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   Chapter 83 Gentle Yang Gezhi

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After a while, Yun Canglan could hear the soft tread of footsteps coming closer to her yard. Yun Canglan stood under an almond tree, in a white dress. Her black hair flowed down her back. Her eyebrows like a crescent moon and red lips like cherry. Anyone gazing at her would admit she was an unusual beauty.

Yang Gezhi looked young, and his features were sharply defined. He seemed gentle and graceful in his over-sized, white robe. His smile was always cheerful, like a warm ray of sun in the cold winter.

"Miss Feng, sorry for the impromptu visit. Please forgive my rudeness." Yang Gezhi bowed to Yun Canglan. People described; "his elegance, dignity and gentle smile conquers the world", and he did indeed live up to that. Hundreds of thousands of ladies in Can City were attracted to him.

Yun Canglan looked Yang Gezhi up and down with a look of boredom on her face. They had met at the imperial dinner, but she sat far away from him, and hadn't paid special attention to him.

He was no longer the small boy she had met years earlier, crying for his mother. In fact, since she had seen him three years ago, he had become more confident, and grown steadier and much taller. He had changed a lot over time.

"Don't be so formal, My Prince. What's the matter?" Yun Canglan asked.

Yang Gezhi gave Yun Canglan the once over as well, staring at her as if he wasn't sure who she was.

"Miss Feng, are you really the owner of the Fengyun Firm?" Yang Gezhi looked her in her eyes, to capture her every expression.

Yun Canglan realized that he was testing her.

"You already know I am. I dare not lie to the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom." Yun Canglan answered.

"That's not what I meant." Yang Gezhi smiled wryly, "Somehow, you look an awful lot like an old friend of mine, so..."

"An old friend?" Yun Canglan's eyes twinkled with a mischievous look, "Do you mean Yun Canglan?"

Yang Gezhi was stunned, " know...know that?"

Yun Canglan picked a piece of fruit from the tree that hadn't yet ripened and turned it about in her hand, as though examining it intently, "Xi Zhiyao, his Royal Highness from the Jin Kingdom, once told me I looked like Yun Canglan. I have wondered myself if it were true." I heard Yun Canglan was quite ordinary looking, with a willful and arrogant temperament. I, however, am pretty and soft. My Prince, do you think she and I have anything in common?"

Yun Canglan gave Yang Gezhi a sweet innocent smile as she inquired, her eyes sparkled, silently asking the same question.

Yang Gezhi's cheeks and temples grew red. He coughed, apologizing: "Miss Feng, I am sorry. It was a slip of the tongue. You are the most beautiful lady in Can City. I'm sorry to have mistaken you for Canglan."

"Canglan?" Yun Canglan raised her eyebrows as she thought, 'We were not that close!'

"My Prince, were you close to Yun Canglan?" She asked.

Yang Gezhi still smiled, but had lost some of the joy, "She was not bad like other people said. She was the only one in the world who was nice to me. But actually it was my own wishful thinking that we were close, the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom was the only man she loved."

She once comforted the lonely little boy and made a clay figurine of his mother for him. She once stood in front of him looking up at him with extreme certainty in her eyes. She once told him that he was on his own and everyone would ignore him if he was weak. She once told him that nobody would respect him and they would only look down on him if he was weak.

Since then he changed, going from that fainthearted hostage to Mister Yang, one of the Nine Prominent Figures. Although he had not reached the top of the seven kingdoms yet, at least he would be able assure Yun Canglan he was no doormat.

He couldn't though, because she was now a cold but beautiful statue laying in the imperial tomb of the Can Kingdom, and her soul reincarnated.

Yun Canglan went to the stone table in the middle of the yard, and sat down on a stone chair as she took a cup of tea from Yun Qi, "Mmm, Nice tea! This tea is a specialty of the Ling Kingdom. My Prince, have a taste please."

Did Yang Gezhi love her? It explained why the feather on his arm bloomed the second time they met!

Yang Gezhi went blank for a moment. He stared at the steaming hot tea on the table, which offered a pleasant smell, and there was tenderness in his heart.

Yun Canglan hadn't missed his expression, "My Prince, you have gone from your homeland for more than ten years. Have you ever thought of returning?"

Yang Gezhi's eyes darkened, and his smile twisted in sarcasm, "I'm a hostage. My country abandoned me. I have no friends or relatives in the Ling Kingdom. Moreover, I have a better life in the Can Kingdom now." Was he telling the truth?

Yun Canglan nodded as she sipped the tea, without saying anything.

Yun Canglan and Yang Gezhi were silent for quite some time. The atmosphere turned awkward. When Yun Qi was about to let out a sigh, Yun Canglan finally found a topic.

"My Prince, you smile everyday. Aren't you tired?" Yun Canglan asked. Yang Gezhi and Shu

i Minghan were two extremes. Shui Minghan wore a poker face all the time, while Yang Gezhi had a smile full of cheer daily. She wondered whether Yang Gezhi got muscle cramps from it.

Yang Gezhi was perplexed and spilled tea on his hand. After a moment he realized what she meant and explained, "My housekeeper once told me you couldn't be angry with a person smiling. No matter who you face, as long as you smile at him, he will smile at you. Therefore, a smile has become my mask." He added: "Besides, it's better to spend the day with a smile than with a frown, right?"

Yun Canglan was dumbfounded this time. She didn't expect Yang Gezhi to be a mature adult even though he was only a few years older than she was. Yun Canglan rubbed her chin with her slim finger thoughtfully, staring at Yang Gezhi for a long time. Yang Gezhi thought her behavior was odd and felt panic.

"My Prince, since you always smile, what happens if the ladies on the street misunderstand your intentions and think you have a crush on them? Do you tell them, 'Sorry, I smile at everyone'? Do you think it's cruel to them?" Yun Canglan questioned. "In this way, your smile is a weapon used on them." She added.

She was somehow unsatisfied with Yang Gezhi's smile. His smile reminded her of the fucking Qi Yuntian. Qi Yuntian also had a smile all the time. He kept smiling even when they reached the point where their very existence was at stake. He ran a knife into her heart with his sunny smile.

'Your gentleness hurts me.'

She didn't know who said this, but it was right.

Yang Gezhi's smile froze, and then for the first time, his smile grew a little ferocious.

Yun Canglan shook the negative past off from her head and said, "My Prince, please don't mind me. I'm just kidding."

Yun Qi stood behind Yun Canglan and smirked at Yang Gezhi. Obviously Yun Canglan vented her anger on Yang Gezhi who was not to blame. When Yun Qi was about to mock Yang Gezhi, someone entered the yard.

It was Yun Hu who left earlier, but now he didn't show happiness or respect to Yun Canglan, although he should have. After all, he was a guard in the General's House, and Yun Canglan was the General's sworn daughter.

Yun Hu bowed, "My Prince, Your Ladyship, good afternoon! General Yun and Her Ladyship heard the Prince was here and wanted to invite you to dinner this evening."

Dinner? Yun Canglan lowered her head. He was talking about dinner and here she hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet.

Yang Gezhi stood up replying, "Thank you for the invitation. It would be my pleasure to share dinner with General Yun and Her Ladyship."

Yun Canglan looked at Yang Gezhi and in confusion, "Do you know my father and mother very well?"

Yang Gezhi had his happy smile back, "Somewhat. In recent years, I have come to visit them whenever I am able since they were lonely after Canglan passed away."

Yun Canglan was touched by Yang Gezhi's actions.

She didn't expect that he would take care of her parents for her, and she was moved a little.

She was brought up together with Huo Liuyu. To seize the world, she even established several powers for him. But after she died, Huo Liuyun had never shown anxiety for her parents once. Instead, Huo Liuyun secretly created difficulties for the General's House one after another. Compared to Yang Gezhi, Huo Liuyun was a bastard!

"Father and mother seem to like you very much." Yun Canglan was confused by Yang Gezhi. She knew her father was an independently stubborn man. If he didn't know Yang Gezhi very well, he wouldn't invite him to dinner.

Yang Gezhi smiled shyly, "General Yun and Her Ladyship are lonely sometimes."

'Now that I'm back, they are not lonely at all!" She assessed silently.

Yun Canglan wouldn't admit it, but she was jealous of Yang Gezhi.

She felt a little sad that Yang Gezhi had touched her father and mother in such a way.

"Let's go. My father and mother will be waiting for us." Yun Canglan stressed "my father and mother".

Yun Qi and Yun Qin followed along happily, planning to watch this new drama. Yun Canglan turned shouting at Yun Qi: "You two, change back into male attire!" 'And stop stirring up troubles.' She added to herself.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were very happy. Watching the Mistress's drama might be fun, but they believed returning to their male identities was more important.

When Yun Canglan and Yang Gezhi arrived at the dining hall, the dishes were already placed on the table. Looking at the darkening sky, Yun Canglan's face also darkened. Fine! She admitted she had planned on having lunch at dusk.

"Yun'er, come here." Lin Wan'er called Yun Canglan over to her. Yun Yajun and Yang Gezhi were already sitting in their seats. Yun Shu and Yun Hua placed bowls and chopsticks for Yun Canglan and Yang Gezhi.

Yun Shu discovered Yun Canglan wasn't happy. She prodded Yun Hua with her elbow. Yun Hua pointed at Yang Gezhi and made signs to her. Yun Shu suddenly nodded her head, understanding why Yun Canglan was not happy.

Yun Canglan was upset that her parents were close to Yang Gezhi, but how dared Yun Shu and Yun Hua pity her!

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