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   Chapter 90 Cool

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 12012

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Canglan glided along the white satin that lay on the water as if stepping on clouds. Without the enchanting fiery red robe, she would have appeared an angel from heaven, with the red robe, she was a Red Spider Lily full of mystery, radiating charm, beautiful bloom from the depths of hell.

As she alighted ashore, the crowd was seething and wanted to throw meat buns at her. In their eyes, she was mocking illustrious Mister Night Phoenix, and she should remove the Mister Night Phoenix costume and commit suicide.

Reaching shore, Canglan waved the White Jade Fan while she climbed the steps to the Fengyun Restaurant.

In the Fengyun Restaurant, the Nine Prominent Figures each dwelled on this unusual situation. As they waited, the faint aroma of Red Spider Lily rose and filled the room.

Mister Yao Xi studied the Night Phoenix, looking him up and down, and a curious smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, his dark eyes becoming more challenging to read.

Mister Yao Yan huffed at the impostor Mister Night Phoenix, gazing expectantly in the direction of the stairs, his face aglow.

Mister Wu Hen's delight was obvious, but he also appeared jealous and sad. He disguised his apathy but couldn't do the same with his grief.

Mister Zi Zhu cried miserably. As he heard Canglan drawing closer and louder, his anguished cries became louder and more strained, and the fake Poison Sage in the Fengyun Restaurant was puzzled by his reaction. He wondered if his poison really was that strong.

Mister Feng Gui's reaction was typical. His eyes remained blank, and his surprise had not decreased since the second Mister Night Phoenix arrived.

Mister Yang's smile froze seeing Canglan. He looked at the Night Phoenix who had arrived first with a puzzled expression and then smiled again.

Mister Liu Huo stood rigid, his tall body blocking the door for some reason, as if ready to make a military salute, causing the others to roll their eyes at him. 'Hey, you're not the only one who wants to see what is happening. We want to see it, too!' They shouted in their hearts.

Mister Jue Sha also suddenly straightened, but not in an obvious way like Liu Huo. There was so much eagerness in his eyes that people who did not know the situation would think he was about to greet his lover.

The impostor Night Phoenix was griped with terror, but he hid his panic before it was seen. When he heard the conversation between Canglan and Yan Cangyue, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He believed he was perfectly prepared. He knew no one would recognize him except the real Mister Night Phoenix, and clearly the man who was coming up the steps was more bogus than he was.

The false Medical Sage and Poison Sage were calmer than their companion impostor Night Phoenix. They snorted when the three appeared on the boat. They believe the three men were fakes too, because the real Mister Night Phoenix never participated in such activities.

Canglan did not know as she slowly made her way up the stairs, that the eleven people inside were suffering impatiently, wondering how many steps were there.

When she appeared in the doorway, she was with the dazzle of a shining new star, shining in the limelight.

"What are you all doing here? Do you have the legal documentation of gathering?" "You don't have it?" "Then you're gathering illegally!" "Do you know it?" "Do you not know that the Crown Prince of Can Kingdom was afraid?" "Aha?" "You gonna rebel? Then I will destroy you on behalf of the moon!" Mister Night Phoenix fanned herself with the White Jade Fan, looking quite

an constantly, and Yun Qin had to move to separate his fiery sight. Mister Wu Hen kept staring at Canglan, but his eyes were complicated. Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha were the quietest, as if everything that was happening had nothing to do with them. Mister Zi Zhu had a gloating smile on his baby face.

"You... you talk nonsense!'' the impostor pointed incredulously at Canglan. "How is that possible? Only a few people have seen Mister Night Phoenix!" "Now that you've met Mister Night Phoenix, tell us what he looks like!" With a red robe, tassel on the hairpin, the White Jade Fan and his attendants, he looked like Mister Night Phoenix, without a flaw.

Canglan put out her small hand, and Yun Qi immediately reached into his chest pocket, and handed what he had to Canglan with great reluctance. 'God, I'm a man. How am I going to live in Jianghu if people know I'm carrying that with me?'

He had handed Canglan a mirror, to be exact, a small, elaborate, ornate mirror.

In front of everyone's bewildered eyes, Canglan held the mirror up gazing at herself, and touched her hair. The audience in the room waited for her answer, and she suddenly said, "Damn it! Cool!"

"Poof", the water squirted from Mister Feng Gui's mouth and fell on Mister Yang. Mister Yang looked at the water stain of his clothes, then looked at Canglan, his gentle smile, which could move the world, was crying for the first time.

"Boom", Mister Liu Huo fell, his chair accidentally hit Mister Yao Yan, whose face contorted in agony, and he no longer looked like the most beautiful person in the world.

"Bang", Mister Jue Sha slipped and tried to catch himself, but accidentally tore the sleeve of the impostor Mister Night Phoenix, who stumbled and knocked into the fake Medical Sage and Poison Sage down.

"Ouch, " Mister Yao Xi, who was eating snacks, bit his tongue, and unconsciously scratched Mister Zi Zhu's arm. Mister Zi Zhu howled in pain and hit Mister Wu Hen as he tried to push Mister Yao Xi's hand away.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi turned away unable to bear to watch more, 'How innocent these people are. They all fall victim to their Mistress' abnormal behavior. Apart from others, Mister Wu Hen, Mister Yao Yan, Mister Liu Huo, Mister Jue Sha and Mister Zi Zhu, at least you're familiar with her, haven't you got used to it?' Alas, it was the two of them who were remarkably skilled!

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