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   Chapter 82 A Storm Is Brewing

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Yun Canglan slept soundly in the General's House. When she woke, it was already afternoon and Yun Qin removed the cold dishes to reheat them. Yun Qi puckered his mouth, discontented with his servant girl's dress.

Seeing Yun Qi's move, Yun Canglan scratched her hair and spoke to him: "I know! I got it! You two can wear male clothing in a few days." 'Should've asked Yun Shu and Yun Hua to serve me!' She thought. She was used to Yun Qin and Yun Qi by her side and was a little unfamiliar with Yun Shu and Yun Hua now.

Yun Qi was pleased and decided not to take his ire out on anyone.

"Mistress, Yun Hu has been waiting a while for you." A while? He had been waiting there since early morning.

Yun Canglan curled her index finger.

"What?" Yun Qi was reluctant to get closer to Yun Canglan, and even protected his chest with both hands. Yun Canglan took a small chair and tossed it at him, "You are such an unruly servant! Come and comb my hair." She couldn't meet Yun Hu with messy hair.

Yun Qi went to Yun Canglan, took a wooden comb and combed her hair reluctantly, "Mistress, what about asking Yun Shu and Yun Hua to serve you?" He had been acting the part of a servant girl for a long time, and he was afraid that he was a little bit of a sissy. Besides, Yun Shu and Yun Hua were looking forward to serve the Mistress.

Yun Canglan was unhappy at his words: "It is a great honor for you to serve me! Have I taken up too much of the time you need to chase after girls?" Yun Canglan was unhappy that Yun Qin and Yun Qi had sex with girls as teenagers.

Yun Qi realized Yun Canglan was referring to what happened in the imperial tomb of the Can Kingdom three years ago, and felt very embarrassed, "Mistress, I didn't mean it like that. I meant, Mistress, haven't you noticed I am a little bit of a sissy recently."

Yun Canglan grinned and asked, "Have you made up your mind?"

"What?" Yun Qi asked in confusion.

"To be a eunuch." Yun Canglan laughed out loud. Although Yun Qin was able to have a son to carry on their family name, it was not good for Yun Qi unable to have sex with ladies in the future.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Yun Canglan cried.

Yun Qi's face became unreadable appearing innocent as he continued, "Mistress, I meant I don't want to do women's work, such as combing hair and dressing you. I'm good at fighting enemies, but Mistress, I don't think I behave like a man anymore."

"No way! Yun Shu and Yun Hua need to serve my mother. I don't mind if you are sissy. You have great cosmetic techniques and make beautiful hair styles." Yun Canglan said smiling.

"But I mind it!" Yun Qi was near tears. Why did he have such an unkind mistress?

"Enough! This hair style looks great. Call Yun Hu in!" Yun Canglan demanded.

Yun Qi shoulders slumped in dismay but he reaffirmed his resolve as he walked to the door and called the man in. Instantly, the door opened and Yun Hu came in the room.

"Good afternoon, Mistress." Yun Hu knelt on one knee and bowed his head with great respect.

Yun Canglan stood up and bent down to get Yun Hu up, "Uncle Yun Hu, don't be so formal. Just call me Yun'er."

Yun Hu neither promised her nor refuted her. He looked her and said excitedly, "Mistress, you are finally back. We looked forward to seeing you every day. We never forgot the enmity between the royal members and us. But Mistress, since you are back, why don't you appear before the public with the identity of Yun Canglan? Why don't you tell the General and Her La

anglan reassuring him.

Between heaven and hell, Yun Canglan was the only one qualified to look down on the world.

"By the way, have you heard any news of grandfather in recent years?" Yun Canglan inquired. Her grandfather, like an old naughty boy, hadn't come home in months.

Yun Hu nodded, "The old General has been traveling the Feng Kingdom with an old friend. He returns home every six months and sends news monthly."

"Got it!" Yun Canglan didn't understand why her grandfather liked the Feng Kingdom so much. She planned to go to the Feng Kingdom when she was free.

"Okay, Uncle Yun Hu, we are finished here. You can go. Remember, act normal, and don't draw my father and mother's attention. I don't want my father to know." Yun Canglan was afraid that her father would try to stop her.

Yun Hu understood Yun Canglan's misgivings, "Mistress, if you have any trouble, please call me."

"Okay." Yun Canglan consented. Yun Hu bowed and left the room.

As soon as Yun Hu left, Yun Qin came in with a basket of dishes. Seeing the food, Yun Canglan was immediately excited, "I'm starving. Hurry, hurry! I could eat them all!" She acted as if she hadn't eat anything in days. It was exhausting to be a leader!

Yun Qin set the dishes out one by one, saying: "Why didn't you sleep last night? You came to my roof to enjoy the cool air and turned it to a turmoil! Mistress, you will grow old faster if you stay up late!" He was sleepy now because she had woken him!

When the meal was served, Yun Canglan fell to it eagerly, "I'm still very young. It doesn't matter if I stay up late." She was only 17.

When Yun Canglan was busy eating, Yun Qi came in and reported cheerfully, "Mistress, the 10th Prince of the Ling Kingdom is looking for you."

"Damn it! I haven't finished my lunch yet!" Yun Canglan banged the bowl onto the table and stared at Yun Qi angrily, 'You did that on purpose!'

Yun Qi turned his head away, trying to seem unconcerned, but he kept to himself, 'I am on purpose!'

Yun Qin was more mature than Yun Qi, and asked in confusion, "Mister Yang? Why is he here today? The reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures is tomorrow."

"He is here looking for a fight! Call him in!" Yun Canglan commanded. Yun Qi left chuckling at Yang Gezhi's plight as Yun Canglan was both starving and sleepy now.

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