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   Chapter 86 The Eve of The Reunion

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7748

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Yun Canglan raised her head, blinking innocently, "Everything is in my control. I wouldn't put myself in danger. The Shuihuang Firm is testing Chimei Wangliang's loyalty. If I wasn't injured in the assassination attempt, the Shuihuang Firm wouldn't trust Chimei Wangliang's strength. If the Shuihuang Firm doesn't cooperate with Chimei Wangliang, how will I figure out what they are up to?" "Can't you understand my intentions?" She added.

Yun Qi frowned, "But you didn't need to be so seriously hurt! Mistress, you were almost stabbed in a vital organ. Yun Qin is not God. He can't save you every time!" He had such a panic after seeing her injured, just like two years ago when Yun Canglan disappeared.

If the Mistress was killed, he would hate himself forever.

Yun Canglan acted like a child who misbehaved. She lowered her head and twisted her clothes, suggesting that she knew she had erred.

"Mistress, please protect yourself and don't get hurt again, okay?" Yun Qin also joined in. After all, there were few opportunities when they could teach their Mistress a lesson. "I have a heart condition. If you put yourself in danger again, I'm afraid I may have a heart attack." "The Fengyun Firm has great power as well. Can't we just fight back?" He added. "Chimei Wangliang is a small organization of killers. The Shuihuang Firm is a small firm. We can seize the world and the Can Kingdom!" "Mistress, can we just stop with the conspiracies and plots?"

He actually understood that the Mistress cared about the lives of her subordinates. If she wasn't sure of something, she didn't do it. They had the strength to seize the world, but it would costs numerous of their companions' lives. Therefore, Yun Canglan used means to gradually seize the world at the minimum costs.

Yun Canglan played with the cloth still, while her head wobbled, almost falling to the ground. Yun Qin and Yun Qi placed their hands on hips, looking like two wolves. If they had whips in their hands, the scene would appear macabre. Yun Canglan huddled in the corner, like a frightened Little Red Riding Hood.

Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er came in, followed by Yun Shu and Yun Hua.

Yun Shu and Yun Hua were relieved to see Yun Canglan awakened. They stared at her with disappointment.

Lin Wan'er went to Yun Canglan, tears strea

him. Mister Wu Hen, the beloved prince of the Lie Kingdom and invincible in martial arts, was outstanding in both jianghu and imperial court. Mister Yao Yan was the most handsome man in the world, attracting both men and women. He was the seventh prince of the Si Kingdom and fiance to the future queen of the Si kingdom. Mister Liu Huo had a mysterious army. All seven kingdoms were jealous, because none were able to control it. If Mister Jue Sha attacked someone, the person was sure to be killed. He was an integral part of a secret force. Mister Feng Gui had a large stock of information and was conversant about many thing past and present. Mister Zi Zhu was famous for his fabulous wealth which might equal the wealth of an entire country. Mister Yang was as bland as water. Although he was an underappreciated prince with no strength, he could gain the respect of the world with his popularity among everyday citizens.

17 years ago, the saying, "he who wins the Fire Phoenix owns the world" attracted the attention of all the emperors in the seven kingdoms, but nobody knew who was Fire Phoenix. The emperors of the seven kingdoms were even more convinced that he who won the Nine Prominent Figures won the world.

Therefore, the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures would attract many powerful people from across the seven kingdoms. People wondered how the Can Kingdom would react.

These people might seek to take the Can Kingdom, but Yun Canglan had regarded the Can Kingdom as hers. She wasn't going let someone else steal it.

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