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   Chapter 87 Reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures

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The day was sunny, but the torrid summer was cooling down. The sound of frogs and cicadas were everywhere. People hurried along joyful expressions in Can City.

Willows were on both sides of Fog Lake, looking like a green ocean. Mist covered the lake, giving the appearance of a fairyland.

In the middle of Fog Lake, tall, stately tower rose like a beauty standing in the middle of the lake, beckoning people. It was the Fengyun Restaurant, a place people yearned for in Can City. The mysterious reputation of the Fengyun Restaurant was nothing next to question of how it rose above the water like it did.

At the edge of the lake, a white sheet of lotus flowers sent the delicate fragrance mixing into the mist, filling hearts with happiness and refreshing the mind.

Early in the morning, Fog Lake was crowded with people. Powerful people had somehow rented small boats, stopping near the Fengyun Restaurant. Ordinary people who came early stood along the shores and craning their necks to watch the Fengyun Restaurant. Ordinary citizens who came late climbed up on the roofs of nearby houses or trees. By noon, even the branches of willows around the lake were full of people.

The sun was overhead heating the earth intensely. Sweat dribbled down people's faces, but more and more people came to Fog Lake.

The reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures attracted the attention of people from the world over, all wanting to catch a glimpse of them. Adding mystery to the event was the rumor that Mister Night Phoenix, the top of the Nine Prominent Figures would be present at the reunion. People from the seven kingdoms across the two continents wanted to see Mister Night Phoenix.

Mister Night Phoenix's attendance alone had increased the popularity of the reunion. Scholars, calligraphers and painters of the seven kingdoms had traveled great distances to witness this grand occasion.

It was near noon and spectators were in danger of becoming giraffes, and a small boat came in view headed to the Fengyun Restaurant. It was a plain boat, and the boatman was old, but as soon as the boat crossed the isolation line, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Only the Nine Prominent Figures were allowed to cross the isolation line.

People stretched and twisted their necks as long as possible trying to see who had arrived.

However, when the man stepped out of the cabin, people were a little disappointed. It was only Mister Feng Gui.

Although Mister Feng Gui was one of the Nine Prominent Figures, he lived in Can City. People were already familiar with him.

Feng Gui arrived early because he believed since the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures was being held in Can City this year, and he was a half owner of the restaurant, he should be on hand to receive guests.

Mister Feng Gui wore a robe of green and a bland smile gracing his handsome face, but his eyes remained empty. Even though people knew him, admiring ladies started screaming.

When the boat stopped, Mister Feng Gui stepped out onto the stone board of the restaurant, and was about to enter the restaurant when a sound of amazement came from the shore.

Another boat was headed to the Fengyun Restaurant and had crossed the isolation line.

Mister Feng Gui turned around waiting for the boat.

The boat stopped near Mister Feng Gui's, and a white hand opened the curtain of the cabin, a man in light blue disembarked. When he lifted his head, people became excited.

"His elegance, dignity and gentle smile conquered the world."

Who else had the temperament except for Mister Yang?

Ladies began to scream again, and even some gentlemen.

"Mister Feng Gui, nice to meet you." Mister Yang greeted Mister Feng Gui. He had the same thought as Mister Feng Gui. Although he was not a native, he had grown up in Can City and believed he should arrive earlier.

Mister Feng Gui returned the salute, "Nice to meet you, Mister Yang."

They had attended the previous two reunions and known each other, so an introduction was not necessary.

They lifted up their hemlines and ascended the steps of the Fengyun Restaurant shoulder to shoulder. A graceful gentleman and an elegant one immediately attracted the attention of everyone and took the ladies' breath away.

Beautiful servant girls selected by Yun Yu were waiting inside the Fengyun Restaurant. As soon as they arrived on the top floor, servants poured tea for them.

Mister Feng Gui and Mister Yangi made small talk while waiting for the rest of the people. The onlookers fell silent again and waited for more boats to cross the isolation line.

The onlookers weren't disappointed, and it was only a short time before two small boats were seen headed to the Fengyun Restaurant and crossed the isolation line. The onlookers were fired up again, trying to figure out who were arriving now.

Two appearing at the same time were making people all the anxious to know who were in the boats.

The onlookers stretched their necks.

However, it was beyond the imagination.

When the two boats stopped side by side at the Fengyun Restaurant, two men flew out from one boat. One in black tights, who flew to the top floor of Fengyun Restaurant like a so

aring eagle. His vigorous posture and handsome appearance dazzled all the ladies on the shore.

"Stories had Mister Wu Hen able to move at lightning speed, and his bold fighting style gave rise to his fame three years ago. His frosty demeanor and anti-social behavior kept his popularity from rising."

He was Shui Minghan, also known as Mister Wu Hen, the sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom.

He was not only handsome, but also ranked top among martial artists. He had a royal identify, which drew attention from many ladies. His stern manner was as cold as ice and frost. Numerous ladies fell in love with him.

He didn't go to the top floor by steps, instead, he flew there. So cool!

When ladies were screaming for Shui Minghan, another man stepped off Shui Minghan's boat. The man with a light blue robe flapped a fan, a gentle and charming smile on his face. But people dared not approach him.

He was Mister Yao Xi. His rage terrified the two continents, even while his radiant smile intoxicated those in the seven kingdoms.

Mister Yao Xi had sculpted features and an unparalleled manner. However, when he appeared, the onlookers all fell silent for a moment.

Everyone knew the stories told about Mister Yao Xi and were in awe of him. When he appeared in public, no one dared blaspheme against him.

Mister Yao Xi stood still at the stone board of the Fengyun Restaurant, watching the two men exiting the other boat.

The two wore black robes and had weapons hanging on their waists. If people didn't know their identities, they might think they were twins. One of them hanged a sword on his waist. Although people were unable to see the body of the sword, it was a treasured sword judging from its scabbard. The other man had a long black whip with numerous barbs on it. An involuntary shudder passed over the spectators when they saw the whip. It was the famous "Lieyun Whip". Nobody was able to escape the reach of this whip.

"Nice to meet you both, Mister Liu Huo, Mister Jue Sha." Mister Yao Xi greeted them, wondering why they came in one boat.

Although it was the third reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures, he didn't know Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha knew each other. The Nine Prominent Figures didn't know each other personally. Mister Wu Hen was unable to rent a boat, so he came here in Mister Yao Xi's boat. Was it the same reason Mister Liu Huo and Mister Jue Sha came in one boat?

"This is a coincidence. Mister Liu Huo and I happened to be staying at the same hotel. So we decided to share the ride here." Mister Jue Sha said indifferently.

Mister Liu Huo, Mister Jue Sha and Mister Wu Hen were like three icebergs in the hot summer. Mister Wu Hen was cold because he was arrogant, Mister Liu Huo was cold because he used to conceal his real feelings, while Mister Jue Sha was cold because he was a serious man.

Then it dawned on Mister Yao Xi. He raised his hand and showed them the way, "Please come in."

Jue Sha also showed the way, "Yao Xi, Liu Huo, please come this way."

Mister Liu Huo didn't hesitate to ascend the steps. Mister Yao Xi was a little shocked by his manner, but Mister Jue Sha didn't care about it at all.

Mister Yao Xi ranked second among the Nine Prominent Figures. He thought he should lead the way, but Mister Liu Huo didn't care about his feelings. Mister Yao Xi held his anger in check, after all, Mister Liu Huo had a strong force.

Four gentlemen came in together, shocking numerous ladies on the shore. Many ladies fainted, and were sent to the hospital. The hospitals were extremely busy today. Medicines for curing heatstroke and nose bleeds were out of stock.

Before people calmed down, a deafening screaming came from the other side of Fog Lake, sounding scary. A boat glided slowly. Unlike the previous boats, the body of the boat was painted golden yellow, sending out a dazzling light in the sun. The light was so sharp that onlookers couldn't help close their eyes.

A man in lavish clothes stood on the deck, with an oar in his hand, which looked very weird. There were two beautiful ladies standing behind him and their black hair rippled in the breeze, making the men on the shoreline drool.

Though the men didn't walk out of the cabin, everyone knew that the man in the cabin was sure to be Mister Zi Zhu. No one else would use golden powers to paint the boat and precious gemstones to decorate it except Mister Zi Zhu.

When the boat drew alongside the restaurant, Mister Zi Zhu exited the cabin slowly. He had a baby face and wore a golden robe, and arrogant smile, which looked very strange. He looked around for a while snorting, and walked towards the Fengyun Restaurant.

The onlookers were not angry with his arrogant attitude at all. After all, they were not as rich as Mister Zi Zhu. He could bury anyone with his money.

People were all jealous of his wealth.

Mister Zi Zhu was about to go in, but saw the surface of Fog Lake became red. He raised his head and looked to the shore. The onlookers were fewer, so the shore was not as crowded. People stopped screaming. No! People stopped breathing!

Mister Zi Zhu began to scan the surface of Fog Lake as he might be on to something.

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