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   Chapter 89 Night Phoenix Came On Stage

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"Bastard!" One of the fake twins lashed out, "You dare look down on our Master! He is the top of the Nine Prominent Figures. You, Mister Zi Zhu, are nobody."

Mister Zi Zhu's eyes grew large, "Everyone here is a man of high distinction. We have the sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom, the seventh prince of the Si kingdom and the third prince of the Ling Kingdom here. You, however, are a mere counterfeit!" he ridiculed. Everyone was responsible for cracking down on counterfeit goods.

The rest of the people were at a loss of what to say or do, and the atmosphere in the Fengyun Restaurant got weird.

"Motherfucker!" impostor Night Phoenix screeched fuming, "How dare you insult me! Teach him a lesson!" He ordered waving toward Mister Zi Zhu.

As he finished barking demands, the fake Poison Sage came out from behind his master, and waved his arm in the air, releasing a cloud of powder that flew at Mister Zi Zhu.

Mister Zi Zhu was smart, but he didn't know the martial arts or about poison. Mister Jue Sha reacted with an experienced warrior's speed and grabbed the Lieyun Whip flailing directly at the powders. The powder's course was altered by the air whipped up by the Lieyun Whip, but a small amount of powder still hit Mister Zi Zhu. His skin became cyanotic, turning a bluish hue immediately, as the oxygen slowed.

"You'll pay for that!" Mister Jue Sha's icy voice was raspy and low as he spoke through clenched teeth.

There was a peevish expression on Mister Yao Yan's face when he caught Mister Zi Zhu. He hit at specific acupressure points over Mister Zi Zhu's body, which had Mister Zi Zhu looking better. However, the toxins were still in his body. Mister Liu Huo was standing behind Mister Jue Sha, Mister Zi Zhu and Mister Yao Yan watching each person's reaction.

Impostor Night Phoenix snarled his lips as he threatened, "Anyone dares to offend me again, and that's how he will end. The Poison Sage poisoned him, and no one can cure him."

"Good afternoon! What are you folks doing here? Are you conspiring against the Can Kingdom? May I join you?"

A clear yet lazy voice came far away, and everyone distinctly heard the voice.

Mister Yao Yan abandoned Mister Zi Zhu immediately rushing to gaze out the window with a joyful, impatient expression. Mister Liu Huo, Mister Jue Sha and Mister Zi Zhu each smiled radiantly, and Mister Wu Hen's cold face warmed.

The moods, and expressions of five of the Nine Prominent Figures standing in the Fengyun Restaurant, including the fake one, changed on hearing the voice from outside.

A small, eye-catching boat skimmed along, headed to the Fengyun Restaurant.

The craft was painted entirely black, and there was a vividly carved Phoenix, which was completely red as if rising from the fire, spreading its wings to fly and conquer all the beasts of the world. The red Phoenix was striking against the ebony of the small yacht. The drapes in the vessel were a lighter shade of red than the Phoenix. A man of refined tasted and educations, would know the curtains were made of priceless silk. The cloth used to create that silk was resistant to cold and fire. In all the world, there was no other cloth made of that silk.

Three handsome gentlemen stood on the deck, mysterious and elegant. There was no wind, yet their robes were billowing.

The man standing closer to the front of the boat was in red robe. His unique beauty took the shine off the world. He was the most dazzling gentleman among all men present. The lotus flowers blushed in shame before his beauty. If he were a flower, he would have been the Red Spider Lily, blooming in the hell.

There was a black Phoenix stitched in his red robe, which looked as though alive. The feathers of the Phoenix gave the appearance of a crown, fitting for the king of all beasts.

A breeze caused ripples to spread outward across the surface of Fog Lake, and the red fringes in his ears swayed along with the wobbling boat.

He occasionally fluttered a white jade fan, with irresistible grace. The moment he appeared, the onlookers forgot to breathe.

There were twins standing behind him. Each wore the same arrogant smile, and white clothes. When they turned to the figure dressed in red before them, they did so with the utmost respect.

"He cuts a fine figure of a man in a red robe. His White Jade Fan makes jianghu quiver with fear, and his hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and the Poison Sage devotedly accompany him."

Everyone recognized him by his clothing. But why was this scene so familiar?

There were two Mister Night Phoenix! One was there and here was another Mister Night Phoenix!

Every person watching from the shoreline stood stunned. As they stared at the boat, they sometimes pointed at it and other times spoke about it. Their eyes widened and mouths hung open, as if they watched a ghost.

But then seeing two Mister Night Phoenix was even more frightening than seeing a ghost.

On a larg

e boat near the isolation line, a concealed Huo Liuyun frowned when he saw the red figure. He gestured to his guards to make full preparations.

'Well Mister Night Phoenix, you will never leave the Fengyun Restaurant alive!' He vowed silently.

Huo Liuyun was fully aware by now that Mister Night Phoenix hated him. Since he was unable to draw Mister Night Phoenix over to his side, he had to catch the ball before the bound.

On another boat near the isolation line, Yan Cangyue was both elated and nervous when he saw the figure in red up on the deck. Finally, he ordered his boatman to pull up close to him.

Yun Canglan was happily eating jellybeans, when suddenly she saw a vessel coming closer and frowned. Yun Qin took a long stick out from nowhere effectively slowing the boat, and avoiding a crash.

"Yan Cangyue!" Yun Canglan was not happy to see Yan Cangyue.

Yan Cangyue was still in his light purple robe covered in flowers.

"Why are you dressed up in that again?" Yan Cangyue grilled Yun Canglan's choice of clothes.

Yun Canglan glanced at herself growing confused, she asked, "What's wrong with my clothing?" 'I'm Mister Night Phoenix. I should wear this.' She thought.

Yan Cangyue frowned, somehow looking even sexier. The ladies on the shore all squealed out to him.

"You can't wear the outfit today!" Yan Cangyue said seriously thinking, 'The real Mister Night Phoenix was in the Fengyun Restaurant. If he sees you, he will beat you to death.' After all, Mister Night Phoenix was not a kind-hearted man. Mister Night Phoenix never showed mercy.

Yun Canglan furrowed her brows, confused and then it dawned on her that Yan Cangyue thought she was the counterfeit.

Behind Yun Canglan, her loyal servants, Yun Qin and Yun Qi, could barely keep the smile off of their faces. Yun Canglan admired their endurance very much.

Onlookers along the shore who heard the exchange then realized that Yun Canglan was in a costume. Although there were many people who dressed like Mister Night Phoenix, no one dared dress like this today, except for Yun Canglan.

They wondered if the real Mister Night Phoenix would feel disgusted at seeing the fake one.

Yun Canglan was dumbfounded. She turned her head choking down the urge to beat him. She liked handsome men, and couldn't stand the sight of a man with a bloody nose and swollen face.

Yan Cangyue was exasperated that Yun Canglan failed to make things right, and he stomped his foot. Nobody was aware there was someone in the Fengyun Restaurant also stomped his foot, and the wood floor was almost broken.

Yun Qi waved his hand, and a strong gust of wind headed to Yan Cangyue's boat. The boat raced along the water backwards rapidly. Yan Cangyue and his boatman could do nothing to stop the boat. Yan Cangyue could only watch, helpless, as Yun Canglan's boat crossed the isolation line.

"What is he doing?"

"Is he planning on fighting the other Mister Night Phoenix?"

"Idiot! He thought he was Mister Night Phoenix with the red clothes and white jade fan. The real Mister Night Phoenix is in the Fengyun Restaurant."

"What a shame! Our country really should crack down the counterfeiting!"

"A gentleman is destroyed. By the way, he looks handsome."

"I hope he won't be tortured before death. It is said that Poison Sage is cruel."

"What a pity! The fake Medical and Poison Sages are unlucky to have such a stupid master."

Yun Canglan ignored the wagging tongues and looked up looking to Fengyun Restaurant. She curled her lips when she saw a red figure.

The boat came alongside the landing strip for the restaurant. Yun Qin and Yun Qi tossed out two strips of white cloth with the appearance of two swimming dragons and tied them to a rock on the shore. The cloth was laid on the surface of the Fog Lake.

The cloth was like a white bridge connecting the boat and the shore, for Yun Canglan's use only.

Yun Canglan jumped off the boat and her red shoes stepped on the cloth and her red robes swept over the white cloth. Mist hung over Fog Lake, giving the lake a magical beauty of a fairyland. Yun Canglan stepped forward, as if she was a fairy walking on the lake. The lotus flowers were even bested by her.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi followed closely to Yun Canglan as she went to the Fengyun Restaurant.

"His entrance was not as good as the first Mister Night Phoenix!"

"Whose was this idea?"

"I can do it too! It's no big deal."

The onlookers grew noisy again. People talked about the fake Mister Night Phoenix, full of disdain. However, people who knew martial arts widened their eyes now.

It was not difficult for martial artists to walk on the surface of water. But they were unable to walk as slowly on the water's surface as this would be fake Mister Night Phoenix did.

It was either because the fake Mister Night Phoenix was a top ranking martial artist, or it was some deceptive trick.

People were more willing to believe the latter.

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