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   Chapter 79 How About Killing Her

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San Niang was puzzled by Canglan's half-smile. After full consideration, she asked for two sets of stationery, and the two remarkable opponents sat opposite each other. The game started, and the ground floor of the Yelaixiang Brothel crowded with people, surrounding the two beautiful women who began to paint.

A year ago, Tao'er saw a painting by Mister Night Phoenix, titled 'Misty Raining Spring.' Canglan created that painting three years earlier when she first arrived at the Si Kingdom. She had been so captivated by the beauty of their imperial palace that she was inspired. Shui Minghan was at her side then, not only as her guard but also her man. She rejected the love of the enchanting seventh Prince Lei Tianyan, adamantly. Back then Lei Tianyan sadly said, "I do not ask to be taken into your heart, I ask only to be in your painting. But even that is a dream I dare not entertain."

The poem on 'Misty Raining Spring' was even more unique than earlier ones, and after coming into the populace, the painting was snatched up by the Royal Court in the Lie Kingdom.

Facing the wind, I wanted to keep spring, but it stopped on grassy road south of the city. Unwilling to go with water like fallen flowers along it's shore, and temporarily became flying catkins upon earth.

Looking on my grizzled hair in the mirror, I regretted the passage of time. It was not we had failed spring, but the spring who failed itself! Waking from dreams, I felt I was far from many worries, only worried for the pear flower in the wind and rain.

Those who had seen 'Misty Raining Spring' were drawn to the carefully portrayed, beautiful spring scene. Looking at the gentle spring and comfortable warmth in the painting, involuntarily produced a feeling of being in the art for viewers. Once a master of painting studied it, "Looking at the painting, I can feel spring, the soft wind and warm feelings make I feel as though I were there." The master felt ashamed, vowing never to paint again.

'Misty Raining Spring' became another legend of Mister Night Phoenix. Both the painting and accompanying poem were masterpieces and marveled by society's elite intellectuals.

Drawing on her memory, Tao'er recreated the painting bit by bit. Most of the men present had never seen any of Mister Night Phoenix's paintings. They knew the portrait was executed skillfully, and the artistic conception was terrific. There were, of course, some Masters of prominent families and intellects who had greatly admired Mister Night Phoenix and they exclaimed admiration at her painting.

"'Misty Raining Spring'? It is Mister Night Phoenix's painting!" Cried those who had seen the original.

"I have been lucky enough to see Mister Night Phoenix's genuine works. Although Miss Tao's painting lacks some of the spirit, it's quite good." Said those who had seen the painting and admired Mister Night Phoenix.

"It is 'Misty Raining Spring', but it is not as profound or beautiful as the original." Said those sensible men who had seen the painting and admired Mister Night Phoenix.

"Some resemblance is good enough. Who could imitate Mister Night Phoenix's work completely?" Praised the man who worshiped Mister Ni

Minghan was filled with a deep sadness. His fine eyebrows tightly knitted together with emotion, and his angular, handsome face took on the grim, cold appearance of chiseled stone.

"What will it take for you to forgive me, Yun'er?"

"How about killing her?" Shui Minghan could not tell from her emotionless voice if she was being serious. However, whether or not she did, he knew he couldn't do it.

"I can't. Yun'er, I can die for you, but I can't kill her. She once did me a favor." He thought he cared about her at one time, but it was gratitude he felt for Tao'er.

"Then let me go." Canglan's words were as cold as ice. It didn't matter if he killed Yao Taotao. She wanted him to leave, because she was not ready to forgive him. Besides, Lei Tianyan would be jealous if she forgave him.

"Yun'er..." Shui Minghan clutched at Canglan's sleeve tighter.

Yao Taotao went up to Shui Minghan and leaned against him like a weak willow branch trembling in the wind, and grasped his robe, "Brother Han, it's me, Tao'er."

Shui Minghan ignored her, staring up at Canglan. Canglan who became impatient. She yanked her sleeve hard and the fine silk was ripped from his hand.

Canglan looked back and seeing Yao Taotao holding tightly to Shui Minghan's hand, she asked, 'What are you doing? Playing solitaire of sleeves or is it a game of chicken?'

"Shuo Minghan, stop pestering me. I have a man." Canglan added to herself, 'And he is easily jealous.'

Shui Minghan stood stunned momentarily, and looking despondent, but quickly pulled himself up and firmly told Canglan, "I will never give up, even if the price is my life, I will fight him for you if need be."

"Brother Han...?" Yao Taotao's hands trembled and her eyes pooled with tears.

Canglan shook her head, and grinned slightly as she left saying over her shoulder, "Alas, it's a sin to be so beautiful."

Shui Minghan resolutely pulled his sleeve from Tao'er, looked long and hard at Canglan's indifferent back as she walked further away and disappeared in front of everyone. Yao Taotao stamped her foot, while the sadness in her eyes turned to jealousy.

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