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   Chapter 88 The False Night Phoenix

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9645

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It was not a gaily-painted large boat, but a plain, small one was moving across the waters now. On the vessel stood a person in red. People watching couldn't tell whether or not it was a man. He was masculine but also gentle. His red robe accentuated his stunning features, making him appear glamorous. Adding to his allure was a red feather which extended from the corner of an eye to his forehead, and looked like a flower in bloom. No one could resist the soft smile on his perfect face. He was as enchanting as a sprite.

Mister Yao Yan, aka Lei Tianyan, lived up to his reputation. He overshadowed the sun and moon with the red feather at the tip of his brow, enchanting the world.

Mister Zi Zhu thought about how he admired Mister Yao Yan greatly while waiting for him to arrive at the restaurant.

'Oh come on! The Mistress will punish him for showing off like that.'

Mister Yao Yan's boat pulled up slowly. Since he was Yun'er's fiance now, Mister Zi Zhu had to show him respect by bowing.

"Hello, Mister Yao Yan."

"Hello, Mister Zi Zhu." Mister Yao Yan acknowledged his politeness with an elegant bow.

They walked up the steps side by side. Inside the Fengyun Restaurant, six men were waiting; some sitting, others standing while sipping tea or enjoying the scenery. When the two entered, those seated rose to greet them.

Mister Feng Gui was dismayed when he saw Mister Zi Zhu. He considered saying something but decided instead to greet Mister Zi Zhu without saying anything.

Mister Liu Huo was sitting close to Mister Jue Sha, and after greeting the others, Mister Zi Zhu went and sat on the other side of Mister Liu Huo. Mister Yao Yan sat down next to Mister Jue Sha. The four of them were sitting opposite the other four members present.

Strangely, Mister Wu Hen sat opposite Mister Yao Yan.

Mister Wu Hen glared at Mister Yao Yan; he hadn't taken his eyes off him since he had arrived. Many feelings flooded him. He felt disdain, envy, resentment, he was puzzled, and he felt admiration, all of which filled his heart.

Mister Yao Yan looked neither like a woman nor man, but still, many people valued him exceedingly. Most importantly, Yun'er cared about him.

Mister Yao Yan thought Mister Wu Hen would be hostile to him, and turned up his nose dismissively glancing at Wu Hen as if he was a stranger.

What Mister Wu Hen once shared with Yun'er was gone. Yun'er and Mister Yao Yan were engaged, and Mister Wu Hen was nothing to her.

"It's delightful to see you back this year. Here, let's have a toast!" Mister Yao Xi raised a glass of wine to begin the reunion, but everyone sat still and quiet, which made the moment an awkward one.

Mister Zi Zhu reminded him gently, "Mister Yao Xi, have you forgotten Mister Night Phoenix? He hasn't arrived yet." Mister Zi Zhu blinked and looked like an innocent child. Only those acquainted wit

to two cups, one for Mister Yao Yan and one for himself. He then gestured for Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha to join them. Mister Zi Zhu's contempt for this false Night Phoenix was visible. When taking a sip from the cup, he muttered something. His voice was low, but he was positive Mister Yao Yan had heard him.

"He has bad taste." Mister Zi Zhu said.

Mister Yao Yan leaned over his cup obscuring himself and said as he did, "He smells bad." They knew, the real Night Phoenix was not a man.

Mister Jue Sha and Mister Liu Huo looked at each other, assessing the situation.

"If those are the real Sages, I am the Emperor."

"I can kill them without using my whip. The real Medical Sage and Poison Sage would be hard to deal with. They always give others the worst times, and the Mistress turns a blind eye to what they do."

"Since we are having a reunion here, what shall we do?" The false Night Phoenix asked. His voice was melodic, but his arrogant and rude behavior made Mister Yao Xi frown. Mister Yang Gezhi's frigid smile sent chills down spines. Mister Feng Gui decided against becoming friends with this false Night Phoenix. Mister Wu Hen snorted. Mister Zi Zhu refused to speak. Mister Yao Yan loathed such hypocrisy. Mister Liu Huo was furious, and Mister Jue Sha was murderous.

"My master asked you a question. Why were you silent?" One of the twins asked impatiently with his disgust for the other Eight Prominent Figures.

Mister Zi Zhu stood up, and his golden clothes sparkled. "You are but a lowly servant, and have no business talking to anyone in such a manner!" Mister Zi Zhu looked down his nose at the emperors throughout the seven kingdoms. He'd be damned if he took orders from this fake Night Phoenix, and the twin Sages.

Although their mistress was weird, she wouldn't be so inflated nor would she treat anyone that way. This one was definitely not the real Night Phoenix.

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