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   Chapter 84 Assassination in the General's House

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Even though the big dinner table looked empty with the four sitting there, compared with the past, the General's House was more cheerful, filled with chatting and laughing.

Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er sat in the hosts' seats, with Yang Gezhi seated next to Yun Yajun. Yun Canglan sat next to Lin Wan'er. Yun Canglan saw Yang Gezhi smiling when she raised her head.

"The General's House hasn't been so full in a long time. Yun'er, Your Royal Highness, thank you for coming to the General's House." Lin Wan'er seemed very happy, her pretty face looked rosy.

Yang Gezhi was a little embarrassed, "Your Ladyship, you are so polite. I have no relatives in the Can Kingdom. If you don't mind, you can treat me as your son. Canglan had been kind to me before, and I hope I can take care of you for her."

Yun Canglan pursed her lips grumbling, "Flatterer!"

Yun Yajun was stunned for a moment and then smiling knowingly, "Hahaha, we forgot our Yun'er. Yun'er, are you getting jealous?"

Yun Canglan stared at Yun Yajun angrily. She wondered why her dad was being glib and rolling her eyes, "Me? Jealous of him? Really dad?" She glanced at Yang Gezhi and asserted, "He is not that handsome."

Yang Gezhi awkwardly looked down at his food. Yun Yajun fumed and raising his voice, "Yun'er, don't be so rude!" 'Although the master of the Fengyun Firm didn't need kneel to royal members, you should show respect at least, ' Yun Yajun thought. "The Prince is Mister Yang, one of the Nine Prominent Figures, and you should respect him!" Yun Yajun feigned anger as he scolded Feng Yun'er, but his eyes held his barely concealed pride. After all, his sworn daughter was a great personage.

Yun Canglan scratched at her ear wondering, 'Dad, are you going through menopause?'

"Dad, I know what you are thinking, but I already have a fiance." Yun Canglan reminded him. 'He is the most handsome man in the world, and 100 times more attractive than Yang Gezhi." She deemed.

Yun Yajun was stunned, but Lin Wan'er was thrilled and

didn't care at all that her purpose was exposed. "Yun'er, is it true? Who is your fiance? Does he treat you well? I know you just divorced Mister Feng Gui..."

'Mom, please stop bringing up my ex-husband.' Yun Canglan thought.

She had short dry coughs before stating, "He is a spoiled man." He was flirty. "He cares about me very much." He was very jealous and possessive of Yun Canglan., "He is handsome." He was prettier than most ladies. "He comes from a good family." He came from a royal family. "But he is a little spineless." He was the husband of the Queen. Frankly, he lived off a woman.

Yang Gezhi kept his head lowered, and nobody could see his expression. Yun Yajun felt it was a pity. But Lin Wan'er was very excited: "Who is he? Is he from the Can Kingdom?" "When will you bring him here? When is your wedding date?"

Yun Canglan was speechless. Everyone knew that she just divorced Feng Gui. If she married again in such a short time, people were sure to judge her.

"Mom, don't worry. He is still in the test period. I have no plans to marry him yet. He is from the Si Kingdom. I will take him to visit you and dad in a few days." Yun Canglan said.

"What's his name? Is he from an ordinary family or family of martial artists? Is he an official? Does he have any concubines..."

Lin Wan'er was very overjoyed, but Yun Canglan suddenly gave a great shout, which scared Lin Wan'er. "Two bastards! Where have you been? Your salary will be cut in half!"

Yun Yajun comforted Lin Wan'er as he gave Yun Canglan a look of reproach. Lin Wan'er and Yun Yajun looked in the direction Yun Canglan stared and were taken aback again.

Were...were they Yun'er's two servants girls? When did they become men?

Yun Shu and Yun Hua stood behind Lin Wan'er, watching the rigid Yun Qin and Yun Qi, they doubled over in laughter.

"Yun'er, what's going on?" Lin Wan'er leaned back into Yun Yajun's arms, looking at the twins with confusion. They seemed much more handsome and stronger in men's outfits.

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