!"

"Prove who I am..." Yun Canglan stroked her chin as if she was deep in thought, "Ah, I've got it!" She unfolded the White Jade Fan and showed them the letters on it. Seeing the letters on the fan, Mister Feng Gui was choked by saliva again, Mister Liu Huo fell to the ground again, Mister Jue Sha staggered again, Mister Yao Xi bit his tongue again, and Mister Wu Hen was slapped in the face again.

There were two eye-catching, bold words in black on the White Jade Fan, Night Phoenix

Yun Qin wiped cold sweat from his forehead. Yun Qi wondered when Yun Canglan wrote those letters on the fan. It was so humiliating.

The impostor Night Phoenix trembled with anger, thinking, 'Will they believe he is Mister Night Phoenix? More than anything, if you ask anyone in the world would Mister Night Phoenix write his name on his fan, the answer would be no, definitely.'

Yun Canglan looked around grinning, "Now you must believe that I'm the real Mister Night Phoenix!"

Mister Yao Yan winked at Yun Canglan and sighed with profound resignation. 'Yun'er, what are you doing? People will not be likely to believe you are Mister Night Phoenix!' He thought.

The impostor Night Phoenix grew even angrier. He managed to suppress it, "Fine! I'll give you a second chance to prove you are!" He p

g on Night Phoenix No. 2."

The seven other people looked at him scornfully. 'You are joining in the fun!'

Mister Zi Zhu charged his two beautiful servant girls with a task, and then the people outside began betting and along with those in the Fengyun Restaurant.

Within an hour, over 1, 000 people had bet and almost everyone bet on Mister Night Phoenix No. 1 raising the odds of 250 to 1.

Yun Canglan blew a raspberry thinking, 'Are you all blind? You will regret what you have done!'

Mister Zi Zhu rubbed his chin shaking his head, "How terrible Mister Night Phoenix No. 2 is! Gentlemen, keep on betting! It's just for fun. I believe you don't care about the money at all."

Mister Yao Xi suddenly remembered a saying, "The masses have sharp eyes, " so he called out, "I will wager 1, 000 Liang on Mister Night Phoenix No. 1!"

Mister Liu Huo approached Mister Zi Zhu and in a chilly voice, "Mister Night Phoenix No. 2 looks handsome. What a pity so few people bet on him! I will place 5, 000 Liang on him."

The rest of the room was unsure what to make of that, 'It turns out Mister Liu Huo likes handsome boys.'

"Night Phoenix wasn't granted as the top of the Night Prominent Figures because of his appearance. Speak of appearance, Mister Yao Yan has no rival." Mister Yang brought his money to Mister Zi Zhu, "I am betting 5, 000 Liang on Mister Night Phoenix No. 1."

In a whoosh, something flew to the table in front of everyone's eyes. People widened their eyes, staring at it and they were in shock.

That...that was...a bank note...of 100, 000 Liang!

Moreover, the bank note was a bet on Mister Night Phoenix No. 2.

Mister Yao Yan immediately looked at Mister Wu Hen with obvious anger. Mister Wu Hen also stared at Yao Yan calmly with a look of undisguised triumph.

They fought against each other with eyes.

'What do you mean?'

'Just what you see.'

'You have not reconciled with your failure yet?'

'Yun'er is mine!'

'Nonsense! Yun'er is mine now!'

'Wait, we will see!'

In a blink of an eye, they battled each other several times. Mister Yao Yan rolled his eyes and turned away, snorting. He wasn't worried about Mister Wu Hen's declaration at all. Mister Wu Hen had betrayed Yun'er, and Yun'er wouldn't forgive him easily. Mister Yao Yan was Yun'er's boyfriend now.

Mister Yao Yan raised his eyes looking at Yun Canglan with a soulful yet uncertain expression. Yun Canglan was busily painting and didn't see.

Yun'er was dazzling.

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