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   Chapter 80 I Just Want a Full Bowl of Wu Yunling’s Blood

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 11993

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The Yelaixiang Brothel was never so noisy or busy, as after Yue Niang and Miss Tao'er from the Wanhong Brothel left. With their excitement intensified by the events, the clients returned to the rooms with their favorite girls to continue having fun.

Yun Canglan scratched her head, and Yun Yu was beside her sound asleep.

Yun Canglan couldn't fall asleep, which meant others had to be woken up.

What was more annoying was that she couldn't do what she wanted at the Yelaixiang Brothel but instead was dragged in messes. She could have vented her anger if Wu Yunye had come here tonight, but he didn't.

Yun Canglan decided to find another way to vent her anger.

"Yun Qin, Yun Qi, come in here."

Thump! Yun Qin put his shoulder against the door yawning. Yun Qi, also half asleep, wore his robe inside out.

They were on call at all times.

"Mistress, everything is settled. Why did you wake us up in the middle of night?"

"Yun Qin, ask Chen Zhuohua to take action." Perturbed, Yun Canglan couldn't fall asleep, so she wanted to pick a fight.

"Now?" Yun Qin was not sure why she wanted this now, as it was still dark outside. How could Yun Canglan be this energetic?

"Yes, do you have any questions?"

Yun Qin shook his head and took the order obediently, "No. As you wish."

"Yun Qi, help me get dressed." Yun Qi did as Yun Canglan bade as well.

In the palace of the Can Kingdom

"Ah…" A scream broke the quiet of the night, scattering sleeping birds into the dark sky. Roused suddenly from sleep, the inhabitants didn't bother putting on their robes. They rushed to doors wondering what happened. The armed guards hastened to the Crown Prince's residence, the Eastern Palace.

The Emperor's concubines in the Western Palace went back to sleep, accustomed to such noises. The concubines of the Crown Prince in the Eastern Palace were nervous and checked that doors were locked up tight.

Within the palace walls, an assailant in black brandished a broadsword and was surrounded by dozens of guards. He was fearless and stood his ground, seemingly a kung fu master, so the guards wisely showed caution.

"Sire." The guards bowed to Huo Liuyun as he came running, still pulling his light yellow robe onto him.

Huo Liuyun entered the palace, followed by a half dressed Wu Yunling, whose hair hung loosely. It was obvious that they were in the middle of something just now.

"What happened?"

The head guard hurried to brief him, "This assassin was caught breaking in. We stopped him before he succeeded in murdering anyone."

Huo Liuyun looked suspiciously at the assassin, "How dare you! Capture him!" The armed guards closed in on the assassin who raised his broadsword ready to face death calmly.

"Huo Liuyun, it has been so long since we last met. Have you missed me?" The cold but beautiful voice interrupted the clash between would-be murderer and the Crown Prince.

In the moonlight, a man could be seen standing on the roof, his red robe and long black hair dancing in the wind behind him. His red tassels flickering, making him as enchanting as seaweed deep in the sea.

In the air, there was a faint aroma of Red Spider Lily radiating as though from Hell.

Twins were at his side. Their cold gaze frightened the guards.

"Night Phoenix, is that you?"

Night Phoenix was haughty arrogantly looking down from his perch.

He flipped the White Jade Fan and slowly waved it, which added elegance to his deadly visage.

"Yes, it's me."

Huo Liuyun was guarded, "Night Phoenix, what do you want now?"

Night Phoenix had captivated the guards' full attention with his charm and handsome face.

"Well, I want to change the content of this drama I am watching."

As soon as Night Phoenix had appeared, the assassin was no longer aggressive. Instead he looked up at Night Phoenix with admiration awaiting orders.

"Chen Zhuohua, I have changed my mind. Do you agree?" The Night Phoenix stared coldly as he conspiratorially asked the assassin.

'Yun Yunling, you will suffer.'

Huo Liuyun was tired of craning his neck looking up at the Night Phoenix. He clenched his fists, ready to fight at any time. He wondered how he had offended Night Phoenix which made him a target lately.

The assassin took off his mask and reverently answered, "I won't fail you."

Huo Liuyun was shocked. Chen Zhuohua, a first-rate kung fu master, known to all in jianghu, had a force of his own, but here he was, prostrating himself obediently before Night Phoenix. Huo Liuyun was more intrigued than ever as to whom Night Phoenix was.

Night Phoenix's grin was bloodthirsty, and the dark night seemed to become bright with flowers in full bloom.

"Chen Zhuohua, I changed my mind. I don't want her head. I just want a full bowl of Wu Yunling's blood."

Huo Liuyun was taken aback while a frightened Wu Yunling flung herself into Huo Liuyun's arms for protection. Although she remained in the palace year round, she had heard of the mighty Night Phoenix.

"How dare you!" Huo Liuyun shouted angrily. He had no intentions of protecting Wu Yunling, but he was irritated as Night Phoenix despised him. "Night Phoenix, what do you want? As a man, why bully a woman?"

Night Phoenix sneered. He was not a man.

"I bully her? Come on. Isn't it contemptuous to benefit off women?" Yun Qin and Yun Qi looked to their mistress confused.

For the first time, they didn't argue with their mistress. Instead, they chose to have her back.

Huo Liuyun couldn't follower, "What, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean? You understand what I mean clearly, right?" 'Huo Liuyun, I bear grudges and you will suffer.' Yun Canglan thought bitterly.

Huo Liuyun saw Yun Canglan momentarily, as Night Phoenix smiled, but he knew that was only an illusion. She was dead.

Compelled, he asked expectantly, "Night Phoenix, do you know Yun'er?"

(*TN: Here Yun'er refers to Yun Canglan.)

Yun Canglan squinted, bringing on a rich aroma of

Red Spider Lily. "Yun'er? Yes, I know her."

Huo Liuyun looked at her. The pain in his eyes was endless, "I knew it! You want to avenge Yun'er, don't you? You punish me because of Yun'er, right? I failed her, I know. Do what you want, and I won't fight back."

Huo Liuyun regretted what had happened a long time. The day Canglan died in his arms, a piece of him died too. Now he was a lifeless husk, without a soul. Three years later he still refused to face reality. He should be punished, right?

Looking at Huo Liuyun's sad face, Yun Canglan was at a loss. She hadn't expected him to be suffering too.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi understood why their mistress was acting so weirdly.

Wu Yunling stepped away from Huo Liuyun suddenly shouting with resentment, "My Crown Prince, you said you loved me, and my family is helping you. That ugly woman Yun Canglan is dead. Why do you still miss her?"

Wu Yunling's beautiful face was distorted hideously with jealousy.

'I accompanied the Crown Prince for three years, yet he won't forget that ugly woman. Why does the Crown Prince love her so deeply? I can't marry the Crown Prince because of her, and the Crown Prince always misses her. Damn! I should have whipped her corpse and thrown it into the wilds.'

With Wu Yunling's scream, Yun Canglan's thoughts cleared. No matter how sad, remorseful, grief-stricken or angry she was, nothing could be changed. She believed that if Huo Liuyun was given another chance, he would betray and deceive her as he did before, and she hated betrayal and deception above all else.

With an enchanting smile, Yun Canglan became Night Phoenix once more, "Yun Canglan? You mean Yun Canglan? I thought you meant Yun'er in the Yelaixiang Brothel. I'm sorry I have made a mistake."

Huo Liuyun was surprised, "You don't know Yun'er? Yun'er doesn't even want to punish me?"

Huo Liuyun was no longer sad but alert and vicious. He felt guilt about what he did to Yun'er. Except for Yun'er, no one could see his frailty and sadness.

"Well, I wonder why you always oppose me then. Have I ever offended you?"

Yun Canglan sneered, "No, I just like dramas, and this is the best place to put on dramas."

After stating her piece, Yun Canglan folded her fan. "No more of this nonsense! The drama begins."

Chen Zhuohua raised his broadsword, and the guards readied to fight on Huo Liuyun's order. The arrogant, green-eyed Wu Yunling hid behind Huo Liuyun in fear.

Everyone present was fascinated by the rich aroma of Red Spider Lily permeating the air. Yun Canglan gave orders coldly from the roof, "Yun Qin, Yun Qi, pin down those guards and Huo Liuyun. Chen Zhuohua, I want a full bowl of Wu Yunling's blood in the shortest time."

After she finished directing, the fight ensued.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi jumped from the roof agilely. The work was gruesome but quick and many guards' blood stained the yard.

"Help! My Crown Prince, help!" Yun Qi fought many guards, Yun Qin went straight for Huo Liuyun, and Chen Zhuohua rushed in aiming at Wu Yunling.

The guards were skilled fighters, and even if they couldn't defeat Yun Qi, he was outnumbered and couldn't pin them down. However, Yun Qi was the Poison Sage, who could poison others undetected from 300 meters, and guards began to fall, weak and limp.

They knew they were not dying but lacked strength. The Poison Sage didn't kill them with poison but humiliated them, leaving them too weak to fight.

Yun Qin, who was also a kung fu master like Yun Qi, distracted Huo Liuyun and prevented him from protecting Wu Yunling. Huo Liuyun had to dodge Yun Qin's blows. The purpose was obvious; he kept Huo Liuyun pinned down without harming him.

No one was left to protect Wu Yunling. It was too late to call guards from other places, because Chen Zhuohua was advancing on Wu Yunling while Yun Qin and Yun Qi were fighting.

"Don't, don't come any closer. I am not your enemy. Don't…" Huo Liuyun was busy with his own fight and couldn't protect Wu Yunling, but she hid behind Huo Liuyun anyway.

Night Phoenix stood on the roof. The wind was whipping his hair around his head as he waved his fan, looking down at the chaos in satisfaction.

"Help! Help! Don't come any closer! Aaah!" Chen Zhuohua wielded his broadsword without mercy, and left a deep gash on Wun Yunling's shoulder. The blood dripped slowly, and her gorgeous dress was stained bright red with blood.

"Ah... Ah... Ah..." Wu Yunling snarled madly, regardless of the bleeding wound on her shoulder. Her long hair became sticky with warm blood and clung to her face, giving her the look of a madman.

Chen Zhuohua wanted more. He hadn't gotten a full bowl of blood yet.

Wu Yunling ran screaming, but Chen Zhuohua blocked her way. He brought his broadsword down again and sliced into her thigh.

Blood spurted from the wound.

On the roof, Night Phoenix folded his fan and announced, "Chen Zhuohua, we're square now."

Hearing this, Yun Qin and Yun Qi stopped fighting and returned to his side.

Chen Zhuohua knelt on one knee and bowed to Night Phoenix. "Thank you. I won't hesitate to repay you even at the risk of my life if you are in difficulty one day." Then he was gone without a trace.

Wu Yunling fell to the ground, wailing. The blood covered her body, which had driven her insane. Huo Liuyun took a quick peek at her and then looked up to Night Phoenix on the roof.

"Are you satisfied?"

Night Phoenix sneered, "As usual, I'll take responsibility for this. My Crown Prince, see you."

Under the dimming moonlight, thick smoke suddenly rose surrounding the three high on the roof. When the smoke cleared, they were gone.

Huo Liuyun glared to where Night Phoenix disappeared with mixed feelings, and after some time ordered, "Lady Ling has been stung with madness. Take her into custody and house her at the Lingyu Palace. She is never to leave there."

'Night Phoenix, what on earth do you want from me?' Huo Liuyun pondered.

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